Government planting anti-Nibiru subliminal messages in media

The government is lacing media with subliminal messages not to believe in Nibiru, says Dennis Johnson, an advertising executive who worked for AMC, Showtime, and 20th Century Fox. A product placement specialist whose job entailed negotiating with companies such as Apple, Pepsi, and Budweiser to have their products appear in motion pictures, Mr. Johnson asserts that elements within the government have conspired with Hollywood, splicing imperceptible propaganda within the content of big budget films and countless amounts of prime time programming.

The government took action, he said, after realizing that millions of people across the country had awakened to a frightening reality: a brown dwarf star with seven orbiting planets was hurtling toward the inner solar system and might affect the Earth by as early as 2019. Fearing increased hysteria, and a possible insurrection, the NSA and the CIA—at the behest of NASA—initiated an insidious agenda—to subliminally program people to dismiss any possibility that Nibiru is real or poses a threat to our way of life.

“As far as I know, this program started in 2014, under the Obama administration. I had never heard of this Nibiru, or Planet X, before this started. One afternoon, through a friend, I learned that what I now know as suggestive programming was inserted into a film in which I was credited as an executive producer. A nearly transparent overlay, with the words ‘Planet X is not real’ was inserted into several parts of the film.”

Mr. Johnson learned later that similar messages had been hidden in other projects with which he had been associated.

Subliminal Stimuli are any sensory stimuli below a person’s threshold for conscious perception. Visual stimuli may be quickly flashed before an individual can process the information; audio stimuli may be played below audible volumes or masked. Regardless, in many cases affected persons subconsciously retain the hidden meanings of these messages, accepting them as reality.

“Why would they try to convince people that never heard of Nibiru that such a thing is not real?” Mr. Johnson asked. “Obviously, I began questioning the morals and motives of the people planting this information into the entertainment industry. It took me a while, but I finally recognized an ultimate truth: Nibiru is real, and it is coming, and there are people out there so consumed with their own sense of self-importance that they will go to any length to keep us from knowing what’s going on out there in space.”

For decades, watchdog groups have accused authorities of using subliminal messages to subvert the minds of unsuspecting persons; moreover, it is a proven fact. During the 2000 presidential campaign, a favorable ad for George W. Bush tried to convince voters that the opposing candidate was a bearocratic criminal. When the word “BEUROCRATS” flashed on the screen, one frame showed only the last part of the word, “RATS.” Early screenings of Disney’s Monsters, Inc. also contained blatant examples of subliminal subterfuge. At several points in the film, the phrase “9/11—OSAMA BIN LADEN DID IT” was spliced into pivotal key frames.

The most recent example Mr. Johnson is aware of occurred halfway through Disney’s blockbuster “Beauty and the Beast.”

“I believe the subliminal content was removed after two weeks. But by that time, the majority of movie-goers had already seen the film. The message lasted but for a millisecond. It read ‘do not worry about Nibiru. There is no planet X’. I ask myself now—if this thing isn’t real—why is the government doing this? Something is wrong here, very wrong.”

In closing, since receiving this information, I have submitted three requests to the FCC, asking it to comment on the allegations. Unsurprisingly, I received no replies. Personally, I had hoped that President Trump’s ascension to the white house would end the most sinister cover-up in the history of humankind, but that has not happened. Whether he is complicit, I do not know. He may just be a pawn in the grand political scheme. In any event, we, as concerned citizens, must demand accountability—we deserve the complete, unaltered truth.

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  • matt janovic

    Guys, this is a magnificent intelligence coup!

    I always wondered how was it that i believed that Nibiru is nonsense, while so many smart people had concluded that it’s there. And here come the Bones, to dispel my cognitive dissonance.

    Thanks, Bones!

    • BogeyJoeSr

      Don’t know if I was victim of attempted programming, but believe I’ve argued with those that have been, lol. Bones, your stories amaze me. Partnership with Infowars would expand followers. Probably news content as well. Thank you

    • شيء من الماضي

      But when exactly will Nibiru come?

      • BogeyJoeSr

        Birdman I would suggest you listen to David Meade’s investigative interpretation of the Nibiru timeline. He quite convincingly determined Oct 1-10,2017. But keep ignoring it. Buy Beach property.

        • شيء من الماضي

          Thanks for the answer