An Open Letter to President Donald J. Trump

[Yes, I obviously know Trump and Kim Jung-un had their meeting. I originally posted this to my YouTube channel several days ago and am only now getting around to posting the text on the website]

So, President Trump, a lot is happening right now. You’ll soon meet with North Korea’s despot leader Kim Jung-un, and if the meeting is successful, you, like your predecessor, will likely be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.  In your case, however, you will have earned it, having succeeded where other presidents failed miserably.

I voted for you, Mr. President; not because I love you but because I supported your platform to Make America Great Again. I stuck with you through the primaries, knowing you were the best option among Republican candidates.  I stayed on the Trump train for the general election, again knowing you were a far better candidate than the wicked witch who opposed you. My friend and I sat up all night and watched as state-by-state you dashed Hillary’s hopes of ever running our country.  I laughed at the whiny celebrities and know-nothing political pundits that predicted your downfall, and cheered when many promised to leave America—although not a single one has—in response to your overwhelming victory.

You’ve made some remarkable achievements, Mr. President. Your appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court was spot on. You’ve cracked down on illegal immigration and have worked to abolish sanctuary cities. You helped engineer historic tax cuts that should help the working class a few more dollars. You withdraw from the Paris Accords—bravo! You reversed Obama’s overzealous environmental regulations that destroyed the coal industry and abrogated land owners’ rights. I could go on for pages.

But, Mr. President, we still have major problems. While your accomplishments are many, the majority are what I call surface shine; you’ve given the countertop a decent polish but grime and grit still linger beneath.

The swamp has not been drained. The criminals Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama still walk among us; they should be enjoying a pleasant retirement in Guantanamo Bay. You’ve allowed yourself to be surrounded by Deep State operatives who remain loyal to your predecessor and are at this moment actively plotting your political demise. I see a few possibilities, Mr. President, and I mean no disrespect when I say the following: At best, you are a victim of bad advice; your political entourage has allowed you to fulfill some of your pledges whilst keeping you in dark on very serious issues that threaten the fabric of American society. At worst, you are in on it, fully culpable, and are therefore part of the problem.  I shall remain optimistic, for the moment, and assume the former.

Here is a list, Mr. President, of a few things you ought accomplish while there is time. Keep in mind, this is merely a sample. You will face enormous opposition, but as the voice of America, the burden of responsibility sits squarely on your shoulders. I will start with a simple task first.

Help secure Julian Assange’s freedom. How many times, President Trump, did you lavish praise on Wiki Leaks during your campaign? Twenty? Fifty? One Hundred? Factoring in all debates, conferences, and rallies, the number probably eclipses those by twentyfold. You often (and correctly) cited Wiki Leaks documents to support examples of Hillary’s corruption. Admit it or not, Wiki Leaks helped seat you in the Oval Office. Yet your justice department still brands Assange a criminal. They say they’ll give Assange to the Brits if he sets foot on American soil. Fix this, and make things right for Assange.

Imprision Hillary Clinton. I’m sure you were stymied the day you took office, when three men in dark suits whom you had never met marched into the Oval Office and told you any action Hillary Clinton was a no-go. If you haven’t figured it out by now, they were part of the Deep State, elements of the Swamp you promised to drain. Clinton is well-protected, but you are the President of the United States. She still holds considerable power and, along with her cohorts, is capable of inflecting great damage onto this nation. Fulfill your campaign pledge to lock her up.

Full UFO Disclosure. We all know they’re here. Hiding it any longer is just plain silly. Lately, the Pentagon has released snippets of information and compelling videos alluding to the existence of extraterrestrial craft. If you’re responsible for that, sir, good on you. But let’s get this issue over and done with so we can navigate more pressing concerns of our time.

Abolish the DHS, FEMA, and all satellite agencies. Mr. President, I could literally write an enclopydia on reasons to abolish these entities. Hopefully, you know these agencies were not created to combat terrorism or provided disaster relief, respectively. They were created to antagonize, intimidate, and murder law-abiding Americans. They exist to strip us of the few freedoms we still enjoy, in preparation for Martial Law. I sincerely hope, Mr. President, you’re not part of the New World Order agenda. Dismantling the aforementioned agencies would go a long way toward convincing your constituents that you’re on the right side of history.

Repeal the Patriot Act and immediately pardon Amercans who have been wrongfully imprisioned based on its existence. Similar to the aforementioned agencies, the Patriot Act was not authored to fight terrorism. It was created in response to a false-flag and has been used to jail innocent persons, many of whom have never been charged with a crime. Nor have they seen the inside of a courtroom. Mr. President, it must be shredded, ASAP.

End Atmospheric Aerosol Injection Programs. Since the mid-90s, toxic chemicals have been dumped into our atmosphere. Nano-Aluminum-Coated Fiberglass, barium, lithium, Strontium, mercury, polymer fibers, and other poisons have contaminated our water and soil and sickened or killed countless people. Some people speculate the government is chemical spraying as part of Agenda 21, a New World Order plan to depopulate the planet. Others believe chemtrails are used to conceal an object(s) in space the government wants hidden. I cannot believe you’d be party to such programs, Mr. President. So please use your executive powers to terminate chemspraying before it claims another life.

Tell us the truth about Nibiru. We both know, President Trump, that since at least 1983 the government has concealed knowledge of an astronomical object that periodically sweeps through our solar system, causing catastrophic damage to our planet. Many of us believe time is short, and soon this object, which we commonly call Nibiru/Planet X/Wormwood/The Destroyer/etc., will alter our way of life. We have a right to know, but realize this would be your greatest challenge because so many governments have colluded to maintain secrecy.

President Trump, these are but a few examples of actions you can take to set yourself apart from your predecessors. If any president is to take a leap of faith to address such concerns, I believe you are the man who will make it happen. Even address two of the aforementioned topics would be a political milestone for which you will be remembered as the president who made a difference by righting the wrongs of those who sat in the Oval Office before you.

I voted for you once Mr. President, and would like to in 2020. But next time, sir, it will take more than the promise of a wall or forgoing your presidential salary.


Michael Baxter



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