BLM Exacerbating California Wildfires

Since the Carr wildfires began on July 27, almost 360,000 acres of pristine California real estate have been burned to a crisp, making the inferno the largest in the state’s history. Despite a massive firefighting operation that has pooled resources from fifteen states and even conscripted prisoners from state correctional facilities to fight the blaze, less than twenty percent of the fire, which authorities have attributed to everything from arson to a blown tire on a tractor-trailer, has been contained as of this writing. Regardless of cause, evidence now proves that certain agencies, specifically the Bureau of Land Management, have intentionally exacerbated the fires rather than help extinguish them.

On August 7, regional firefighters in Redding, CA noticed shiny, metallic “particulates” on the ground shortly after a BLM Lockheed P2V firefighting plane dropped flame retardant chemicals on the blaze. These aircraft, commonly called airtankers or water bombers, have augmented wildfire operations for decades. They dump either water or mixture of borates and ammonium phosphates around a wildfire’s perimeter to contain its spread, giving ground crews time to extinguish the fire. The chemicals, however, typically dissipate on contact and do not leave metallic residue on the forest floor.

A pair of seasoned firefighters speaking exclusively to Nibiru News/ explained what they saw and provided evidence proving that the BLM is working to hinder firefighting efforts.

“I observed the P2V make a pass over the fire. Normally, when the plane drops its chemicals, there is an almost immediate stifling of the fire. In this case, the height of the flames leapt nearly fifty feet and I physically watched the blaze widen. I’ve been a firefighter for fifteen years, and never before have I witnessed this. The plane was clearly dropping accelerants onto the fire,” one firefighter said.

He said the ground glittered as if magical fairy dust had fallen from the sky. Approved retardants, he added, leave only a red residue so that first responders on the ground can visually identify where retardants have been dumped to coordinate firefighting operations.

“I don’t know what they dumped, but it’s something I’ve never seen before,” he said.

A second firefighter echoed his opinion, while adding additional information.

“Many of us saw the BLM planes dumping this silvery material on the fire, and we did question it. When I spoke to the chief, he said the BLM was using some sort of new chemicals to combat the fire. It made no sense. With each pass of the planes, the fire grew in size, spreading in height, width, and girth. Many of us are veterans and not stupid. We knew what was happening. Accelerants were clearly being dropped onto the fire. I very quietly had the residue indecently tested,” our other source said.

According to him, he sent particulate samples to Avomeen Analytical Services, a peer-reviewed expert company in the field of chemical analysis. The results were shocking: the chemical composite contained a blend of phosphor, sulfur dioxide, solidified-turpentine, and thermite, all of which are highly combustible agents.

“We’re working to kill these fires, and some asshole is trying to keep them going and spreading,” he said.

Naturally, our sources wish to remain anonymous, as their jobs are in jeopardy. But, one thing seems perfectly clear. For whatever reason the BLM is trying to immolate parts of California, and we, as concerned citizens, deserve to know why.

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