FBI Raids Home of Clinton Collaborator

Last Friday, agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation executed a search warrant on a Virginia home belonging to Sean Andrew Duncan, a Sterling native who tried to elude capture by fleeing barefoot with an unknown item clutched in his hands, but was apprehended and taken into custody. Within hours, an FBI spokesperson made a puzzling announcement, saying Duncan was a suspected ISIS sympathizer and his arrest was related to an ongoing terror investigation, not to a recent presidential executive order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption. Why the FBI mentioned the executive order was mysterious enough; at the time, no one questioned motivations behind the arrest. By simply mentioning the order, the FBI put its foot in its mouth and triggered numerous investigations into the real reason for Duncan’s incarceration.

According to our Secret Service source, who has served under three administrations, Duncan is a man with multiple identities and a minion of the Clinton cabal. Duncan, he says, has legally changed his name twice in three years. The twenty-one year old Virginia native lived the first eighteen years of his life as Brandon Todd. At 19, he changed his name to Wendell Cartwright; a year later, he became Sean Andrew Duncan. While the courts place no hard limit on the number of times a person can change his name, the individual must undergo an extensive background check to guarantee the change is not being used to avoid criminal prosecution or for fraudulent reasons.

His name choices, our source points out, cast doubt on an ISIS affiliation. Converts adopt Muslim names; they do not cycle through random, innocuous American-sounding names.  Moreover, ISIS freedom fighters seldom shy away from combat; rather, they shout “allah ‘akbar” and fight to the last bullet, or suicide themselves—killing their opponents—by detonating explosive vests.

“That he tried eluding capture is proof he was not ISIS soldier,” our source said. “It was all a rouse to temporarily conceal the reasons for tracking him down. The administration got a tip that he had worked as a personal assistant to Huma Abedin and was in possession of damning information that might seal the deal against Hillary Clinton.”

After receiving the tip, the FBI conducted an methodical  background check and uncovered Duncan’s ties to Abedin. In 2016, Duncan received three bank deposits totally $23,500 from Teneo, a strategic consulting firm to which Abedin worked as a private contractor. Despite the “contractor” title, the FBI uncovered documents indicating she was a primary shareholder in the company. Duncan, on the other hand, had no ties to Teneo; an employment history search found no record of Duncan—under any of his names—ever having worked there.

Additionally, in 2015, using the name Wendell Cartwright, Duncan volunteered for the Clinton Foundation. His duties included IT work and the distribution of promotional material. Although he received no monetary compensation directly from the Foundation, he did receive a mysterious $33,000 payment from Deutsch Bank, a financial institution known for supporting Hillary Clinton.

The FBI speculated that Duncan was used as an intermediary to either shelter data Clinton wanted kept secret or to shuttle information between Clinton and her cohorts. If Duncan worked for Abedin, then, by association, he worked for Clinton.  Based on these facts, coupled with the tipoff, the FBI sprang into action.

At the time of Duncan’s arrest, the FBI found a thumb drive in his possession. Our source says the drive is still being decrypted but is believed to contain information pivotal to sending Clinton to Guantanamo Bay.

“If the tip proves accurate, that drive might be the smoking gun. Unpublished Clinton emails. Tangible evidence proving she misallocated state and government assets. Human rights violations to the tenth degree. Funding ISIS. Illegal uranium sales. All  fall under the providence of Trump’s executive order. If that info is there, and can be decrypted, Trump can finally put her behind bars,” our source said.

Asked why Trump relied on subterfuge instead of simply revealing the actual reason for Duncan’s capture, our source added the following comments: “Two reasons. First, Trump didn’t want to tip his hand. There are still persons in the intelligence agencies that remain loyal to Obama.  He feared if the true reasons were known, someone might have tipped off Duncan. In which case, he and the drive would have vanished forever.  The agents participating in the raid were handpicked and vetted by Trump’s most trusted people. Second,  Trump’s smart enough not to go public until he sees with his own eyes what’s on that drive. What if he went public and the info isn’t there? His enemies would use that ammunition to usurp his presidency.”

Duncan appeared in court on Wednesday to answer for his sole public charge: obstruction of justice, for which, if convicted, he could face twenty years in federal prisons.  Duncan did not say much, and nodded or wagged his head in response to the judge’s questions.  Witnesses present said Duncan appeared sleepy, sedated, and drugged.

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