Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Director Brock Long has submitted a presidential request form that would grant the agency access to the military’s most powerful conventional bomb, the GBU-43/B massive ordinance air blast weapon. Developed by Albert L. Weimorts, Jr. of the Air Force Research Laboratory, the MOAB was first dropped in a 2017 airstrike against an Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) tunnel complex in Afghanistan. The weapon contains 18,700 pounds of explosive material; its size and weight necessitate large aircraft, such as a C-130, as deployment vehicles. Although not a traditional “bunker buster,” blast overpressure from the explosion can damage poorly reinforced underground shelters and generate a massive blast wave said to stretch a mile in every direction.

On October 2, Brock Long penned a two-page request letter to President Donald Trump. A confidential FEMA source said the correspondence underpinned FEMA’s need for powerful weapons to combat growing threats to the agency’s overall agenda. The document allegedly highlighted subversives, preppers, survivalists, and patriots as overwhelming threats to FEMA’s mission. The implication is that FEMA wishes to drop the horrific weapon on large concentrations of law-abiding Americans.

“First, I don’t know if Trump received the letter. I only now that Brock wrote and forward the letter up the chain of command, which means he sent it to DHS Secretary Kristjen Nielson, who would then have to get it to Trump. Brock said domestic terrorists like pro-2nd Amendment advocates are a danger to democracy, and that FEMA needs more manpower and access to military-grade weapons to combat threats from within. I can’t imagine a MOAB in our hands,” our source said.

He added that the FEMA hierarchy meets routinely to discuss what ordinance might aid its goals. Last month, Brock Long manically suggested dropping low-yield nuclear weapons into the eyes of approaching hurricanes—at ten miles offshore. Using MOABs on patriots was Long’s bright idea, our source said.

“Brock is a truly paranoid creature. He sees plots hatching against him everywhere. It amazes even me that he’s still in office. What a lot of people don’t know is the he was not Trump’s first choice. Vice President Pence recommended him, and Trump ran with that recommendation. Brock is in favor or Martial Law. When it happens, or before it happens, he wants to clear out the troublemakers. If he hears of 500 patriots gathered together, why not drop a MOAB on them. That’s exactly how he thinks,” our source said.

In the unlikely event that FEMA acquires weapons of mass destruction, it will still face logistical obstacles; FEMA has no air force and would have to procure, requisition, purchase, or borrow aircraft capable of dropping enormous thermobaric weapons. Also, to date only fifteen MOABs have been produced, according to the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant.

We must pray FEMA is not the autonomous agency it claims to be and hope that any sane and rational president would not authorize the use of catastrophic weapons against the very people who helped elect him into office. In any event, Brock Long has an unquenchable thirst for power, and recent developments demonstrably prove he is unfit for office and that FEMA should be disbanded before it has the opportunity to unleash hell on America.

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