DoD Furious Over Hot Musket Leaks

The Department of Defense has entered damage control mode in response to online leaks that revealed the existence of operation “Hot Musket,” a multi-agency effort to covertly militarize the U.S.-Mexican border. News of Hot Musket first surfaced last week on the YouTube channel MarfoogleTV, the operator of which hosts a radio-style call-in broadcast for listeners to share information. One caller shared a copy of a secret military deployment order, and from that moment additional details on the military’s secret op have spiraled across the internet.

Hot Musket’s degree of subterfuge is unparalleled in military history. Soldiers have been sworn to secrecy. Their cell phones have been confiscated—or had the SIM cards removed—and they’ve been threatened under Article 90 of the UCMJ to avoid all contact with non-military friends and family for the duration of Hot Musket deployment.

If current information is accurate, the assets include not only troops but also tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, self-propelled artillery units, multiple-launch rocket systems (MLRS) and Patriot air defense batteries.

Our source, an active duty colonel in the intelligence community, insists Hot Musket is authentic. Although he refused to comment on the purpose of the immense military buildup (and he may not know), he said the Department of Defense and the Pentagon are fuming over the online leaks.

“Heads are spinning and rolling. Seasoned officers are getting chewed out left and right. Some have been relieved of command or reassigned. They believe three soldiers are responsible for the leaks, and right now they’re trying to identify and isolate those individuals. I do not believe I’m suspect, because they’re pretty sure the leaks came from enlisted ranks, not from officers. If caught, I’m sure they’ll be tried for treason,” our source said.

Asked whether broadcasters are in jeopardy, he said the Pentagon has no interest in prosecuting alternative media, as already the information has been disseminated across thousands of social media outlets. “The info’s out there now. Their primary focus is finding the original leakers. “ But the government has launched an operation to counter leaked intelligence.”

He claims a Pentagon cyber infiltration team has been tasked with creating a myriad of fictitious YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook accounts to debunk Hot Musket. Moreover, government-sponsored websites such as Snopes and Politifact received cash payments in exchange for mocking Hot Musket researchers.

“In the coming weeks you’ll see channels popping up all over the place dedicated to discrediting Hot Musket talk. Lots of negative comments and tweets; that’s how they hope to shut down disclosure of the mission,” our source said.

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