Anunnaki Strongholds Revealed

The Kremlin knows the location of at least six Anunnaki strongholds, says Russian Ministry of Defense official Yuriy Borisov.  According to Russian intelligence, the majority of Anunnaki nests are located in Syria, and at least one pocket of alien invaders exists in Iraq, Iran, and Yemen. Borisov says the Kremlin has for at least a decade known the whereabouts of these malicious extraterrestrials, and President Putin has commanded his senior staff to brainstorm strategies to engage and defeat all alien infestations.

The Anunnaki, he says, have an innate resistance to conventional firearms and ballistic weapons, but are highly susceptible to next generation energy based and sonic munitions. Whereas bullets merely bounce off them, lasers vaporize them on contact. High-amplitude sound in the 700 KHz-2.3 MHz range stun Anunnaki, causing severe pain and disorientation. The creatures, he adds, are bipedal humanoids between seven and fifteen tall. Some have talons on their hands; others bare a close resemblance to humans. The staggering difference in height and other discrepancies in their appearance are attributed to the Anunnaki crossbreeding with other species.

Combatting the Anunnaki is problematic, he says, because they dwell deep within networks of caverns scattered across the Syrian landscape. Moreover, they have constructed portals that allow instantaneous transportation from one location to another. The portals are invisible to human eyesight; the Anunnaki optically shielded them against any being unable to detect light at 400 angstroms, which humans cannot.

“They are difficult to defeat because right now we have a limited number of weapons to use against them. We don’t know how many portals they have. If we try to engage, they simply enter a portal and materialize somewhere else. We have captured and obtained information from at least one Anunnaki, but it’s hard to determine if said information is the truth or not. We do not yet know the full disposition of their forces. President Putin is spending vast amounts of currency into programs to fight the six Anunnaki hideouts we have confirmed.”

Borizov says Russian Special Forces successfully destroyed one Anunnaki enclave in Syria, but fears more are arriving on Earth at regular intervals. Those currently on our planet, he says, are scouts and raiding parties monitoring our technological advancements and testing our defenses.

Asked if knew the Anunnaki’s ultimate goal, Borizov would only speculate.

“I see a few possibilities. They could be geoengineeing our planet in advance of an invasion. They could be abducting humans for food. Human remains were found at one location. Or they could be abducting females for breeding. Or any combination thereof. One thing is certain: they are not our friends,” Borizov said.

Evidence supports all his speculations. Earth’s climate has drastically changed in recent years. In war-torn nations like Syria and Yemen, unreported missing person cases are plentiful; people simply vanish and are never seen again. Additionally, the Anunnaki, he said, could easily harvest casualties of war. Reports of women being abducted, having their ovaries removed or being artificially inseminated by extraterrestrials date back to the 1950s.

Asked if the Anunnaki originate from a planet from the Nibiru system, Borizov refused to answer, but said several alien species live on Earth and the Anunnaki are among the most dangerous.

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