Anunnaki Strike Back Against Putin

On Saturday, a Russian commuter aircraft with seventy-one souls onboard inexplicably crashed into snowy terrain minutes after taking off from Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport. Following the horrific crash, Russian State Media said the Antonov An-148, which was headed to the  city or Orsk, near the Kazakhstan border, mysteriously vanished from radar before plunging from the sky.

Despite rumors that the doomed aircraft was ferrying civilians, including three children, home from a Moscow vacation, our source, former KGB agent Strelnikov Isaac Stepanovich, said the Saratov Airlines flight was carrying a team of scientists and extra-terrestrial specialists to investigate reports of Anunnaki incursions near the Russia-Kazakhstan border.

The Kremlin, he said, fed State Media a fabricated story to conceal Putin’s silent war against the Anunnaki scourge. Moreover, Stepanovich claims the Anunnaki downed the aircraft in retaliation for a Russian strike on an Anunnaki stronghold in the Idlib Province in Syria early last week.

A prismatic energy beam—a native Anunnaki technology—pierced the airframe, he said.

“The footage released to the public was edited. The Ministry of Defense has the full tape, demonstrobly proving the Anunnaki weapon sliced through the airplane. Those on board had no chance of survival. The Anunnaki must have learned who was on that flight. President Putin’s worst fears have been realized: The Anunnaki vermin have infiltrated Russian intelligence. That’s the only way they could have known that the scientists and Special Services were onboard.”

The “Anunnaki Go Team,” as he called it, had orders to identify and, if possible, eradicate Anunnaki insurgents suspected of abducting humans along Russia’s southern border, between Orsk and Orenburg. The Ministry of Defense, Stepanovich says, is actively tracking Anunnaki intrusions and developing technology to combat effectively the alien infestation.

“We have manufactured and acquired weapons able to kill Anunnaki, but they are formidable foes not to be underestimated,” Stepanovich said. “Unlike other species, they do not use spacecraft to get from one location to another. They use portals that only they can see. So apparently, they now have these portals in Russia. Since the energy weapon originated from the ground, we must conclude these portals can exist everywhere and anywhere, making it difficult to pinpoint their movements. They know that Putin wants them dead or off our planet, and that’s why they sent him a message by destroying the plane. Many good men died.”

The “Go Team,” he said consisted of the country’s brightest minds, scientists who had dedicated their lives to stopping the Anunnaki, and highly trained Special Services operatives from Russia’s secret Mezhgorye military base—actually an extraterrestrial research outpost–in the Ural Mountains.

“This was not the only team,” Stepanovich said. “Six—now five teams stand ready to jump into action if the Kremlin confirms reports of Anunnaki violating our sovereign territory. How effective will they be—only time can tell.”

Again, asked why Putin does not publicize his enmity with the Anunnaki, Stepanovich said he believes Putin will go public when the time is right, we he knows with unquestionable certainty that he can once and for all exterminate them and give humankind one less worry in our chaotic world.

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