Comey Fired Over Nibiru Conflict With Trump

On Tuesday, President Donald J. Trump fired James Comey, depicting the former FBI director as a grandstander more interested in his personal ambitions than leading the nation’s foremost intelligence agency. Trump said that both Democrats and Republicans had lost confidence in Comey’s controversial and often waffling decision-making process.  Although those are indisputable facts, our Washington source, a former intelligence officer and licensed private investigator, says that Comey was ultimately fired for an entirely different reason—he refused to cease and desist criminal investigations against Nibiru believers.

On March 27, we documented an FBI sting operation targeting Nibiru believers across the country. Apparently, without Trump’s knowledge, the bureau initiated a cyber-war against Nibiru researchers, broadcasters, and whistle-blowers; using the Patriot Act to justify its actions, the FBI violated federal wiretapping laws by clandestinely hacking cellphones and personal computers without securing a warrant. Agents also infiltrated Nibiru websites, Facebook groups, and discussion forums, collecting names and seeding conversations with blatantly false information on Nibiru.

On Monday, our source said, Trump summoned Comey to a private meeting, demanding he immediately cease unauthorized surveillance activity targeting truthers—including Nibiru believers—or face the consequences of his actions.

“The FBI’s private little war against Nibiru truth has been ongoing for a long time,” our source said. “Long before Trump became president. Obama, allegedly, had instructed Comey to pursue people involved in spreading information about Nibiru. This is not the first time Trump confronted him on the issue. Only seven days after taking office, President Trump invited Comey to a private dinner, where he warned Comey not to misuse his power for personal vendettas.”

But Comey, it seems, ignored Trump’s admonition; he went so far as to double the number agents tasked with ferreting out Nibiru truthers. When Trump learned of this, our source said, he nearly exploded in anger and insisted Comey comply or seek other employment opportunities.

Our source said the following: “During that second meeting, Comey was belligerent. He said he had control of the Justice Department and not Trump. The president was merciful; he gave Comey one final chance to be obedient or be gone. The next day, Trump fired him.”

Mainstream media reports that Comey was shocked, and even initially believed his firing was a prank, have been grossly exaggerated; Comey, our source said, saw the writing wall and knew he would be fired for disobeying a direct order from the president.

“Comey refused to acknowledge Trump’s authority, and that cost him a job. From what I heard, Comey told Trump he didn’t even believe Trump should be president, and that his loyalty remained with the one true President of the United States—Barrack Hussein Obama. That statement, alone, probably compelled Trump to take action,” our source explained.

Moreover, elements in the FBI and other intelligence agencies remain fiercely loyal to Obama, our source asserts. If true, and if Trump is serious about purging Obama loyalists from the intelligence, the president has his work cut out for him. In the end, Comey’s termination may have won Trump a battle, but a war still rages on.

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