Delta Force on Standby to Apprehend Obama

Delta Force operators have received presidential standby orders for a mission to apprehend disgraced former president Barack Hussein Obama, said a high-ranking White House insider speaking under condition of anonymity. According to our source, President Trump contacted Joint Special Operations Command after returning home from his recent trip to Singapore and requested a Delta detachment be made ready to “nab and grab” Obama at the earliest opportunity.

Trump chose Delta based on its allegiance, expertise, and past successes, which included last year’s raid on an Obama-controlled stronghold in Thailand. Trump did not want to use the CIA because many agency officials remain loyal to the criminal Obama, our source said. Delta was the natural choice.

The earliest opportunity, however, might not be immediately; Trump’s painstakingly crafted plan guarantees that Obama, once captured, remains imprisoned without the possibility of parole for the rest of his natural life. A sealed indictment sits on Trump’s desk. Charges against the quondam president include treason, crimes against American people, conspiring with the enemy, providing financial aid to terrorists, violations of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance and Computer Fraud and Abuse Acts that were codified by the Patriot Act. People who criticize Trump for not repealing the Patriot Act should think twice, our source said, for Trump is using the act to indict the very politicians who once supported it, including Obama and eventually his co-conspirator, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

While nothing is known about plans against Clinton, the plan to incarcerate Obama has some interesting caveats. We quote our source:

“The apprehension will not take place on American soil,” our source said. “Obama is too well protected here. He has many allies and spies. Therefore, the president’s team decided it would be better to enact this operation during one of Obama’s many overseas trips. This greatly reduces the probability of his political or media allies catching wind of the plan and warning him off. This is a discreet operation.”

Obama has publically said he plans four overseas trips in the next six months. In July, he will visit United Kingdom billionaire Robert Miller to solicit funds for the Obama Foundation. In August, Obama is scheduled to meet another financial benefactor, French pharmaceutical mogul Alain Merieux. He has also scheduled an October visit with Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and a December sojourn to see Angela Merkel in Uckermark, Germany.

A Delta Force contingent from Fort Bragg, our source said, stands ready to intercept Obama at any of the aforementioned locations as soon as Trump green-lights the mission.

“Delta is ready to intercede at a moment’s notice. A rapid deployment force can be anywhere in the world in a matter of hours. I don’t know which spot Trump will choose to act upon, but he has choices.”

Asked how Delta will handle Obama’s Secret Service detail, our source said agents would be given an ultimatum: either get with the program or face the consequences.  Trump withheld operational details from Secret Service to prevent renegade agents from tipping off Obama, he added.

Even more interesting, our source said, Obama would not be jailed on American soil. Trump has recently struck a deal with a nameless leader of a foreign nation to construct an impenetrable, escape-proof prison with security that eclipses current super-max penitentiaries. President Trump does not consider Obama an American citizen and therefore wants to ensure he never again sets foot upon this nation’s ground.

“Once Delta grabs Obama, he’ll be whisked away, never to be heard from again. Sure, people will wonder where he is—for a while. Ultimately, Obama will become a historical footnote and media mention of his inexplicable disappearance will slowly fade away in favor of some ball game score, what the Kardashians are doing, or some other utterly irrelevant news,” our source said.

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  • ray jones

    im waiting guys lets just do it and be done with it no time like the present i give you my permission to get omuzloid and do what ever you want with him just so long as he never gets out ever……………………………..

  • Stephen S.

    As much as I dont like Obama…this article is BS

    • TruthFreedom

      You must be an obama-loving communist

  • JDStill

    I sure am glad this super duper Top Secret for no ones eyes only plan is kept so secret.

  • Jeb Duke

    This is either satire or more than likely fake news, in my opinion. and NO, I didn’t vote for BHO in either 2008 or 2012, as I thought he didn’t deserve my vote for President in my opinion.

  • pp i

    I’m sorry but this article is fake news , there are no sources to back this up and it’s all fictionalized also you cant just secretly take a special forces team to arrest an ex president

    • Elsie Erickson

      Oh, yes they can! The crimes listed are real, and he needs to pay the price.

  • TruthFreedom

    this story has been confirmed.

    • Sam

      By who?????
      I hope this is true, but giving out details on the internet, doesn’t sound realistic.

    • Emmett Grogan

      By who?

  • Debbie Hogan Tate

    I want him back on American soil just long enough to walk the gallows and be HANGED, like our Constitution calls for!

  • Lou


  • -Wrex-

    have the communist traitors gutted as an example to the others

  • E. S

    If a word of this were true, why would you be telling anybody the plan? Fact is you don’t know shit, and if you did then you should be locked up too.I’m sure the why is obvious.