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About Someonesbones.com

Someonesbones is a news organization dedicated to publishing controversial stories and issues ignored by the mainstream media. Our goal is to “awaken” the public by printing information that most so-called newspapers and informational websites would not dare to print. It’s important to understand that mainstream media outlets (CNN, MSNBC, The Guardian, The Washington Post, The New York Times etc…) print sanitized information that has been censored by their handlers–namely the government, the “powers that be,” or whatever other name is convenient.

Unfortunately, ninety-five percent of people, conservatively, accept CNN’s adulterated views as fact, and thus never embrace a larger view of the world, for a true understanding as to what’s happening across the world we populate.

We strive to deliver compelling, timely, and relevant news. Many regard our stories as “conspiracy theories.” Some even think our stories are funny; there is truth in humor. We sometimes inject levity into our stories. This is done to help protect ourselves and our sources from entities that don’t want to see certain information made public.

We publish a broad spectrum of articles. We cover American politics, foreign politics, Science, and what some deem pseudo-science and conspiracy theory.

We’ve been criticized for not disclosing our sources, and for this there is good reason. We maintain a worldwide network of credible sources, many of whom risk their safety to bring to light stories not published on any other venue. Many are unpaid volunteers. We neither receiver funding through government handlers nor do we currently earn money through advertising. Someones bones is a labor of love, not profit. Therefore, we guarantee our sources the anonymity they deserve.

We are asked often why we chose to title our publication “Someonesbones.” Many mistake the title as a joke; it is not. Our title orginates from a quote by the late, great American patriot William Milton Cooper, who, in his famous book Behold A Pale Horse, wrote “The treasure hidden in France is not the treasure of the Temple of Jerusalem. It is the Holy Grail itself, the robe
of Jesus, the last remaining pieces of the Cross of Crucifixion, and, according to my sources, someone’s bones.”

Like Cooper, we are dedicated to uncovering the truth.


About Our Content:

All our written content is original. We do not copy/paste stories from other news outlets.

We sometimes quote clearly identified excerpts in accordance with the “Fair Use” clause of U.S. Copyright laws.

In the absence of photographic evidence, we may publish images in the public domain.

We have no objection to other news outlets and blogs reprinting our material, provided the quoted material remains unaltered and we are properly sourced with a clear link back to the original article.



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