Anunnaki Harvest Human Corpses In Syria

An intercepted Russian Ministry of Defense Report asserts that a malicious race of extraterrestrials known as the Anunnaki has been harvesting corpses of war victims in the Syrian City of East Ghouta, where over one thousand persons died in the past three weeks. According to our source, former KGB agent Strelnikov Isaac Stepanovich, the document, which President Vladimir Putin notarized, contains eyewitness reports describing numerous seven-to-ten foot tall humanoids scavenging human remains from the battlefield.

The Anunnaki incursion into East Ghouta, Stepanovich said, began on 14 February, and each  night since they have searched the war-torn streets for cadavers. To mitigate risk of detection, they operate only at night, using darkness and war carnage to conceal their fiendish agenda—collecting corpses for food.

“We believe this sinister race is feeding on humans,” Stepanovich said. “There is no other explanation behind gathering the dead. Also, we believe they ultimately want able-bodied humans for slaves, so eating the dead makes sense. They apparently consider human flesh a delicacy. The Anunnaki are very strong. They can easily hoist a body over each shoulder. Then they sprint away or vanish through a portal to avoid being spotted.”

Moreover, he said civilians and soldiers are less likely to notice a ten-foot tall alien sprinting past them when they are in the midst of being fired upon, shelled, or bombed. The Anunnaki, he added, have adopted a clandestine stance ever since Vladimir Putin ramped up efforts to rid the world of extraterrestrial vermin. Despite his best efforts, which include destroying Anunnaki enclaves in Russia, Syria, and Afghanistan, the memo acknowledges that the Anunnaki remain a potent, viable threat to humanity.

“They can strike anywhere and everywhere. Right now to them Syria is a fertile ground of limitless feeding. It pains me to say this, but we believe they have taken bodies of over one hundred and fifty women and very small children,” Stepanovich said.

Asked to explain a lack of photographic evidence, he said journalists fear venturing out at night in the besieged city, and villagers can scarcely afford food let alone cellphones and cameras. Besides, the Anunnaki are experts at camouflage and evasion.

Locals willing to talk are often dismissed as hysterical lunatics suffering from war blindness. On 1 March, an East Ghouta woman told Al Jazeera that marauding giants were dragging wounded soldiers through the streets; she was told she was hallucinating.

In closing, Stepanovich says Putin plans to intensify anti-Anunnaki war efforts in global hotspots. But even Putin, he says, recognizes the challenges in defeating a technologically and numerically superior force. “They are like the Hydra; cut of one head, two grow back. Kill one Anunnaki, and five come back,” Stepanovich said.

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