Germany Outlaws “Nibiru” on Facebook

German Facebook users fascinated by the Nibiru phenomena will soon need to get their daily dose of Planet X news through proxy servers or other dark corners of the internet. This year, Germany went live with a draconian censorship program criminalizing the propagation of what it deems to be hate speech, so-called fake news, and conspiratorial topics lacking scientific or political foundation.

Our source, a recently hired Facebook “Content Cop” living in Germany, provides shocking information that illustrates Angela Merkel’s—and by association, Facebook—desire to scrub social media of any news challenging the nation’s mainstream narrative.

According to our source, the German lawmakers provided Facebook with an extensive list of words, phrases, and topics for policing. In all, the controversial law censors 25,000 specific words, 12,000 phrases, and sixty-three topics the German government does not want circulating among the population.

Unsanctioned pro-Trump news and derogatory comments about Barrack Hussein Obama will be purged from Facebook’s servers, our sources said, and repeat offenders who continue posting “offensive” content after an initial warning risk having their accounts suspended or banned. The list is so encompassing that users will be unable to have a casual conversation without inadvertently stepping on a trigger word. And the word Nibiru is on a pending addendum slated for inclusion later this year.

“I don’t know how or why Nibiru made the naughty word list, but it’s there. Ironically, similar keywords like Planet X, Wormwood, and Nemesis are not on it—at least not yet. But it’s obvious some politician and probably Merkel herself doesn’t want us discussing Nibiru on a public forum. I have a job to do, I do it. It doesn’t mean I agree with policy.”

To accommodate increased censorship, Facebook hired 1200 people to staff its German content manage department, affectionately coined the “feel good” department by managing personnel. By contrast, Facebook employs mere 6300 censors for all other countries combined. Although the social media giant is complicit, the burden of guilt resides with lawmakers; Facebook faces up to $60 million dollars in fines and punitive damages if it fails to delete illegal content. Even worse, the scope of the law compels Facebook to notify authorities of infringing content, when warranted.

“The monitors are empowered to do this subjectively,” our source said.  “So, you might simply be chatting about Nibiru with your friend only to find the police knocking at your door. I truly believe Germany is becoming North Korea, and Angela Merkel is the new Kim Jung-un. They passed this law under the pretense of thwarting violence and hate speech, but that’s only the surface.”

The law also affects other social media giants such as YouTube and Twitter, but how those platforms interpret Germany’s war on free speech remains to be seen.

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