Ebola on a Plane at JFK

A United Emigrates A-380 with over 500 souls aboard was quarantined after landing at John F. Kennedy International Airport 9:00 am Wednesday morning. The pilot initially reported that over one hundred passengers had exhibited flu like symptoms, including sweats, chills, and temperature readings in excess of 101 degrees. CDC agents in HAZMAT gear that greeted the aircraft on the tarmac were quick to downplay the incident by saying only ten, not one hundred; people had probably contracted food poisoning and quickly dismissed claims of more serious illnesses.

Privately obtained information, however, directly contradicts CDC assertions. Dr. Hamdan Odha Al-Bishim, a Saudi Arabian physician aboard flight EK203, said he personally examined seventeen passengers who had become sick during the transcontinental flight from Dubai to New York. Five passengers had symptoms associated with acute Ebola of another Homorganic fever. Dr. Al-Bishim said they were shitting in their pants and bleeding from nearly every orifice on their body, in desperate need of a transfusion. Over 90 other people, he said, complained of cramps, headaches, weakness, fatigue, and vomiting—symptoms typically associated with the deadly Ebola Zaire strain.

He said he informed the flight crew of his suspicions while administering aid to the passengers. Moreover, he said he said he pronounced two people dead before the aircraft touched down.

On landing, CDC agents boarded the flight and confiscated cellphones and cameras that might have captured footage of sick passengers.  The agents were more interested in seizing phones than tending to mortally sick passengers, he said.

“They wanted to quarantine me, but my physician credentials got me a pass and I was allowed to help de-board other passengers and attend to the sick,” he said. “I played it cool, pretending not to know what was going on, but I know—I have been a physician for thirty years—what was happening and what these people were dying from,” Dr. Al-Bashim said.

Dr. Al-Bashim said claims of food poisoning are blatantly absurd, as even the most virulent case of botulism does not cause a patient to bleed out from his eyes and nostrils. Additionally, UAE flight have a history of excellence, providing top-notch service and first-class food to people willing to spend a few extra dollars.

At customs, he said CDC agents warned him against speaking on what he had seen. They said they would void his passport and indefinitely detain him if he spoke to the media.

“In all good conscience, I cannot keep this secret,” he said. “This is a massive coverup.”

Despite Dr. Al-Bashim’s claims, some questions do raise concerns. Typically, Ebola symptoms take 2 to 21 days to appear after contact with the virus, suggesting this might be a mutated strain or a completely different illness.

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