Anunnaki Raid Russian Town

Twenty-five people from the remote Russian village of Nizhne-Bytantaisky have been reported missing in the aftermath of an extraterrestrial incursion that took place on the afternoon of July 24, as the skies over northern Russia inexplicably darkened and the atmosphere was saturated with an ominous red-yellow hue that effectively turned day into night.  Whether the extraterrestrial invaders created the atmospheric anomaly or merely took advantage of it remains uncertain; the Kremlin has refused to comment on either incident. But our source, former KGB agent Strelnikov Isaac Stepanovich, finds it highly unusual that the alien assault coincided with the mysterious eclipse-like event.

The Ministry of Defense, Stepanovich said, began receiving real-time reports of abnormally tall humanoids skulking about the Nizhne-Bytantaisky settlement shortly after the skies, which normally at this time of year have virtually 24-hours of daylight, went dark.

“Nothing like this has happened before in history,” Stepanovich said. “Outdoors, people carried torches to see. Witnesses reported seeing portals opening and very tall, ghoulish looking creatures stepping through them. The descriptions matched what we know as Anunnaki. They advanced on the settlement and abducted people who had gone outside to see what had suddenly turned a beautifully bright day into darkness.”

One witness spoke of a thick layer of red dust after darkness and said she saw a pair of ten-foot tall creatures with concave-shaped skulls entering a neighbor’s home. She thought she heard a sudden scream, but admitted that the impenetrable dust cloud impaired vision and muffled sound.

“The event lasted nearly two hours. During this time, the MoD intercepted numerous telephone calls and electronic communications describing similar occurrences,” Stepanovich said. “This was an Anunnaki attack on Russian sovereignty.”

Another resident, Ludmila Bogdanova, said the sun vanished and monsters appeared on the streets. She claimed one such creature abducted her mother-in-law andvanished into nothingness. She likened the event to John Carpenter’s movie The Fog, which tells the story of a strange, glowing fog that sweeps over a small coastal town in California, bringing with it the vengeful ghosts of mariners who were killed in a shipwreck there 100 years before.

“They came into our homes and took us,” Mrs. Bogdanova said. “Whatever it was, it dragged my mother by her hair down the road and then they both just disappeared.”

Stepanovich said many people reported similar sightings.

“When it became clear this was an Anunnaki intrusion, Putin tried to mobilize forces from the Metzgoya outpost. But he was too late. By the time Special Services arrived on location, it was all over. Sunshine once again filled the sky, and two dozen residents were missing, obviously taken by the Anunnaki, perhaps in response to Putin’s war against them. We just don’t know,” Stepanovich said.

Special Services interrogated Konstantin Starostin, head of the Nizhne-Bytantaisky settlement. He said a heavy air pressed upon his chest and had difficulty breathing as unknown beasts emerged from the darkness.

Moreover, Special Services confiscated cellular phones and recording devices that might have captured evidence of the alien invasion. Villagers were told a hallucinogenic gas had accidentally been released into the atmosphere, and that physicians, not aliens, had taken missing friends and family for treatment for prolonged exposure.

“Witnesses were ordered not to speak of what they thing they might have seen,” Stepanovich said. “They were told violating this gag order would result in their being taken into custody for an indefinite period of time. What happened here can happen anywhere, and is proof these alien vermin still have free reign across our planet.”

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