A specter of uncertainty looms over Washington as FBI Director James Comey—named the most powerful man in town—defies Trump’s authority by launching a full court press targeting persons who write about, research, or broadcast information on Nibiru. Aided by other three letter intelligence agencies such as the CIA, the FSB, the AT&T, and the NSA, Comey hopes to contaminate Nibiru discussion, while tagging and identifying ‘persons of interest’ that might threaten national security.

Our Beltway operative, a unilaterally unlicensed private investigator and retired federal agent, says that insurgents working on Comey’s behalf have infiltrated the Nibiru community. Their agenda: trivialize the Nibiru movement by insidiously feeding Nibiru researchers heaps of false information. The goal, our source says, is to delegitimize factual Nibiru information and bring ridicule to sincere people trying to discover the uncomfortable truth on a sensitive topic.

Our source said that Comey’s unorthodox tactics include creating fictitious scientists and astronomers—people like Dr. Schumaker and Dr. Scheisskopf– that insinuate themselves into the lives of innocent Nibiru researchers. Furthermore, Comey encourages agent provocateurs to circulate fake Nibiru photographs across the internet, knowing that Nibiru researchers, hungry for new information, will take the bait.

Our source explained: “What I’ve learned is that the government can easily manufacture fictional astronomers and physicists, complete with credentials, diplomas, and a social media presence. Then, these make believe personalities reach out to Nibiru researchers, providing them with amazing—but fake—photos of Nibiru or a thesis or who knows what. When this happens, Nibiru writers jump for joy—they think they’ve hit the jackpot, getting a real source with ‘real’ knowledge about Nibiru. They then spread the information around to the readers, listeners, and subscribers, many of whom are so thirsty for fresh information; they sink their teeth right into it. Discriminating minds, however, easily spot flawed logic and crazy photos. Then a verbal war develops between believers and debunkers. The government hopes the believers will eventually hang their heads in shame because they got suckered, and vanish from the internet altogether.”

Moreover, our source suggests the FBI’s war against Nibiru believers is but a stepping-stone to a far more sinister agenda: demolishing Trumps credibility and sabotaging his hopes of making a successful Nibiru disclosure. The Nibiru community consists of hundreds of websites, forums, and channels, collectively representing millions of concerned citizens, many of whom eagerly anticipate Trump’s Nibiru disclosure.

“If Comey scares Nibiru believers from the internet, he effectively cuts Trump off from a large support base. Comey’s end goal, obviously, is to create a rift between Trump and his base, leaving trump alone and far too fearful to go ahead with a disclosure. I’m pretty sure Comey is still a slave to Obama, doing his bidding,” our source said.

Why Trump hasn’t fired Comey is open to speculation, but usually reliable sources have indicated that Comey has assembled a ‘Planet X Task Force’ that could shatter Trump’s presidency. Last week, the White House confirmed that an unknown thief had stolen a presidential laptop computer. Our investigative team learned that this computer showed up on a sealed-bid private auction at Sotheby’s, and influential parties such as Vladimir Putin, Anwar Sadat, and Xi Jinping had placed bids in a failed attempt to obtain the coveted prize. The lucky winner, our source said, was a member of Comey’s Planet X Task Force, whose fifteen million dollar bid won the laptop; a 24ct gold diamond accentuated MacBook Pro.

“I’m sure They have it,” our source said. “And the notebook has much more than floor plans.  I talked to some guys, who chatted with some other guys, who talked to some other guys, and they said that laptop contains Trump’s lifelong Nibiru research notes, without which he would have a damn hard time going public.”

If accurate, the situation places Trump is a precarious position. He can either step up the place and reveal Nibiru or meekly withdraw to the shadows and quietly await impeachment.

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  • Doomsday Phil (DDP)

    Hypocrisy knows no bounds apparently…

    • matt janovic

      Why do you say that?

      • Doomsday Phil (DDP)

        Why? What earthly reason would the FBI have to target Nibiru believers? Since when is a belief against the law Federal or otherwise? It’s hypocritical to think that a Federal Agency would do this when there are more important matters at hand than targeting a few believers in a fake non existent planet. Also if you will notice that in a lot of these articles there are no links to sources to confirm this stuff…..Secondly a source as quoted in the article is second hand information and amounts to no more than hear say.