Yesterday we exposed the truth behind Biohax Corporation, a Swedish tech firm that manufacturers dangerous, ethically questionable RFID implants that maimed two recipients and may have irreparably harmed countless others. In 2017, Biohax quietly exported 250,000 chips to foreign companies, health agencies, and governments; one recipient was none other than the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which received 50,000 tailor-made units.

Former Biohax engineer Liam Lundstrom said that in June 2016 FEMA toured the company’s Stockholm manufacturing facility. The agents were primarily interested in the cost per unit and the feasibility of customizing the microchips to meet agency requirements, he added. When Biohax founder JOWAN ÖSTERLUND told them the RFID tags had limitless versatility, the agents teetered with giddiness, smiled fiendishly, and requested a comprehensive demonstration.

Osterlund boasted the device’s ability to geographically track anyone, anytime, anywhere on the planet via a global positioning system.

“He showed the FEMA men a large screen TV with a map of Sweden on it. There were colored dots scattered across the map, representing those who’d been chipped. Blue dots for men, green for women. If he touched a dot on the screen, all personal information on that person was displayed, including some real-time medical data,” Lundstrom said.

Besides surreptitiously betraying a person’s whereabouts, the implant monitors blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen saturation.

What’s more, Osterlund purportedly confirmed a popular so-called conspiracy theory—the chip can be implanted without a person’s knowledge or consent.

“The smallest model is approximately fifty microns, about the width of a human hair. It can be concealed in a tetanus or influenza vaccination, for example,” our source said.

But the FEMA agents still were not sold. They asked Osterlund to develop a feature whereby the unit could be detonated remotely, if desired. Osterlund said the chip’s size precluded conventional explosives, but offered a devious solution that made the FEMA agents bristle with excitement. Rather than explode, the RFID tag would emit an electrical pulse able to stop a heart or fry a brain.

“It can be triggered from kilometers away,” our source said. “Anyone receiving this chip is at the mercy of whoever implanted it. A prototype wad shipped to FEMA two months later, and shortly thereafter they requested an initial order of 50,000 units,” Lundstrom said.

The order was fulfilled in August 2017. Two months later, Lundstrom was fired for questioning the company’s moral compass and for refusing to work on an enhanced model.

“I’m not the only one who questioned need for such technology, but Biohax lied to engineers by telling them the electrical impulses were for therapeutic reasons, like a TENS unit. But this as different as static electricity shock is from being hit by a bolt of lightning. I absolutely believe there is a global initiative to chip the population, and Biohax wants to be at the forefront,” Lundstrom said.

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