Editorial: Why the ESO Will Not Disclose Nibiru on Monday

The last forty-eight hours has seen a maelstrom of controversy surrounding the European Southern Observatory (ESO) media advisory that on Monday, 16 October, it would make a major announcement about “groundbreaking observations” that have never before been witnessed by humankind.

Naturally, they are  guarding their secret. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous broadcasters, writers, and prophets are using The Force or Palantiri Stones to divine magically the nature of the announcement despite not having a shred of evidence to support any one hypothesis. As of the time of this writing, I’ve already seen four YouTube channels and three websites speculating that somehow the ESO will defy its controllers and use the opportunity to warn the world about Nibiru, believed to be a brown dwarf star with seven companion planets moving in our general direction.

While I have no doubt Nibiru exists and will eventually effect all our lives, I can say with 99.9% certainty no mention of the word Nibiru, Planet X, wormwood, etc., will be uttered by anyone associated with the ESO. Admittedly, I have no idea what they will reveal; my astronomical sources have been incommunicado the last week.

But the ESO is a major player in a thirty yearlong cover-up. The sixteen-nation organization, despite Wikipedia claims to the contrary, receives annual subsidies from German, Italian, Swiss, French, and Spanish governments. Even partial government funding precludes any possibility of Nibiru disclosure.

In years past, the ESO has made countless discoveries that have revolutionized how astronomy is perceived. Collectively, the 730-person organization operates some of the world’s most powerful observatories, the majority of which are located in Chile. Of all its findings and catalogues, however, not one references Nibiru. And Monday’s “groundbreaking” announcement will be no different.

In recent years, the ESO has investigated supermassive black holes and the distribution of dark matter and dark energy that dominates the universe. Its accolades include the discovery of a brown dwarf star—173 light years away. Far too distant to threaten the blue pearl we call Earth. ESO also has worked on substantiating hypothesis involving gravitational waves caused by cataclysmic cosmic events resulting in ripples that propagate through space-time. Monday’s announcement could be tied to one of the above, or something entirely different—but not Nibiru. Again, The Powers that Be will never allow official disclosure.

We must consider another possibility: the announcement is a planned distraction to draw attention away from Nibiru and refocus it elsewhere. With more people awakening every day, the puppet masters are desperate to divert attention and suppress information from reaching the masses.


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