FEMA Detains Displaced HAWAIIANS

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has targeted displaced citizens who fled their homes under a mandatory evacuation order following Mt. Kilauea’s catastrophic eruption earlier this month, says a FEMA agent speaking under condition of anonymity. Residents of Leilani Estates, an affluent neighborhood threatened by fast moving lava from fissure seven, were told to abandon their homes and seek shelter at nearby community centers or churches.

However, evacuees received an unwelcome surprise. Rescue stations such as Pahoa Community Center and Sure Foundation Church were filled to capacity, unable to accommodate the throng of confused persons pleading for food, shelter, and safety. Instead of sanctuary, they found FEMA; a small convoy of agency vehicles—hummers, SUVs, and a pair of cattle cars—and armed agents arrived on scene to “escort displaced people to places of safety.” These agents, our source said, carried loaded M4 assault rifles and side arms, and told nervous citizens they needed weapons to repel potential looters or threats to national security. They promised safe passage to, and free accommodations at, a hotel miles away from the lava flow.

“When FEMA arrives, they present themselves as benevolent overlords, promising people all sorts of things. They take advantage of people who are nervous, anxious, hysterical, and weak—those in a crisis. And that’s exactly what happened to the residents of Leilani Estates. FEMA separated them into two groups—those graciously accepting help and a minority who wished to stay behind. Those who accepted help were placed on a air-conditioned bus and promised free accommodations at a hotel in a safe location. Those who refused were given another choice,” our source said.

To make matters worse, local law enforcement and members of the Hawaii Civil Defense Agency said anyone refusing to vacate the area would be charged with loitering, vagrancy, and disorderly conduct. These fearful people FEMA herded into sweltering cattle cars for an hours’ long drive to a secret FEMA relocation center—or FEMA internment camp—southwest of the Puna Forest Reserve.

“The people in the busses, the people in the cattle cars—they all ultimately arrived at the same destination. Those in the bus were told the hotels were filled and the ones in the cattle cars were told nothing until they arrived at a fortified encampment with armed guards and electric razor wire fences designed to keep people within the compound. When they arrived, they ate pig slop for food and stayed in military style barracks that offered no privacy whatsoever,” our source explained.

The FEMA lies did not stop there. Agents told them lava had destroyed their homes and forbid them from leaving the facility. They confiscated not only cell phones but also pieces of identification like drivers licenses and passports.  The sinister agents said the government granted them the power of detainment, and stated that detainees would be released under only two conditions. Either friends or family had to sign an affidavit guaranteeing evacuees safe harbor, or unconstitutionally incarcerated persons might be freed once the government determined that ongoing volcanic activity no longer threatened life or property. Without phones, prisoners had no contact with the outside world; FEMA held sole discretion over what criteria might warrant a potential release.

“Many are being held against their will,” our source said. “These law-abiding Americans have been subjected to Martial Law, in what I believe is a beta-test for things to come in the future. What worries me most is they don’t even realize they’re guinea pigs. Some may never make it home. Do you know there are six rifles and three pistols for every agent, and that each facility contains guillotines?”our source said.

Our source’s words paint a frightening portrait. The interned can disappear without a trace, and FEMA can merely say they perished in their homes or trying to escape the lava. The agency operates under its own jurisdiction, with no congressional oversight, and we, as concerned citizens, must unravel the motivations of an insane agency’s terrifying caprice.

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