At a Friday White House Security briefing, FEMA Deputy Administrator Daniel Kaniewski said the agency must double its number of field agents by 2020 to contend with the rising threat of a domestic insurgency. He lobbied a union of high profile guests that included Department of Homeland Security executive Claire Grady, TSA administrator David Pekoske, and Vice President Mike Pence, all of whom ultimately agreed FEMA deserved additional funds and manpower to accomplish expected goals.

Kaniewski cited a resurgence of nationwide militia and citizen-activist groups as reason to amplify FEMA’s presence. While certain states—Alabama, Michigan, Arizona, and Georgia, for example—have long been bastions of militia activity, in recent years typically pro-government states, including Delaware and the District of Columbia, have seen a marked increase in patriot activity. In the last year, the “3 Percenters,” a nationwide militia movement, saw a fifteen percent spike in membership. This alarming increase in anti-tax, pro-2nd Amendment, anti-immigration, survivalist, sovereign citizen, libertarian, and southern restoration groups, Kaniewski said, pose a clear and present danger to the security of the United States and must therefore be reined in, controlled, or eradicated.

During his forty-five minute long tirade, Kaniewski blamed social and alternative media for eroding public confidence in government authority. FEMA, he added, needed not only 8000 more agents but also resources equivalent to those possessed by the FBI and NSA; rooting out threats, in his own words, meant overlooking constitutional boundaries in favor of preserving political command on an ignorant population.

“We need to control the media and the guns to restore order to this country,” Kaniewski said. “Things are getting out of hand and without the proper tools and resources we’re in danger of losing our grip on the populace. I’m urging you all to deeply consider these issues when making your recommendations for budget increases. To help you, you must help us. Too many people feel they have the ability to dictate terms to the government, and we must remain in a position to asset our authority over people who are likely to rebel against us,” Kaniewski said.

Sounding more like the kingpin of an intelligence agency than the leader of an organization ostensibly created to provide disaster relief, he blasted a recent Supreme Court decision that prohibits warrantless seizure of cell phone data, because “knowingly felonious” persons routinely use mobile devices to preach and share anti-government propaganda. He said FEMA ought to operate autonomously as it is the “first and last line of defense” against civil disobedience.  Without modernizing both arsenal and assets, he told Pence, FEMA is at the mercy of its enemies, the American public.

Only FEMA, he insisted, has the necessary resolve to squash a public insurrection when Martial Law is declared. He said active duty military, reservists, and the National Guard would resist orders to capture or kill fellow Americans–especially since they might be ordered to take action against their own friends and family. FEMA agents, however, must swear an oath to forsake familial ties and do what FEMA feels is in the best interest of the nation.

At the close of the meeting, Kaniewski requested $300,000,000 to recruit, train, and arm a new generation of FEMA operatives.

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