China Building Orbital Laser To Destroy Nibiru

China has expedited plans to construct a space-based laser weapon system, reports Asia Times. Officially, Beijing says the platform will curtail western expansionism by targeting satellites and inbound intercontinental ballistic missiles. Our Beijing source, a Chinese dissident and former investigative reporter for the Hunan Weekly World Telegram, says the weapon would be used to combat a more sinister threat—Nibiru.

Chinese President Xi Jingping, he says, has recently obtained classified information pointing to a 2019 arrival date for the dark star and its seven orbiting planets, information that contradicts many whistle-blowers and renegade scientists whose evidence suggest Nibiru will cross within 0.3 astronomical units of Earth sometime late in 2017.

President Jinping, our source added, has known about the looming Nibiru cataclysm since taking office in 2013, but until recently considered the subject a whimsical fantasy perpetuated by western governments in a malicious attempt to destabilize China’s thriving economy.

“At first Jinping did not believe Nibiru was real,” our source said. “He was convinced the whole thing was concocted by the CIA to trick China into wasting vast currency reserves on foolish projects, such as building bunkers, tunnels, shelter, and secret cities.  To some extent this actually happened; some of Jingping’s most trusted advisers were believers and secretly funneled money into Nibiru survival projects. Now, he thinks differently.”

In January, Jingping allegedly received a technical report prepared by the China National Space Agency; the forty-five page document asserts that Nibiru has recently emerged from behind the dark side of the sun and, at a current distance of approximately 730,000,000 miles, will directly threaten Earth sometime during the latter half of 2019.

“When Jinping read this report, his face turned white like a ghost,” our source said. “He immediately allocated 1 billion Dinars toward a project to defeat Nibiru. Told by scientists that nuclear weapons would be ineffective, he ordered research into energy based weapons.”

Jinping ordered China’s Changchun Institute for Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics—the leading center for laser weapon technology—to quickly develop a 5-ton orbital laser capable of heating Nibiru to the point of fracture. Told by some of China’s brightest minds that the Nibiru system contained a brown dwarf star and seven companion planets, and was not an asteroid-like object so easily destroyed, Jingping told developers that anyone failing to meet his requirements would meet with “dire” consequences. In the end, researches proposed building a four-petawatt, triple-refractive, helium powered pulse laser. Stationed in high-earth orbit, the weapon would be able to engage Nibiru at thirty million miles; its effectiveness is open to speculation.

Construction of the weapon is slated to begin next month, with an estimated completion date sometime early next year.

Richard Fisher, a China military specialist at the International Assessment and Strategy Center, disclosed the existence of the laser weapons program in US congressional testimony last month.

Incidentally, our source reported that the laser weapon is dual-use—supporting both civilian and military needs. Rumor has it that the groundbreaking weapons platform will be used to pinpoint, track, and destroy infected fowl in a last ditch attempt to eradicate the country’s avian influenza pandemic.

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  • Doomsday Phil (DDP)

    Boy has he been conned! Appeared out from the dark side of the Sun! Holy crap! If thats the case its on the same orbit has Earth! So where was Earth during this move? If it appeared out from the dark side of the Sun it should be visible now…Wait! I don’t see it…Damn! Oh well wait till next year when the new batch of Nibiru predictions come out.

  • Josie

    Nibiru is supposed to be about five times larger than earth. I can’t imagine anything short of a miracle moving it much less destroying it or knocking it out of orbit…hope I’m wrong.

  • Doomsday Phil (DDP)

    Jupiters gravity alone would be enough to bounce it into never never land! The slightest gravitational pull from anything no matter how small would alter its course….But then again it would have to exist in order for this to happen which it don’t.

  • Nicholas San

    The bad aliens on the moon. Will be good timing to kick them out..

  • wvhillbilly

    China thinks they can destroy Nibiru, multiple times bigger than the earth, with a laser? The biggest they could possibly build would have less effect on Nibiru than a water pistol would have on a raging house fire. Besides, where are they going to get the energy they need to power such a device? ZPMs haven’t been invented yet. Lotsa luck, China, you’re gonna need all you can get!