The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has ordered 2,500 gallons of hydrogen cyanide from Brazilian chemical manufacturer Askell Quimica, says a FEMA employee wishing to remain anonymous. The agency, he said, solicited bids from fifteen foreign manufacturing plants before selecting Quimica as a supplier.

This purchase marks the third time in twelve months FEMA will have used foreign distributors to procure lethal items that could be used to maim or kill law-abiding Americans. In January, FEMA received a shipment of five hundred Chinese-made “smart guillotines,” and in March, they secretly ordered thousands of guillotine blades from a Mexican metal factory in Juarez. The cyanide purchase is merely the latest example of FEMA’s treacherous behavior.

Hydrogen Cyanide, sometimes-called prussic acid, is a colorless, lethal and flammable liquid that boils slightly above room temperature; it can be dispersed indoors as either liquid aerosol or gas. Weaponized during World War I, it was used as a chemical weapon against the Central Powers by France, the United States, and Italy. It is now listed as Schedule 3 under the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Our source could not confirm FEMA’s motivation for acquiring the deadly toxin, but he believes FEMA will distribute it among internment camps and prison barges. The purchase order, he said, requested the 5000 gallons be delivered in fifty hermetically sealed fifty-five gallon drums. Addition instructions illustrate FEMA’s deceptive nature; the agent in charge insisted Askell Quimica stencil the words “Potable Water” on each container.

“This was done, of course, to hide the actual content. FEMA has become a master of subterfuge. From the top down, FEMA believes the American people are its enemy. Agents are taught tricks of the trade to control and cajole the public. It scares me to think what these chemicals will be used for—but the conclusion seems obvious,” our source said.

Although FEMA has already amassed a huge arsenal of conventional and unconventional weapons to use against patriots in the event of a civil insurrection, the biochemical weapons signify a new chapter of warfare on the American public. If FEMA had its way, he said, half of America would be dead and the other half would be enslaved in FEMA camps. FEMA, he added, routinely abducts and murders homeless people to determine the most efficient and cost-effective method of population control.

“They’ll probably round up twenty or thirty and toss them in a room filled with hydrogen cyanide gas.  They’ll figure out to the tenth decimal place how many cubic centimeters of gas it takes to kill a single person and weigh that against the cost of a bullet or the swipe of a guillotine blade. Cost isn’t the only factor. They seek the best way of inspiring fear in people. Imagine if you’re a child and you see your mommy and daddy thrown into a gas chamber. They look for the easiest way to gain compliance,” our source said.

Asked why FEMA outsources execution devices rather than simply manufacture or purchase domestically, our source said foreign purchases help blunt accountability and shroud FEMA’s sinister agenda from the population.

Research shows death by hydrogen cyanide is not a particularly enjoyable experience; if ingested, internal organs blister and burn and eyeballs can boil and burst in their sockets.

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  • Gary Jensen

    Mostly fiction! A FEMA employee! No name, I could say that I am a FEMA employee too! Even though I am not. They have not purchased unconventional, or conventional weapons to use on American people. It will be used during catastrophes that may come up such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and possibly the planet Nibiru hitting the planet. It will be used to control vermin that will be present and grow as bodies are decaying, this works well on boats that will be needed to transport people from isolated places such as the Pacific Northwest, which will kill at least 20,000 people in a Cascadia Subduction quake.

    • Sylvester Gronshiel

      Yeah well my friend IS a FEMA employee and over the last few days he told me they were getting a large shipment of unmarked boxes and cannisters and were not to be looked at or examined by low level employees- higher ups only. very suspicious if you ask me, only way this makes sense is if they are planning a large attack and need proper preparations to either hurt us or help themselves.

      • Don Barrow

        My cousin’s brother in law’s daughter works as an administrative director (deputy) of operations for the D.C. field office. HE can confirm that FEMA has already ordered 2 TONS of H2O2 and they are on their way to “Walmart” (THEYRE FEMA CAMPS.)

        • Sylvester Gronshiel

          First off- that sounds entirely unreliable.
          second- h202 is hydrogen peroxide not hydrogen cyanide (that is HCN)
          I do not believe your story to be true.

          • Don Barrow

            I went to UCLA. I know what I’m talking about. I once scored a 1070 on the SAT. I’m more qualified to take on this manner. HCN is Salt.

          • Sylvester Gronshiel

            I’m sure you can pretend you do. you talked about your brother in law’s daughter experiencing it, not you. just cause you might know what you’re talking about does not mean that woman does

          • Don Barrow

            I bet Vladimir fisted you before he analy sucked the dirrhea out of your penis hole. YOU MUST BE A RUSSIAN KGB AGENT.

        • Brooklyn Sarcozi

          So, is this a Trump administration’s doing, or is this the Deep State administration’s doing?

          • Gordon D. G.

            Deep State’s / Globalists’ doing. Trump is only trying to deal with the problems he inherited from the previous Administrations (e.g. Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43 and esp. Obama). For Trump loves America as per U.S. Constitution. The previous aforementioneds hate it.

    • -Wrex-

      Once again proof that America is doomed and always has been doomed; democracy has failed the Western Hemisphere. Nationalism, the idea of protecting a national identity and people’s culture, was severed since the 18th century and replaced with pseudo-syndicalist globalist Marxist ideologies and anarcho-socialist shitheads. Open your fucking eyes Amerimutts


  • Don Barrow

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    • -Wrex-

      Citadel’s strategy was already defeated by Stalin Grad and Moscow in the last German Nazis · German who tried to change the wave in the eastern part of 1943. For the British intelligence and the Soviet settlement, the German attacks were shortened, encouraged serious injuries and ultimately forced to return.