Chinese Troops in Venezuela Train to Fight Americans

Fearing an American invasion, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has requested Chinese assistance in case President Donald Trump launches a full-scale military invasion on his country, says a White House source who claims that Chinese President Xi Jinping has already sent 35,000 elite troops—the Peoples Liberation Special Operation Forces—to help repel incursions on Venezuelan soil.

According to our source, on 23 January an American reconnaissance satellite—USA-134—captured images of a Chinese-flagged container ship offloading troops and armor near Puerto Cabello. Chinese assets included several Type 99 main battle tanks, towed artillery, and a platoon of ZBD 97 infantry fighting vehicles. The consensus at the White House, our source adds, is that China is bolstering Maduro’s 360,000-man army and providing logistical support to prevent Maduro from being overthrown.

President Trump has attended daily briefings on the Venezuelan crisis and is aware of the growing number of foreign soldiers aiding Maduro’s cause.  Trump publically stated “all options are on the table,” hinting at a possible military strike, but has remained noncommittal largely due to a rift within his senior staff. National Security Advisor John Bolton, for example, favors immediate military intervention, and was quoted as saying, “Mr. President, we must carpet bomb Caracas now,” whereas Vice President Pence cautioned Trump against violating the nationalist and non-intervention policies on which he had campaigned.

“Whether Trump intervenes militarily is really a dice roll,” our source said. “China’s presence complicates the situation. If even one Chinese soldier is killed in a US Coalition-led airstrike, we could be looking at a full on war with China, which would inevitably lead to the unthinkable—World War III. So, unless Maduro and Chinese friends initiate an assault on America, Trump will probably abstain from preemptive action. But, fact is, the Chinese are helping to train them.”

He said American intelligence believes the Chinese detachment is helmed by Peoples Liberation Army Special Forces veteran Colonel Commandant CaoXiaoma, also known as “Cao the Merciless” for his unorthodox style of enforcing discipline; he executes deserters with 30mm anti-aircraft guns.

More alarming, more Chinese cargo ships filled with military hardware may be steaming  toward Venezuela.

“They’re using merchant vessels to hide the true nature of the cargo. And satellites have tracked and continue to track flotillas leaving Chine for Venezuela.  This makes sense because six tanks and 35,000 men are not enough to prevent an invasion—or start one.  This is a very tenuous situation that could explode at any moment,” our source said.

Our source confessed that Trump’s interest in Venezuela is less about solving a humanitarian crisis by vanquishing a hostile dictator and more about getting his sticky fingers on the country’s 296 billion barrels of oil, which represent twenty percent of global reserves.

“I’m sure Trump wants to help the people, but that oil would more than fund the cost of  getting rid of Maduro. Icing on the cake, as it were. But with Chinese troops guarding the refineries and reserves, well, who knows what will happen? But China is a huge thorn in Trump’s side.”

As a side note, in recent weeks Maduro took drastic steps to protect another national commodity: Gold. He believed if the United States invaded it would seize the nation’s gold, an encore performance of what happened to Saddam Hussein’s gold in 2003. To safeguard his assets, Maduro contracted a mysterious Turkish firm that transported a billion dollars in gold from Caracas to Istanbul. He also struck a deal with none other than Vladimir Putin to shelter nearly 20 billion dollars in gold bars.

We are investigating unconfirmed reports that Putin double-crossed Maduro and plans to keep the gold for himself.

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