Deep State Working To Thwart Putin’s Nibiru Disclosure

The American Deep State is working overtime to scuttle Russian President Vladimir Putin’s November 4 Unity Day Nibiru disclosure, says former KGB agent Strelnikov Isaac Stepanovich. Western intelligence agencies including the CIA, MI6, Germany’s Federal Intelligence Agency, and the Mossad  have collaborated on a sinister plan to sink Putin’s national approval rating and make him wonder whether disclosure is in the best interest of his political future.

As of September, the Russian leader maintained a healthy approval rating hovering near eighty-five percent. On October 6, that number declined to 82.2 percent, based on a poll conducted by the state run VTSIOM agency. While a three-point dip might not seem significant given that Putin’s average approval rating during his tenure in office has hovered in the low-to-mid-eighties, Stepanovich insists the recent ratings slump was “manufactured” and can be attributed to western “spooks and agents of evil” that have insinuated themselves into Russian politics.

“President Putin must have at least eighty percent support of the people for his plan to work,” Stepanovich said. “Since they’ve failed to kill him, they now resort to any means, anything to sabotage his good standing with Russian people. Without adequate support, he fears a revolt or insurrection. He does not want a repeat of 1917.”

Moreover, Stepanovich claims to have knowledge of two recent events designed to erode Putin’s popularity. In August, the CIA and the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense began bussing thousands of “crisis actors” from Donetsk to the town of Shebenkino on Russia’s southern border. They were outfitted with credentials and currency, and given instructions to spread anti-Putin propaganda, from Sukerhevo to Moscow, from the Bearing Sea to the Urals.

“These actors were given classes on how to behave. Not hard for a Ukrainian to pose as an angry Russian. They memorized scripts and what to say to denigrate President Putin. Putin did this, Putin did that, Putin stole my job, kidnapped my husband. Putin is mafia. That sort of thing. They try to make Putin look like Stalin! They were told to destroy credentials and play dumb if questioned or captured; pretend to by seeking political asylum.”

Asked how so many individuals managed to cross Russia’s iron-clad borders, Stepanovich said, “This I don’t know exactly. Western intelligence very clever. They may have infiltrated Russian border security. Putin knows what he knows because some of these spies have been caught. But damage is done. The operation blindsided Russian intelligence. Even now, Putin doesn’t know how many illegally crossed the border. Maybe five thousand, maybe ten thousand, maybe fifty thousand. We just don’t know.”

Questioned as to why so many Ukrainians volunteered for such a dangerous assignment, Stepanovich speculated that motivations were likely financial. “In a country where many people earn the equivalent of twenty United States dollars a week, it isn’t hard to muster help,” he said.

One captured Ukrainian dissident said “men in suits with hats” gave him one thousand dollars upfront and promised an additional thousand for his destitude family.

In a separate incident, Putin’s 65th birthday celebration was disrupted by nationwide protests in over eighty Russian cities. In St. Petersburg, police clashed with hundreds of violet protesters demanding that Putin end his “reign of terror” against Russian people by immediately resigning from office. Stepanovich said he believes these individuals, too, were paid to create drama for Putin at a critical juncture of his presidency.

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