Danger: State of Emergency Imminent

President Donald Trump on Friday signaled he may declare a federal state of emergency on 15 February unless he and Democratic opponents sign an amicable deal to fund a US-Mexico border wall. His comments, the strongest yet, suggest a state of emergency is imminent, and such a declaration would allow him to bypass congressional approval to obtain the funding he seeks.

Our White House sources, speaking under condition of anonymity, said Republicans have been pressuring Trump to make an announcement sooner than later, possibly ahead of the Feb 15 deadline. The question is: What exactly does a state of emergency mean? And what impact will it have on the American population?

Some media outlets have intonated a state of emergency is a benign event that will effect only what is transpiring on the border, with no lasting ramifications on the average, everyday  person just scratching out a living. Our source said this is a fallacy, and that a declaration of emergency is akin to Martial Law.

“State of Emergency is a politically correct way of saying Martial Law,” our source said. “Trump might not understand the full implication of such an act. He is still a political neophyte, and he’s surrounded by people anxious to give him bad advice to further their own careers at his expense. He’s still surrounded by people, friends and foes, who have been mired in political corruption their entire lives.”

While Trump may perceive a border wall as a capstone of his presidency, he may not realize that declaring a state of emergency could undermine everything he hoped to accomplish.

“If Trump declares a national emergency, he will in essence be surrendering much of his authority to agencies like FEMA. In times of national crisis, FEMA reigns supreme, and is grant the power of acting autonomously without judicious oversight,” our source said.

A state of emergency, he added, could grant FEMA control over all communication systems and enforce national curfews, authorize the military to patrol neighborhoods and cities, permit the government to ration gasoline, and, more frightening, allow government agents to detain and arrest anyone deemed subversive and confiscate lawfully owned firearms at will.

“Clearly, a state of national emergency represents a lot more than just funding a border wall,” our source said.

He further admitted that FEMA has been instrumental in providing suggestions on methods of providing border security, a blatant overreach of the agency’s authorized authority. On paper, FEMA is restricted to aid in disaster relief; in reality, FEMA has more authority than the president, the CIA, the NSA, and the FBI combined.

“Is the border wall to keep illegals out, or to keep us in?” our source said. “That’s a question everyone needs to ask themselves. We are living in perilous times.”

In closing, our source posits that Trump’s alleged republican allies and democratic adversaries might be trying to trick him into declaring a national emergency, so the deep state tentacles can usurp his power for a nefarious agenda—complete and total control over every living American citizen.

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