About Us

About This Website


Thank you for your interest in someonesbones.com, a website primarily dedicated to exploring the Nibiru realities and exposing scientific and govermental corruption. We understand these are controversial subjects often deem “conspiracy theories” by mainstream media.. However, we also believe the government and the mainstream media lie about pretty much everything, and are solely interested in confusing the population.

Written Content

All written content on someonesbones. com is original. We do not scrape information from other websites.

Visual Content

If we lack photographic evidence or images representing a person or object, we may use images found via google search that we, in good faith, believe to in the public domain. In the rare event that we publish an image copyrighted by another person we wil, upon request, immediately remove the image from the website.

Reuse Policy

We have no objection to other reusing our content provided the following guidelines are followed. (A) Material must remain in its orginal form, unedited. (B) The pesons using the content provide a clearly visible hyperlink leading back to the original story. (C) Credit to this website and/or the YouTube Channel “Nibiru News” is given.