CIA Searching for Nibiru Leaks

Only two days after President Trump’s new communications director said he would “fire everyone” and clean house to in order to stop leaks plaguing the administration, CIA director Mike Pompeo secretly gave more authority to field operatives in a bid to mitigate the flow of accurate Nibiru information circulating across the globe. According to our source, a licensed private investigator and retired federal agent, elements of the Deep State—aka the Illuminati—pressured Pompeo into action because ordinary citizens, with no prior knowledge of Nibiru, had obtained true and accurate data on the dark star and its orbiting planets.

“For years, intelligence agencies have been lax in persuing whistle-blowers and legitimate leakers. That’s because there’s been so much trash information about Nibiru on the net that any real info got lost in the trash pile of the bogus info. So no one gave it much thought. Now, there seems to be more and more good info getting out to the public, including statistical data and classified photographs. The powers that be caught wind of this, and, it seems, are taking steps to stifle the leaks. And they are using Pompeo—likely without Trump’s knowledge—to accomplish that goal,” our source explained.

Our source says Pompeo recruited twenty top field operatives for the task. Pompeo allegedly told agents that Nibiru is the greatest threat to national security, not Russia, China, Iran, or North Korea Some agents have been granted the authority to CCI—an agency acronym short for capture, kill, or incarcerate whistle-blowers abroad, while remaining agents have been tasked with monitoring online activity for any breach of security. Many of the CIA’s covert actions, our source said, never reach the President; intelligence agencies, he added, typically disdain elected officials regardless of political affiliations. If his information is accurate, the CIA has spent millions of dollars on counterintelligence to combat Nibiru leaks.

“It’s not their money, so they don’t care,” our source said. “They can misappropriate all he money they want and the president will never have a clue. Plus, the CIA maintains a wealth of slush funds to finance clandestine—or black—programs. Even though they’ve spent tons of money and have a robust program for spotting leaks, I still imagine there’s gonna be witch hunt, online and off, a crusade against anyone openly discussing this topic. There’ll be agents out in the field looking for rogue astronomers and those playing keyboard warrior on the net. These are dangerous times.”

Moreover, our source believes the deep state shoehorned communication director Anthony Scaramucci into the administration because he shares common goals. A former Wall Street financier and notorious globalist, Scaramucci has likely colluded with the shadow government for a long time, our source said.  Given Scaramucci’s recent comment on plugging West Wing Leaks, our source believes he and Pompeo may have conspired to start a private, renewed war against Nibiru whistle-blowers. In fact, Trump may have been fed lies convincing him to appoint Scaramucci.

“His appointment has to do with a lot more than boosting Trump’s approval ratings,” our source said. “There is an ulterior motive at work here.”

In closing, our source said he fears for those seeking to expose the Nibiru cover-up. Even the innocent are not immune to the CIA’s far reaching tentacles. He urges truth seekers to use caution and due diligence in handling sensitive information that might shred the greatest experience in the history of human existence.

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