Deadly Nibiru Change Shocks Russian Scientists

Scientists and astronomers at the Russian Space agency have made a startling discovery that could dramatically affect life on Earth before Nibiru reaches perigee in early 2021, says Russian astrophysicist and Planet X whistle-blower Dr. Dyomin Damir Zhakarovich.

Last Tuesday, astronomers at Russia’s Vostok Antarctica research station were conducting a routine survey of Nibiru’s transit through the solar system when they noticed frenetic discrepancies in the planets’ orbital and rotational mechanics. Until last week, all seven planets in the Nibiru system spun counterclockwise on their axes; now they have inexplicably begun spinning clockwise. Moreover, the outermost orbital—commonly called Nibiru—displayed additional aberrations that defy conventional laws of physics and astronomical sciences.

In addition to a shift in axis, Nibiru’s orbit around the Nemesis star has also switched from counterclockwise to clockwise. What’s more, Dr. Zhakarovich said Nibiru’s overall mass has increased by ten percent in the last six months. These changes, he added, have puzzled the scientific community and clearly illustrate that Nibiru is a scientific enigma behaves differently than all known heavy mass transitional celestial bodies. Nibiru’s changes do not bode well for Earth.

“While we are stymied by these changes we cannot explain, we do recognize they pose a perilous situation that could, I say could, significantly increase damage to this planet when Nibiru reaches perigee in February 2021. We know the system has a tail of fiery debris—millions of asteroids and micrometeorites. Normally, the rotation of the planets’ spin pulled these objects toward the star, and they were burned up, rather than ejecting them out into space. Now this precession and nutation of rotational axis will have the opposite effect, ejecting more debris toward us,” Dr. Zhakarovich said.

Nibiru’s orbital change poses another grave threat to Earth, he insisted. Rather than pass between Earth and Mars—a best case scenario—Nibiru has a eighty-three percent chance to cross between the Earth and the Sun—the worst case scenario—and achieve perigee at a distance much closer than previously predicted—0.1 instead of 0.3 astronomical units. If this happens, earthly defense systems—lasers, nukes, whatever—will be incapable of defending the planet against the onslaught of space debris hurled in our direction.

“We are truly talking about a doomsday scenario. The planet will be turned to putty. No place will be safe. People will look in the sky see fiery debris raining down on them. Cities will be laid to waste. And that is not the only problem,” Dr. Zhakarovich said.

Besides Nibiru’s axial tilt and perpendicular variance relative to the Earth’s southern hemisphere, its increased mass will strengthen its magnetic pull on the Earth. From a distance of ten million miles, Dr. Zhakarovich said, Nibiru can latch onto Earth and literally flip it upside down, creating geomagnetic and geophysical pole shifts unlike anything our planet has ever experienced.

“If, and I stress the word If, this is the case, it would be a doomsday scenario. Nothing on the planet would survive. Not even bacteria. It would be Biblical prophecy fulfilled. I hope this doesn’t happen, but things don’t look good right now.”

Asked if the Russian government shared its information with other foreign powers, Dr. Zhakarovich said he believes Vladimir Putin signaled the disturbing revelation to President Trump in Paris last week.

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