Blue Avians Attack Kamchatka

A hostile race of extraterrestrials long thought to dwell only within the dense broadleaf forests of the Amazon jungle has apparently migrated thousands of kilometers north to the Kamchatka Peninsula, according to a classified Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) report. Although Russian intelligence agencies have known of the winged race of arboreal creatures, until recently they believed the invasive species was incapable of surviving anything but the planet’s most tropical environments.

Former KGB agent Strelnikov Isaac Stepanovich, however, said the Blue Avians have adapted to Earth’s climate and that global warming associated with Nibiru’s proximity to Earth has allowed them to venture beyond their natural habitat. Characterized by the diversity and presence of microclimates, Kamchatka lays between temperate and continental climate belts, with moderately hot summers at low-altitude coastal regions.

On August 27, a flock of human-sized, feathered creatures with six-inch talons and razor-sharp beaks descended on the seaside village of Khalaktyrsky, a beach on the east side of Kamchatka known for its unique, black volcanic sand.  Stepanovich said the Blue Avians dove from the sky and scooped up a half-dozen beach-goers—mostly women and very small children—who had been enjoying a late afternoon swim.

“The sighting was consistent with previous reports of Blue Avian encounters,” Stepanovich said. “Five to six foot tall birdmen that have very bright blue feathers and an eight foot wingspan. From what we know, the attack took less than one minute. The beats grabbed their quarry flew off to the mountains in the northwest.”

The MoD, Stepanovich added, had intercepted a telephone call mentioning “alien invasion” and immediately forwarded it to Russian President Vladimir Putin who, without supporting details, initially mistook the attack as an Anunnaki invasion on Russian sovereignty. He ordered a Special Services detachment, which fast-roped from a helicopter, to investigate the scene, gather evidence, interview witnesses, and confiscate digital media that might have captured footage of the incursion.

“Only after reviewing the evidence did Putin realize we were dealing with Avians and not the Anunnaki,” Stepanovich said.  “Russia has been aware of this predatory species for years but until now did not consider it a threat because they only operated in the rain forests and has historically only attacked livestock and domestic animals. Attacks on humans are as rare as the creatures themselves.”

While not technologically advanced, Blue Avians possess innate offensive and defensive abilities that directly threaten human existence. Their hardened feathery carapace is resistant to non-ballistic weapons, and their razor-sharp talons and jagged rows of serrated teeth can easily capture and shred prey twice their size. If left unchecked, Blue Avians will become Apex predators of any region they inhabit.

“As the planet warms, their range increases. If they have the fortitude to fly thousands of kilometers from South America to Kamchatka, they can pretty much go anywhere. Our saving grace is we do not believe they are bulletproof. We will shoot them on sight to stop them from becoming a plague; we have enough threats to worry about already,” Stepanovich said.

In closing, Stepanovich said that Vladimir Putin has stationed a garrison of soldiers along the Kamchatka Peninsula in case the Blue Avians return in search of more victims.

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