Clinton Tells Staffers: “I will be post-Nibiru President, and so Will My Daughter.”

At a private luncheon on Monday, Hillary Clinton told Clinton Foundation board members that she aims to be the first post-Nibiru President and expressed hope that her daughter, Chelsea, would ultimately succeed her, said a well-placed source who risks his life to provide the dark machinations of the Clinton cartel.

In attendance were Cheryl Mills, who served as counselor and chief of staff at the U.S. Department of State under Hillary Clinton, Hillary’s lifelong friends Lisa Jackson and HADEEL IBRAHIM, and, among others, the notorious Robert Harrison, a Goldman Sachs investment banker and lawyer responsible for lining Hillary’s greedy pockets with tens of millions of dollars. Everyone attending signed a non-disclosure agreement and swore a blood oath not to share information discussed at the gathering, our source said. Although Bill Clinton and Huma Abedin were not present, Microsoft founder and Clinton pal Bill Gates—who had no official ties to the Clinton Foundation—sat directly beside Hillary for the duration of the meeting.

“Hillary held this meeting to update her people on the Nibiru timeline and to ensure them that with compliance would come considerable rewards. She is taking Nibiru very seriously and intends to gain power either before or shortly after Nibiru reaches perigee. At one point Gates challenged her, either in jest or earnest, but Hillary didn’t like it,” our source said.

When Gates said he stood ready to assume leadership in Nibiru’s aftermath, Hillary purportedly laughed manically, saying that while Gates

understood nerds, numbers, and computers, only a people person, like herself, could reunite America in the wake of a Nibiru apocalypse.  She said tragedy would destabilize the country, and only she possessed the ability to syncretize embattled factions. Hillary said she was born to rule, and that she had grooming her daughter, Chelsea, for that same role since birth.

“When my time has ended, Chelsea will rule in my stead,” Hillary allegedly told them.

At that point, she distributed documents, charts, and graphs, all of which were tossed into a shredder before anyone vacated the conference room. The information, our source said, included a Nibiru timeline, damage predictions, a post-Nibiru synopsis, and a safety guarantee to those adhering to Hillary’s agenda. Clinton Foundation members and their families were promised underground sanctuary for six months in one of twelve subterranean shelters. They were also promised positions of power after Nibiru leaves our inner solar system.

“Basically, Hillary told them as long as they side with her, they’ll be protected. She blackmailed her closest people into submission. Some admitted they didn’t want to live underground, and Hillary said six months underground was pretty much mandatory,” our source said.

She directed persons’ attentions to a revised edition of the infamous “Navy Map,” which was allegedly leaked in 2011 to survivalist John Moore by an anonymous navy official. The original graph depicted the horrors Nibiru would unleash upon Earth: entire swaths of the east and west coasts would literally vanish beneath floodwaters, and east Texas and parts east and west of the Mississippi would be uninhabitable as well. Hillary’s map expanded on the map’s premise, illustrating that millions of meteorites would pelt the earth and turn the ground to silly putty as Earth passes through Nibiru’s twin tails of destruction. Underground survival, she told her ensemble of guests, was the only hope. Anyone above ground would be incinerated or have his brain fried like an overcooked egg by Nibiru’s electromagnetic field.

Toward the end of the meeting, board member FRANK GIUSTRA asked how one person could guarantee Humanity’s future, to which Hillary responded, “Oh, I will not be alone, Chelsea will not be alone. While we restructure the United States, Obama the Great will control the United Nations under its new name—the Coalition of One—and promote a strict and orderly progress toward a new society in a new world.”

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