Astronomer Paul Cox Exposes Nibiru “Cover-UP”

A renowned astronomer shockingly suggested that NASA, in collusion with world governments, has concealed the existence of the Nibiru system for almost forty years. He revealed this earth-shattering information during a live broadcast. Conspiracy theory websites and Nibiru believers erupted with glee following Cox’s remarks, which demonstrably prove that the brown dwarf star and its orbiting planets are rapidly approaching our inner solar system.

Nibiru, or the Nibiru System, is a miniature solar system that one day will pass so close to earth that its gravitational pull will wreck havoc on our planet. Mr. Cox joins recent whistle-blowers Paul-Cox-676909Eugene Ricks and Dr. Ronald Shimschuck in stepping forward despite threats to his personal safety. Although Cox’s conclusions differ from other Nibiru researchers, the gist of the content remains the same: earth is in peril.

Speaking about the view from the telescope, which showed the Sun and Mercury to the left, and part of another large glowing shape to the right, which some viewers thought was just the sun being reflected, he said: “You can see there, the sun is on the left.

“You can see the small black dot…that is Mercury.

“Now you may be asking yourself what is that large round thing to the right of our sun.

“That’s our second sun. I don’t know if you knew that we had a second sun but there it is.”

“Do you think it is the mysterious planet Nibiru, maybe appearing in these live shots.Paul-Cox2-557409 (1)

“We don’t cover up stuff like NASA does.,” Cox said gravely.

Cox’s words have echoed across the internet; so-called conspiracy theorists, also known as the “lunatic fringe,” latched on to Cox’s words and began spreading the message across bulletin boards and discussion groups across the information super highway.

Our source in Lisbon attempted to contact Cox for a comment, but he was unavailable.

Former NASA scientist and Nibiru researcher Dr. Eugene Ricks applauded Cox’s disclosure, but also feared for his safety. Dr. Eugene Ricks spent several years in seclusion after trying to blow the whistle on Nibiru in 2011-2012.





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  • billy bob

    He talks about it likes it no big deal lol

    • matt janovic

      …because he’s kidding

      • chris

        He is not kidding! Wormwood describes what will occur in Revelations 8 in Bible. This is what people all over world are talking about and taking pics and videos as the “second sun has been seen. I have seen it a few times as have many others in Australia. Its big and very real!

  • Tess

    Thank you.

  • Oh Lord… is there really anyone dumb enough to believe he wasn’t joking?

    • Dale Cangelosi

      If you really know the “Lord” you address, you should know that Jesus and many other books of the Bible prophesied about Planet X (The Red Dragon, The Destroyer, Wormwood) and they weren’t joking.

      The question is, is there anyone besides you dumb enough to think a professional Astronomer would actually joke about an event that is going to kill 6-7 billion people. Are you even aware of the dozens of whistle blowers who have been murdered for disclosing the truth of Nibiru? Maybe, that’s just the best you can come up with. They need to find another Debunker. They are wasting their money.

      Matthew 24:21-22, Jesus said, “For then there will be great tribulation; for there will be greater calamity and distress than at any time since the world began. And it will never be so great again. And if those days had not been cut short, no human being would be saved. But for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short.”

      In today’s word’s, he is saying it will be a “Human Extinction Level event.” If not for Jesus saving a few “Elect”, everyone would die. It’s that bad.

      • No, it didn’t. In fact at the time all of this rubbish about Nibiru/Planet X started, nothing in the Bible was even mentioned anywhere in any part of the conspiracy theorist. As they do with just about everything, some Bible-thumping loons somewhere down the line hijacked the story to make it relevant to their own belief system. It’s not dissimilar to how they invented the concept of the Devil later on in order to justify massacring just about anyone who didn’t share their beliefs.

        Yes, I think it is highly possible that, in knowing about all the conspiracy nutters, that this person decided to take the piss out of them be surreptitiously. And the best part is many weak-minded people have fallen for it.

        I am not aware of anyone being murdered for trying to expose Nibiru. I am, however, aware of dozens of people faking videos, or not being able to tell a sun-flare from a planet. I am aware of a woman who claims to speak to aliens who was referred to as a paranoid schizophrenic by more than one psychologist/psychiatrist. I am aware of a ‘scientist’ who has been repeatedly discredited by his peers for incorrectly translating ancient texts – and on more than one occasion been accused of out-right lying. I am aware that one guy who has been pushing this story since ‘the beginning’ who has repeatedly been accused of fraud – even by other believers in Nibiru/Planet X. I am aware of dozens of people who are making money by selling books and DVDs on the subject… almost as if their motive would be money, as opposed to the truth.

        I am also aware of the dozens of inconsistencies in the stories. As an example: the same websites will post a lengthy ‘scientific’ article written by an alleged expert on the subject. Assuming you know a little bit about astronomy and physics and geology, you quickly realise that what is being said is not entirely accurate or is an outright lie. Those stories might be lengthy articles on the ‘science’ behind why you can’t see the planet either because it is shrouded by a giant dust cloud – or because it can only show up on infra-red, because it isn’t a planet at all, it’s our sun’s twin which failed to become a full star. The dust cloud is easy enough to debunk as, even if the planet or ‘star’ can’t be seen except in infra-red, at least some of the icy particles and astroids should be visible… and yet nothing. Incongruous with the infra-red story, the following week – sometimes by the same author – they will post an article with a picture of a sun-flare or obvious fake, or low quality video which could be of anything, stating that the photo is “undeniable, irrefutable proof that Planet X exists!”… well, isn’t that a bit inconsistent? The planet can either only be seen with infra-red, or it can be readily seen with the naked eye and captured on film. If it were the latter then by now everyone on Earth would have caught a glimpse and no one would be able to deny it. If you’re the kind of moron who can’t even spot simple inconsistencies and logically draw the conclusion that, perhaps you’re being lied to, then there is no help for you.

        Since this rubbish started Nibiru/Planet X has been referred to as: a planet, a moon, a brown dwarf star, a red dwarf star, a meteor/astroid, and has recently become an entire solar system! Again, an intelligent person might draw the conclusion that a group of experts and whistleblowers should probably be telling a more consistent story as opposed to one that continually changes. If the story is true, then logically only one variation of it can be true. Why does it continually change? Why isn’t everyone telling the same story?

        If you’re unable to come to these conclusions it’s because you’re quite simply a gullible idiot that will believe anything you’re told. You’re the kind of person who immediately asks “how high?” if you’re told to jump for no apparent reason.

        You’ll have to come up with a more consistent and coherent story to make anyone intelligent take this seriously… but perhaps this is the best you can come up with.

        There’s no point in bringing the Bible, or Bible quotes in to it: arguably there is even less evidence to say that God or Jesus have ever existed, than there is for Planet X. The Bible ‘prophecies’ are so vague that I could twist one to make it about the boiling of my kettle when I make tea. The Bible is a bunch of scientifically invalid nonsense which has repeatedly been proven to be wrong, and has been repeatedly been debunked by actual science. Jesus won’t be saving anyone: he doesn’t now and never has existed, and there’s not a shred of evidence to support his existence.

        One day a rogue planet may well come wandering through our solar system: we know that from science. It may well cause havoc with the solar system, and bring about an extinction level event – but that will be down to coincidence and nothing else. I can make the prediction here and now that eventually a planet will pass by and raise merry hell… but that prediction will be no more accurate than the one in the Bible because I just made it up. The same way that thousands of years ago people who weren’t even alive during the alleged life of Jesus made up stories about it to suit their needs.

        I’m afraid until there is some actual science and actual proof behind this lie, believers in this rubbish will forever look ridiculous and I and many others will remain forever embarrassed for you. The only reason to believe in it is if you’re so stupid you can’t think for yourself. It is simply too easy to debunk.

      • chris

        Well said Dale Cangelosi! Amen. Yes time to get right with God and be ready for Jesus return.

    • chris

      Andy Roo – have you seen the second sun yourself? I have as have many others in Australia and around the world, uploading pics and videos. Its big and very real! I wss shocked when I saw it and have sern it a few times. Its real alright and no he isnt joking. Prepare and do your own research. Its referred to as Wormwood in Bible. Niburi has 7 planets in its own system.

      • No, you haven’t. You’re either out-right bullshitting, or you’ve seen sun-flares or sun-dogs. You know how I know? Because I can go outside on any day of the year and *not* see it. If it was there, you would be able to go outside on a clear day and look up and see it. Everyone on Earth would. If you truly believe you’ve seen it, I am afraid you’re only deluding yourself.

        Do you have any idea how stupid it is to say what you have just said? Go outside and (protect your eyes) and look up. If you don’t see 2 big burning balls of light in the sky, it doesn’t exist. And I’ve checked. And it doesn’t exist. Does it honestly not strike you as odd that *you* have seen it, yet nearly 7.5 billion other people happen to have just missed it? You’d have to be touched in the head to think the statistical odds on that make sense.

        I’d also like to point out that Nibiru in the original story, is the sole *planet* – and NOT a sun with 7 other planets in its system. The alleged ‘system’ is a new version of the story that has only appeared in the last few years, after the continual failing of all previous prediction. If you’d done your research, you would know that. And, again, if you had done your own research you’d know that this imaginary planet has allegedly been ‘appearing’ or arriving in our system over the last 30 years.

        I’d also like to point out that if you’d done your research, the ‘biblical’ element to this story only got added over the course of a last few years too…

        On *every* predicted date (or dates) that believers and these so-called ‘scientists’ that post their YouTube videos put forward for its arrival, it has failed to arrive.

        If you understand astronomy and physics you will understand why it is *impossible* for a 7 planet solar system to suddenly appear in our sky and yet remain invisible. I’d also like to point out that if any of these planets got as close to us as the moon (as some people claim it is) it would be as clearly visible in the night sky as the moon… but there’s nothing there. Who knew? You’d also know by being dead already as the additional tidal forces would have resurfaced the planet by now… but undoubtedly there’s a bullshit or convenient reason why none of that is the case.

        And that’s yet another person made to look a fool by quick and easy debunking. It is literally so easy to debunk… sorry about that. I shall be embarrassed for you.

        • Paul Davis

          Thank you! You are so deep , and yes, I think your logic and common sense is RIGHT
          ON. The world that we live is the matric for real and one only needs to open their eyes and see.😁

        • 35Whelan

          You are loved.

  • Iridium Halo

    Why is there no mention ANYWHERE of this person’s formal qualifications? No degrees, no university attendance, no published papers? Why?

  • 35Whelan

    The book of Enoch says that the earth tilted before, and it will wobble like a drunkard in the latter days. Pretty good description of axial perturbations. So is the evidence left on the Nebra Sky Disk. Constellations are visible that should not have been visible from its origin in second millenium Germany. A tilt would account for that. Also, there are Eastern legends about a “long night” at about the same time Joshua had a “long day” battling at Gibeon. The earth stopped its rotation for twelve hours. Neptune is being perturbed by an outside force. Pioneer and Voyager spacecraft likewise had to make corrections. IRAS found it in 83-84′. Two major newspapers reported it. Only when the full impact of this thing was recognized, did NASA put it on ice. Now everyone is using massive rigs to drill tunnels into the mountains as fast as possible. These machines can cut an opening wide enough for tractor trailers to drive through. Some of them are double wide. Where do we think all the missing money at the Pentagon went? And is going…

    “And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind. And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places. And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the
    chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free
    man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;” Rev 6:13-15