Delta Force Raids Obama Stronghold in Thailand

[Note: Please view our newest article on Trump’s attack against Deep State assets: FBI RAIDS HOME OF HILLARY CLINTON COLLABORATOR

During the pre-dawn hours on Christmas Day, Delta Force operators launched a precision strike against an Obama-controlled stronghold in Thailand, says an active Secret Service agent who claims President Trump green lit the operation following a series of telephone calls to United States military commanders and to Thailand Prime Minister Nik Bukharin.

A Delta detachment, known as 1-SFOD in the Special Operations community, flew from Okinawa, Japan to the United States Embassy in Bangkok, and held position while Trump cleared the incursion with his Thai counterparts.

According to our source, the Trump administration learned that Obama, by proxy, owned a mansion and a 400-acre estate on the outskirts of the city of Si Sa Ket, approximately 500 km from Bangkok. On paper, the land was owned by the allegedly defunct Solyndra Corporation, a startup solar company to which Obama gave 2.2 billion taxpayer dollars in 2009. Shortly thereafter, Solyndra declared bankruptcy, and the money vanished. Despite apparent poverty, Solyndra maintained real estate holdings valued at over 800 million dollars in a half-dozen Southeast Asian countries.  The Trump administration connected the dots, linking Obama to the Thai property, after asserting Presidential privilege and subpoenaing flight records that demonstrably proved Obama had travelled to Si Sa Ket six times as president and an additional four times in the past year.

In a June 2009 edition of the Washington Beacon, conservative author Thomas Clearwater wrote, “Solyndra does not appear to be a legitimate institution, and is likely a shell company or slush fund used or owned by Obama to launder his dirty money.”

Our Secret Service source supports that contention.

“Obama holds real estate, vast sums of currency, and shadow companies across the globe, under many aliases. He doesn’t keep them in his name, as that would be too conspicuous. The administration has learned about many of them and has been working with foreign governments to seize Obama’s illicitly gained assets. Many of these nations are not exactly friendly to the United States; we don’t know what Trump offered in exchange for rights to seize assets in non-extradition countries or put special operations boots on the ground on foreign soil. I’m sure the price way high. Clandestine missions are occurring right now. The Solyndra mansion was just one of many,” our source explained.

At 3:00 am (local time), a pair of helicopters, including decoy craft, airlifted Delta to its destination. They found the mansion deserted; however, according to our source, the dwelling had been recently occupied.  The unit commander discovered freshly chopped vegetables and lukewarm coffee in the kitchen; outside fresh tire impressions lead away from the compound.  Someone, our source said, must have tipped off the occupants shortly before Delta arrived on scene.

Still, Delta did not leave the location empty-handed.  They seized several encrypted laptops and over 200 million dollars in gold bullion, in addition to dozens of crates containing Chinese manufactured firearms and explosives. Moreover, and perhaps most disturbing, a maze of underground tunnels, ostensibly used for human trafficking, ran for miles in every direction beneath the surface. Having gathered all available evidence, they requested exfiltration and handed-off control to Thai law enforcement.

Under power granted by the ASEAN Declaration to Joint Action on Counter Terrorism, Thai officials confiscated the estate and all remaining possessions contained therein.

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  • OutlawJoseyWales


    • Still, Delta did not leave the location empty-handed. They seized several encrypted laptops and over 200 million dollars in gold bullion, in

  • Joseph

    Has any other media CONFIRMED that this mission occurred?

  • Timothy Paterson

    Never hear this on mainstream.

    • SomeSay

      Really? Only a troglodyte gets news from MSMedia

      • matt janovic

        Troglodytes troglodytes is the scientific name of the wren.
        What do you have against wrens?

        • Tom

          “Troglodytes” means “to go in a hole”, which wrens do. Right now Obama probably wishes he could crawl in a hole…

          • matt janovic

            Thanks. Glad you like wrens

    • Barney Quinn

      I pity the poor sods who rely on the MSM for all their ‘news’. Poor, deluded, ignorant bastards.

      • Lilian Rosemound-Falkenskjern

        Never underestimate the stupidity of idiots!

        • velvet123

          Well said! I like that one!

      • Carol Benson

        Lefties refuse to believe it but MSM is in fact the propaganda arm of the CIA. AC 360 is CIA, family was Global Elitist Vanderbilt who had connections; AC never studied journalism. The other alphabet networks are the same. O’s people consulted by “reporters” before reading their approved script. Handful of billionnaires own every MSM. Even RT is more believable. CNN caught faking Gulf Wars “reports” from Tel Aviv that were done on their Atlanta sound stage; CNN publicly apologized–but over 20 years later, CNN still doing it.

    • Lewis Joiner

      Of course you wouldn’t. They had to protect their supreme ruler from any scrutiny

    • Carol Benson

      Hahaha: MSM IS fake news. I have saved videos of CNN creating news against green screens–going all the way back to HWs Gulf Wars. CNN scarbled their signal after that but has faked “riots” by UK “muslims” using scripts. A CNN reporter “saved” a “drowning man” during Texas floods…only CNN “reporter” changed clothes in the middle of the “rescue” & the “drowning man” got our of his car on his own.

  • Minion Man

    Tunnels to where? It’s the jungle. Why do you need tunnels?

    • matt janovic

      To make a fast getaway. Obama is now glad that his men could make a quick getaway.

      • TruthFreedom

        it’s only 2 bad they didn’t catch obama there red handed

        • matt janovic

          Maybe they did and they are interrogating him right now, under a banyan tree.

  • Del Simmons

    The picture in this article is a vacation rental.. Sounds like BS to me.. How about some solid sourcing or something feasible to back up this story?

    • Sowhat

      It may be so covert that we won’t be able to connect the dots

      • matt janovic

        You can’t expect whistleblowers to give up their life–like poor Seth Rich

      • John Barry

        I think this is good for another James Bond.

    • TruthFreedom

      This story has been verified as true. It’s all over social media right now. Trump is taking action against the Deep State.

      • DTrevor

        Who verified the story as true?

        • matt janovic

          How about the Washington Post?

          • Lisa

            Can you list a link pls? I try to post things to Social Media using “real” links so my left leaning family will believe-this is esp interesting as my BIL works for WaPo

          • matt janovic

            Definitely I saw it myself.
            It was posted at the Washington Dunking Doughnuts on K Street NW.

          • AbdielSchwitzer

            why liess always matt janovic matt janovic. These story false. Why you always say Bukharin

          • matt janovic

            I say Búkharin, you say Bukhárin
            I say Wíshínsky, you say Wishínsky
            Búkharin, Bukhárin, Wishínsky, Wìshinsky
            Let’s call the whole thing off

          • TruthFreedom

            what’s a BIL?

          • Roxiecolorado

            B (boy) I (I) L (love)???

          • tibby

            Brother in law.

          • Donna Vance


          • DTrevor


          • TruthFreedom

            Matt Janovic is correct. At least six major publications did confirm the story, but then pulled it. The reason why is painfully obvious: the truth is dangerous.

          • DTrevor

            [citation needed]

          • matt janovic

            If you do not believe me, just go to the DD on K Street in Washington, between 17th and 18th Street NW. THere it is, posted on the back wall.

          • DTrevor

            So you are unable to show that your claim is not a lie.

          • matt janovic

            Just go to K Street DD. Walk in, turn left. There is a bulletin board, next to the mensroom. If you are not in Washington, just call them, they will confirm it.

          • DTrevor

            So, again, you are unable to show that your claim is not a lie.

          • Funkasaurasrex

            DO your own research turd burglar.

          • DTrevor

            I did research the claim. According to my research, the claim is a lie and you are a liar for perpetuating it.

          • Carol Benson

            People who tell the truth, even part of it, disappear & turn up dead. FACT. That list gets longer very day. WaPo no longer trustworthy; used to be a good paper.

          • shashumna

            Screen shots?

          • matt janovic

            Yes, they did, I saw it posted in Washington, at the Dunking Doughnuts on K Street NW.

      • Getagainstthewalllibcuck

        lol ok mr. “TruthFreedom”. Great bot name.

    • wayne

      I can confirm the back ground story about the Obamas owning a mansion in that location Si Sa Ket It made news a few years ago, I’d forgotten until I read this

    • Patty

      May not have used the actual photo of the mansion, only an example. Lot of people do that.

    • John Montgomery

      they said property. Masion with guest rooms.

    • schm0e

      How about those freaking helmets?! Which Schwartzenegger movie are those from?

      • JBar595

        Standard equipment for Delta and DevGru. Schwartzenegger tool it from them.

  • Michael Kosak

    The day after Solyndra declared bankruptcy, the FBI swooped in and grabbed all the financial records- WHERE ARE THEY?

    • matt janovic

      They were already posted.

      • Carole Naro

        The Post probably only published very few of them to protect Obama and his cronies.

        • John Clements

          Not to worry,,,Donald is draining the swamp and all the rats are jumping the ship 🙂 🙂 3/24/18

      • schm0e

        Yeah, you can trust them.

      • UMadeUrChoice

        The same Post that’s owned by Jeff Bezos, who recently received hundreds of millions in dollars from the CIA to provide “cloud” services? That Washington Post?

        • matt janovic

          Yes, but if they say it, it’s important.
          Ipse dixit

          • UMadeUrChoice

            Important. Like Got of Thrones is back in 2019 important?
            Not like they’re Holy Cow, Obama’s Legacy has been undone important.

        • Carol Benson

          The same Bezos who bought out Whole Foods & shows a pattern that is Globalist…

        • Prof. Gaptoof

          I’m going to borrow your post for someone who recommends WAPO as an info source.

          • UMadeUrChoice

            By all memes, meme away.

      • Carol Benson

        No way!!! WaPo wouldnt report this! Please give link?

    • Barney Quinn

      Maybe we should ask Peter Strozck.

    • JacksonPearson
    • Funkasaurasrex

      Need to know only. And YOU don’t have a need.

      • JellybeanzForPresident

        If us taxpayers footed the bill and there’s nothing to show for ir, we have a need to know where our money went, troll.

      • Carol Benson

        Funk–who sez so?

    • Antonio LaMotta

      They’re connecting the dots with them…

    • TexasRedNeck

      Who was in charge of the FBI then ??

      • Lynn Amstutz

        Mueller III for twenty points.

      • Terry Woods

        The same Corporation that is in Control Now… Wall Street Bankster Barrons

    • Tony Santos

      With Hillary emails……….

      • John Clements

        Poor Hillary,,,she’s not well at all, keeps falling up and down the stairs and in the tub too ! 3/24/18

    • Elaine Blackman

      That was under Obama. You don’t think he would turn them loose to the public when Solyndra was the paper shell owner for the property in Thailand, do you?

  • AbdielSchwitzer

    Websites say more lies. Nik Bukharin never Thailand was Russian Bolshevik revolutionary 1888-1938

    • matt janovic

      Ridiculous! That was Nikolai, a totally diferent person.
      I am getting suspicious about your Rooskiness. No real Russian would call Nikolai Nik.

  • Jan Haugen


    • matt janovic

      …or not

    • Sir_Tanly

      I’m going with 99% wishful thinking, 1% too much weed.

    • Carol Benson

      Could be– we KNOW MSM spews out fake news but we are on our own here. Good to challenge others, ask for links, sources, dates, then do your own evaluation.

  • Brian Poe

    What a rag publication, no wonder I never heard of it.

    • TruthFreedom

      You are either a Obama-loving stooge or a paid government shill.

      • Brian Poe

        Well no sir, I am neither.

        I’m a disabled Veteran that has enough common sense to know what is wrong, and what is right. I also have this ability to think for myself, without outside influences, through research, and clear headed thinking.

        If you think what’s going on right now is good. All the power to you.

        I myself, swore an oath to protect the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

        Trump is a domestic enemy of the state.

        As Kevin Bacon said to Tom Cruz in A Few Good Men

        “Your boy is goin’ down”

        • Melody Wenneshiemer

          You better do some more research. There are plenty of videos about DJT becoming president. They were foretold years ago. He is chosen by GOD to get rid of all the corruption. Check out prophetic words. He is going nowhere. His “Boy” was” demoted not put in prison where people will be going. Jack Nicholson went to prison. He gave the order and unfortunately they followed it. Watch the movie again.

        • Franz Glaus

          This is the most moronic thing I’ve heard today. Moron.

        • Sir_Tanly

          Trump is only the enemy of a lawless state. Your muzzle should point the same direction as his.

        • Ronald Vrooman

          Whatever you are! you are not an American, as in Constitutional Republic. You are a US citizen as in the bogus 14th amendment.

          • Brian Poe

            Take a look at real economical figures, and facts before you attack a Patriot. Look back from Reagan, to Bush 1, to Bush 2, to Trump.

            PHONY WARS

            Contractors taking soldier’s jobs away, and making 6 figures to rape the Treasury.

            Now that’s just 2 little examples. Look in your real historical facts, and look at the numbers, of how when Bill Clinton left the White House there was a budget SURPLUS, and Bush 2 pissed it all away.

            You see my friend, I belong to no party. This is the new thinking America, we don’t have to have a team to decide what is right when we vote.


          • TruthFreedom

            Brian Poe, you are a criminal

          • Brian Poe

            I’m a criminal?

            Did I extort or refuse to pay contractors?

            Did I lie and deceive students at my TrumpU?

            You Trump supporters are all full of shit, and need an education.

            A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

            If you were truly a citizen who stood up for what our founding fathers believed in, you would denounce this prick of a human being. That is a stretch anyways.

            Ignorance is no excuse.

            Call me whatever you want. I’ll keeping fighting for America.

            Try it some time. Drop your party lines, and think for yourself for a change, and turn off “Fox Entertainment”

            They are not a registered news organization, just an entertainment network that is completely full of shit.


          • Southern Deplorable

            So you voted for Killary? Did you march in DC wearing a pussy hat? Talk about lies & deciet! The Clintons, Bush’s & Obamas are all crookwd as shit & you will see soon enough.

          • Perpitraitor

            Why you so triggered?? You sound like an unstable mad genius.

        • Mellow Lemoncello

          Dude. Sit down and finish your peas.

          • Brian Poe

            Dude went out a long time ago buddy.

            You guys are so out of touch, you may fall off that flat world you still believe in.


          • Perpitraitor

            Are you a brand new Troll, trollop or confused? I think you have been recycled.

        • Southern Deplorable

          You think for yourself then quote a movie. #Pedowood.. BTW, our “boy” is the President & he’s #YourPresidentToo idiot! You don’t really think for yourself, that’s very obvious, because if you did, you would know that all the Russia Russia Russia bullshit, is just that… bullshit!

        • Perpitraitor

          You act like Trump slept with your wife! Calm down live life. Do not let one man define you unless it is Jesus Christ himself.

      • Sir_Tanly

        Nope … this story is shaky — at best. Stock photo, anonymous sources, huge gold haul, lukewarm coffee, encrypted laptops … has all the elements of a good whodunit. But almost none of the elements of a good news story.

        • matt janovic

          Yet it’s the best news story today

  • Eric M

    $200M in gold? At today’s price ($1294/oz) that is 154,559 troy ounces, or 10,553 lbs of gold! OK, Delta guys are as badass as they come, they are fit and can carry a lot of weight. But, imagine moving that much weight from your living room to your drive way? OR, from a basement, up stairs to a landing pad for a helo! It would take a few guys, a few hours I am sure. As for the 2 helicopters, a UH-1 or Huey can lift 3,800 lbs so that wouldn’t work, a CH-47 or Chinook can hold 24,000 lbs so that would do it if you had the space for a pad to land it. Or you can use a CH-53E Super Stallion that can hold 30,000 lbs but this is not a secret or quiet way of doing things, the Chinook and Super Stallion can be heard from miles away even at low altitudes. Typically, special forces like to use fast, agile type birds similar to MH-6 style. Easy in, easy out but does not carry much weight in cargo. So, IF there was that much gold there then how did they move it? To where? The US embassy in Bangkok? I really hope this story is true, the math just doesn’t make sense to me though. If it is true, how does the US gov explain the income asset of $200M? Well, I hope it can be used as a down payment for the wall!

    • matt janovic

      Most of the gold was transferred to pick-up trucks; some of the gold even managed to arrive at the U.S. embassy, but there were “losses” on the way.

  • Trudi

    No wonder why Hussein Obama gave Solyndra so much money, it was to be siphoned off to him when they declared bankruptcy. I wouldn’t put this past Hussein or Michelle, or Valerie Jarrett. George Soros told him how to get away with all this for sure.

    • kodster

      AND the Clintons are very good at this, as well. NWO Committee of 300 teaches their minions very well how to cover their tracks, as they LOVE raping countries’ natural resources for their own greed.

    • shawn hennessey

      I bet a lot of that 700 billion sent to Iran never actually made it there or never left the ground on that flight.

      • BlessedtoServe

        Ya think!

      • Carol Benson

        Obola took $9 billion for himself & hid it in offshore banks–just the tip of the iceberg.

        • Lynn Amstutz

          How about he stole from Americans to the tune of 27 trillion over 8 years. That man was VERY BUSY PLANNING HIS RETIREMENT!

          • John Clements

            He’s gonna need all that efin money to pay his lawyers to keep him out of jail ! 3/24/18

      • generationimmigrant2

        Iran was returned $150 billion (from sanctions previous years) and the the plane load of cash they received. $718 + billion stolen by barry from Medicare & don’t know how many billions siphoned from FNMA to pay for Affordable Care Act 2010. Don’t forget the bribe of $867 billion in Feb 2009 Omnibus Funds for “shovel ready” work nationwide. Instead Common Core was funnelled in; governors/congressman in all states bribed, what was accomplished with almost $1 trillion?

    • Carol Benson

      I never knew how much I could ever hate anyone until the Clintons, Soros, Obola : Cohorts im crime.

      • Sir_Tanly

        I am past the point of feeling it anymore. I could turn the crank on their meat grinder while watching “I Love Lucy” reruns and never miss a laugh line.

      • yvonne

        You hate evil!

  • Trudi

    Barack Obama has spent more time traveling internationally than any
    other modern president — at a skyrocketing cost to taxpayers, according
    to a study by a watchdog group.

    • BTrue2Self

      Pisses me off that a man who should be in PRISON gets tax-funded 24/7 Secret Service protection instead. 😡😡😡

      • Carol Benson

        So do Big Mike & Grandma & the fake daughters.

      • iisac Abraham

        That can be removed with a stroke of the pen , just like it was put in place with the stroke of a pen.

    • Carol Benson

      Yes he has. How did Barry get so rich in only 8 years??? He destroyed our economy by almost doubling the national debt. Yes, David, if you are still on here–THAT IS A HARD COLD FACT sourced by EVEN your lying MSM.

  • chris hughes

    There’s Fake News (FN) and then there’s Fake as Fk News (FAFN). I searched for articles/news about Solyndra purchasing an estate in Thailand at any point in time. NOTHING. I hereby deem this article, and thus this entire site, FAF News.

    • matt janovic

      The Sisaket purchase went unnoticed, until the Bones revealed it, because 400 acres of jungle and swamp in Si Sa Ket can be purchased for a handful of gold coins.

  • johnparker237

    The Prime Minister of Thailand is Prayut Chan-O-Cha, not “Nik Bukharin”.

    See for yourself:

    “Trump cleared the insurgency”: didn’t the author mean to say “incursion”?

    Sisaket is a real place, though.

    I dunno, I’m calling this one fan fiction until proven otherwise.

    • matt janovic

      This is a clear indication that the Bones have actual access to the seats of power, and not only in Washington, but also in Bangkok: very few people know that the security detail of the Prime Minister refer to him–in their communications–as “Bukharin”.

      It’s the Thai equivalent of the word POTUS.

      • Sir_Tanly

        Gonna take more than a simple assertion of the validity of “Bukharin”. Got a (credible) link?

        • matt janovic

          Few people know it, but Bukharin is the name of the Prime Minister’s favorite candy.

        • Funkasaurasrex

          Get off your tail feathers and confirm for yourself. Capice?

          • dionsius john

            “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proofs”

            You have evidence, publish it, if not you’re just another bullshitter with a busted flush..

          • matt janovic

            Overwhelming evidence that Thai PM’s protective forces use the word Bukharin in security communications

          • Carol Benson

            I have a friend in Indonesia. Let me see what he says.

          • Stronzata

            I agree with you on this. It is a common ploy of the left/progressives and I might add some conservatives to use this to try and shut someone up. I do alot of reading from both the left & right (2sides to every story with the truth some where in the middle) for me to figure out. I employ using both common sense and following the money and who benefits from the story. Since I read so much it is not practicable to constantly noting source’s. Do your own research and come back and we can talk. Of course a quick fix to this tactic might be to just modify another stall tactic and just tell some one who asks this you got you info from an unnamed confidential source who was not authorized to speak on this matter. At any rate I enjoyed your comment. May you have a most blessed and happy new year.

          • matt janovic

            you know what your handle means in Italian?

          • Stronzata

            Yes, bullshit, as when I kept trying to enter a name and they kept telling me it was used. After about 7 tries I said this is bullshit. And it took it.

          • Stronzata

            Yes, it seems when I was first signing up disqus I had used my nick name Bear. I was told to try again as this was taken. After at least 10 attempts with different minor changes added to bear I was getting pissed with the whole process of having to redo the name submission process I yelled at the monitor “This is Bullshit” an Stronzata was accepted.

          • Mike McCurley

            ” (2sides to every story with the truth some where in the middle)”.
            That’s the perspective I use…

          • Carol Benson

            The truthis out there. Quite often the truth is stranger than fiction. Cliches…but often true.

          • Carol Benson

            Stron, when I started cruising inline sites Itook copious notes by hand (only have an iphone) & filled 16 notebooks with data & sources. These days Im just too tired (77) but try when I have the energy.

        • O O

          Bu·kha·rin (bo͞o-kär′ĭn, -KHär′-), Nikolai Ivanovich 1888-1938.
          Bolshevik revolutionary and Soviet politician who advocated gradual agricultural collectivization. He was executed for treason after the last of the Moscow “show trials” of the 1930s. Source The Free Dictionary.

          • matt janovic

            YOur source is some old dictionary.
            The Bones’ source is a highly placed U.S. official in Thailand.

          • Getagainstthewalllibcuck

            haha so why would bones use such an obscure term that only a handful of ppl would know? stop being dumb

        • BlessedtoServe

          Q had confirmed this prior to raid.

        • Jay Dee


      • O O

        Bu·kha·rin (bo͞o-kär′ĭn, -KHär′-), Nikolai Ivanovich 1888-1938.
        Bolshevik revolutionary and Soviet politician who advocated gradual agricultural collectivization. He was executed for treason after the last of the Moscow “show trials” of the 1930s.

        • matt janovic

          By wonderful coincidence, Bukharin is also the Prime Minister’ favorite candy

    • CAWoman

      I am a fan of this fiction … hope it is true!

      • Thunda t

        The long legged Chicago mack daddy went from a 140,000 dollar a year senator to having all this, wake up everybody.

        • generationimmigrant2

          Obama via Holder’s lawsuits against JP Morgan Chase $16 billion penalty. Where did this money go? Past summer it was uncovered there was a Justice Dept Slush Fund that monies from settled lawsuits; funnelled to liberal non-profits including barry’s. They sure knew how to sucker us Americans.

          • Thunda t

            Yes Barry benito sucker punched us when we were not looking, pray for trump to remain safe while he puts Hillary, slick willy, holder, and the Kenyan rebel in max lockdown inside GITMO.

          • Cindy Johnson

            They are getting gitmo ready NOW!!

    • Lijdare
      • matt janovic

        You trying to say that the pool has no water, that it’s just a plastic blue sheet?
        Maybe you are right.

  • Lewis Joiner

    Sounds like some James bond type stuff going on here

  • gazoo3


  • kgr3wz6


  • derrick_carlson

    its like the post said below,, its a vaction condo in tyland ,, but i like the story,, :}

  • John Montgomery

    Very reason you can finance ISIS, BLM and ANTIFA. Five mansions

  • JC Ballenger

    General Pryut Chanocha has been the Prime Minister of Thailand since the military dismantled the parties there in 2014. Nikolai Bukharin was executed in 1938, as a Russian.

    • matt janovic

      Pure coincidence. As I explained before, “Bukharin” is a nickname, the equivalent of the word “POTUS”; it’s a term used by the Thai service in charge of the Prime Minister’ security–clear indication that this publication has very high sources in Bangkok.

      • JC Ballenger

        A Thai Prime Minister nickname the equivalent of the word “POTUS” (President of the United States) would be “TPM”. That sounds nothing like a Russian activist that was executed in 1938. I’m just saying if you’re going to print BS then you should do better research.

        • matt janovic

          Here we have a little example of pushy American exceptionalism: The US Secret Service could use a short word like “Chief” or “Boss” or “Duce” or “Führer”. No, they make up an acronym, POTUS–it sounds like macaronic Latin.

          So now Mr. Ballenger demands that every secret service in the world follow suit. “Hell no!” says Prayut Chan-o-cha. “My guys know my favorite candy is Bukharin, so they nickname me “Bukharin”. I don’t mind. It’s no sign of disrespect, its just shows friendliness, easy-going familiarity. Could it be that in our country we are less pompous than those big guys in Washington?”

          • JC Ballenger

            You should try your hand at comedy.

  • JC Ballenger

    I’de love to see this happen as much as anyone, but c’mon, man.

  • schm0e

    If only it were true.

  • ralphie44

    gotta have sources
    no sources, no trust

    • matt janovic

      Follow the Bloodhounds, they will take you to the True Bones.

    • Funkasaurasrex

      Do your own leg work.

    • Tom

      Sean at SGTreport was just interviewing Bill Holder, who has excellent sources in Thailand who have confirmed the story.

      • Jaroslav Záruba

        I tried to google that name… I guess you mean Bill Holter…?

        • Tom

          Oops… my apologies to both you and Bill, who I listen to regularly.

    • leeteam

      Good advice for CNN, MSNBC, NY Slimes and Washingron Compost.

    • Andy

      i’m with you on this one prime ministers name is wrong

      • matt janovic

        I explained already it’s his SS tag.

    • Jay Dee

      s t f u ….U …..N A Z I

      • Carol Benson

        Ralphie is right. Trust–but verify. Do your own homework.

        • AJ Heller


      • generationimmigrant2

        speak english. your abbreviations shows your immaturity and emotional imbalance.

    • David Michael

      I agree. There’s a couple of regards here who say do your own research, but that’s not how it works. Its fake news, unfortunately. I wish it true.

      • Carol Benson

        David, Unless you have your resources & do your own research you have no right to dismiss it as fake news: WE KNOW WHO SHITS OUT FAKE NEWS 24/7. Are you a troll? Psyops? Why should we believe YOU?

        • David Michael

          I’m stating my opinion. I don’t give a damn whether you believe me or not. I have EVERY right to dismiss this as fake news.
          1. “Breaking news” from a website no-ones ever heard of. 2. NO SOURCE CITATIONS! “Our secret service source” is not a citation, nor is it credible since ANYONE can write a story, claim a “secret service” source, and post it on the interwebs. 3. Why are NO OTHER webpages on either side of the political spectrum reporting this? If this is so factual every Conservative site from one side of the country to the other would be shouting it. The President would be “tweeting” the shit out of it. We have the ENTIRE internet for research and other sources, yet not one other report of this. Why? Jesus. Psyops?

          • Getagainstthewalllibcuck

            Mate you are too smart to be on this site

          • AJ Heller

            Internet..I don’t trust but you are right..Trump who I do love….would be tweeting the h eck out of this so would fox news

        • Carol Benson

          David, My request for sources was as valid as your calling it Fake News. You are entitled to your opinion & I am also. But requesting one’s sources is legiimate. You challenged me with an opininion. I asked for your sources. I can admit when I make a mistake. You got all huffy puffy being challenged. I dont care that you dont care. You could be right, I can be wrong–or we BOTH can be wrong.

        • generationimmigrant2

          Exactly, ditto, why should we believe you? State some facts. After eight years barry soetoro’s tricks are fairly well known or can not figure dismissed as impossible. Holder & Barry were good at deceit; games to hurt Americans; thievery. But I will say they were very clever about it and the unsuspecting spineless dweebs in Congress had no idea?

        • Disqussing Scott

          Maybe because of this:

          Indulge your senses in the tranquility of Villa Rak Tawan – one of Phuket’s most luxurious, ultra-private estates nestled on the top of the island’s chic Surin Beach hillside. The elegant six-bedroom pool villa Rak Tawan, a Thai phrase meaning “villa of love and sunshine” is ideally suited for an unforgettable family retreat, relaxing couples holiday or an escape with friends.

          Experience this elegant villa’s expansive, unhindered views over the white sands of Surin Beach and savor the Techno-colored sunsets of the Andaman Sea while lounging in a 16- Meter long infinity edge pool that seems to extend over the sea and into the horizon. Enjoy sophisticated Surin Beach, the stylish Riviera of South Thailand, with Phuket’s most upscale international shopping, bistros and lounges just minutes away or retreat above the excitement to your private estate for an in-house spa treatment and a gourmet meal prepared by your own private chef.

    • SheWhoWalksAlone

      Roy Potter, retired Lt. Col is reporting the ‘Obama Thailand’ raid is true, watch his latest vid for his brief statement. 15:45

      • Kevin B Trainor

        First time hearing Lt, Col Potter. He is a very vital, legit source. Thank you SheW…

  • DrMichelleLV

    I would like to share this, but it needs attribution… source of information and the author of the piece. I don’t share without those.

  • Raymond Acuna

    What a load of bull!
    Talk about #FakeNews … 😉

  • patriot
  • Will Robe

    My wifes from Si Sa Ket she recons that place does not excist there, maybe Chang Mai

    • matt janovic

      To deflect further investigation by the WaPo, some details may have been obscured.
      So maybe the Obama compound was in ศรีสวัสดิ์ and the Bones’ sources wanted to send the U.S. press bloodhounds to go barking into ศรีมหาโพธิ.

  • William Luepnitz

    With the communist Chinese weapons, Obama’s recent trip to Red China , the extensive underground bunkers it hints to me that the Red Chinese are trying to do to Thailand what they did to South Vietnam, Burma , and Laos . Trump is right in exposing this.

    • matt janovic

      Thanks! Time to dust off the Domino Theory.

  • Porkeating Crusader

    I’d be surprised if there weren’t children’s clothing, rope, handcuffs, and half-eaten pizza left behind.

  • Maggie18

    The owner of Sylndra is (was) the husband of a CA congresswoman, possibly Feinstein.

  • jk

    So is Hussein in hiding or what ……….Better believe it this man is heading to Gitmo

  • sirjohnnyrotten

    fucking crooked nigger

    • Southern Deplorable

      Whether the story is fake or not, I agree 100% with this 😂

  • Lijdare

    Big effing lie…..

    • matt janovic

      Are you questioning whether the pool is real? Looks real to me, but maybe you are right, and the pool is fake, just a blue plastic sheet.

      • Canard

        That’s exactly what “they” want you to think….

  • Lijdare
  • Anon Person

    Oh come on this has to be a fake story! Where is the proof?

  • Kira699

    This must be The Onion because it makes me laugh at the absurdity. Especially that hotel that they think is Obama’s mansion. (the pool is the giveaway with all the lounges and towels). In order to own property in Thailand you have to jump through so many hoops and Obama doesn’t have that much money anyway. Talk about America the land of the dumb…and getting dumber.

  • Barb Sinclair

    from the first paragraph of article: “…Thailand Prime Minister Nik Bukharin.” But the Prime Minister of Thailand is Prayut Chan-o-cha. []

    • matt janovic

      This is a clear indication that the Bones have actual access to the seats of power, and not only in Washington, but also in Bangkok: very few people know that the security detail of the Prime Minister refer to him–in their communications–as “Bukharin”.

      US Secret Service say POTUS. Thai SS say Bukharin

      • Barb Sinclair


      • Canard

        Hahaha! Like it!

  • HXJ123

    Please please please be true. I want to see liberal heads blow up.

  • SheWhoWalksAlone

    BS? I so want this to be true, however, we need ‘proof’, too much
    disinformation going around, ruins all credibility to those
    reporting…. research before posting, please.

    Thailand Prime Minister is NOT Nik Bukharin!

    Nikolai Ivanovich Bukharin (September 27,1888 – March 15, 1938) was a Russian Bolshevik revolutionary, Soviet politician and
    prolific author on revolutionary theory.

    • matt janovic

      Aaand it’s the name of the PM’s favorite candy, to wit บุณฑริก.
      That’s why PM’s security detail warns escort “Bukharin leaving palace by door D4…” instead of saying “Prayuth Chan-ocha Comandante in capo delle Kongthap Bok Thai leaving palace by door D4.”

      • SheWhoWalksAlone

        Yeah right!

  • MajarTheLion

    Bogus story. There is no Nik Bukharin and he is certainly not the Thai prime minister.

  • Solyndra got half a billion not $2.2 billion.

  • Well Done

    To me, the pics of soldiers wearing 4-scope night vision gear look like something from the latest “Grand Theft Auto” video game downloaded content.
    The story is almost too good to be true, IMO.

  • RNY

    Thailand’s Prime Minister is Prayut Chan-o-cha, not “Nik Bukharin”. Otherwise, I hope that Delta actually did it.

  • Howard MacKinnon

    Y’all will believe the above story after you read this. Go to: Read: 12/29/17 Criminal Action filed in US District Court North District Nevada

  • Canard

    Complete rubbish. The PM of Thailand is NOT called Bukharin and the photo is of a property in Phuket, around 1400 km from Si Sa Ket. Your source is also conveniently anonymous and unattributable. There, that’s five minutes of my life I’m never going to get back.

  • John Liberty

    how do we verify this is true? I am likely to believe it but I am not likely to share this link as real news due to the inability to verify its authenticity

  • sammy

    MAGA – HAPPY 2018!

  • Jenniffer Glenkowski

    ummm..ok, has anyone bothered to scroll to the bottom of this page? if you do that you will see that this is a russian owned propaganda site….tiny red print tells you who owns it.

    • Canard

      Well spotted, Jennifer. Not that I fell for this tripe anyway!

      • matt janovic

        Soviet propaganda! The Rooskies again! What do we do now?

    • Somebones

      or maybe, just maybe, the owner of this site (who is certainly known NOT to be russian) just put that there to trigger libtards and rabid dems.

  • Jay Dee


  • TimeforaCulling

    Word has it that Gitmo is preparing for incoming high profile detainees.

  • Dean

    obama is a POS.

  • Macacawitz

    That’s funny. And some of you idiots believe this.

  • Bob_Ingersoll

    How about rendition bammy clown to somewhere and interrogate him. I volunteer to be his interrogator. I prefer the helicopter method but do admire the gas blowtorch method as well.

  • djgraphix

    200 million in gold; that will hurt.

  • Ed DeBolt

    Any corroboration of this yet?

  • Mica Sullivan

    Ask WP John Posesta

  • Tom Tom

    The future antichrist Obomber’s secret underground lair. One of them, at least.

  • t4msync

    There is NO ‘prime minister’ called Nik Bukharin. I live in Thailand and have never heard of him. There IS a military dictator named Prayut Chan Ocha. And Si Sa Ket is in impoverished Isaan. You’d think Obama could afford somewhere better than that. Lol. God people are really fucking stupid.

    • MikeSmith2

      I think the data here on Nibiru is also suspect- haha

  • Mister B

    Is this for real?

  • Last Hussar

    This is a spoof site, like the Onion?

  • George


  • Machobunny

    Ah, well. It is a sweet fantasy, but doubtful that any of this is true. Damn it.

  • MikeSmith2

    Using the Wayback machine website, shows that past stories here were fiction- April 2016- Obama was being stripped (any day now) of his peace prize,

    a few weeks later- Trump had picked George Bush as his VP –

    and oct-2016 Putin is going to tell the world about Nibiru (planet X) unless Trump is elected (has a deal with Trump)
    “In a candid interview with Pravda, Russian President Vladimir Putin
    stated implicitly that he would tell the world about Nibiru if Donald J.
    Trump loses the presidential election. In July and August, we ran a
    series of articles highlighting a three decade long secret war between
    the White House and the Kremlin, culminating in a confidential agreement
    between Putin and Trump.”

  • Perpitraitor

    I want to read that book.

  • Freewheeling Frank

    I hope this is true.

    • MikeSmith2

      My research, in my comment 2 days ago, warns of “fiction” here.

  • annie

    if this is really true, and he has stolen taxpayers money to enrich himself and possibly treason, why the heck is he not arrested right now?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Obama was chosen and probably had to kiss a ring to become president thru massive voter fraud.
    He continues to pay off the debt as incredible puppet.

  • jcmarlton

    obama bankrolled his pockets with the money from our Treasury and tax payers. He stole from us and its time for his justice and his family.

  • jcmarlton

    obama has everything hidden in his new library in Chicago where no one can get them. Probably where his birth certificate and documents are that we paid his lawyers to keep locked up.

  • RKitty01

    y’all are funny

    • Somebones

      nice cat

      • RKitty01

        do you want to grab it

  • Lee Yarbrough

    the story identified the prime minister of Thailand as Nik Bukharin while the actual prime minister is Prayuth Chan-ocha. (Nikolay Ivanovich Bukharin was a Soviet political leader who died in 1938.)
    Obama compound in Thailand is actually Villa Rak Tawan, a luxurious estate in Phuket used for vacations and weddings.
    Ya, this story is about as fake as they get.

  • K dawg

    What a bunch of dumb racist clowns you all are… truly deplorable (not that you even know what that means)

  • Captain Trashman

    I have not heard if Barry is still stalking President Trump.

    • UnCL3

      Oh, his proxies are, most definitely.

  • Bruce Templeman

    Complete bullshit, beginning with the first sentence, which get the name of Thailand’s Prime Minister wrong.Neither foreign companies or foreign individuals may own property in Thailand. They may only lease it.

    • alm3texas

      Barry’s dual citizenship may come into play…. Maybe. But as for him trying to escape and having supposedly stolen that much Gold Bullion and the Medicare and SSecurity debacles is easily considered. The guy is a rat of the highest order.

  • Michael

    Kudos to for publishing the same photo of the raid two and a half years before it happened.

  • Unknown

    You really believe tbis Bullshit story? Please people Grow the Fuck up. Such Garbage Journalism..

  • scottywhatu gondoboy


  • John Clements

    How many names and ss#’s does Obama use? 3/24/18

  • vegasslider

    Where are the sources from this story? Where did this information come from? Th
    ailand’s Prime Minister is NOT Nik Bukharin. It is Prayut Chan-o-cha. This would however be a great beginning for a book.

  • Donald J.

    No surprise here. He reportedly went into office with worth in the area of 4 million and went out of office with a worth of 200 million. Pretty hard to save up that kind of money with out some insider trading, skimming and outright stealing from the real American taxpayers. I just hope this article is not just a dreamed up conspiracy and is factual. Has anyone heard this information from any other sources? Why has the present Administration not gone on all the national news networks with this info?