Happy Nibiru New Year From Someone’s Bones

Just wanted to take a moment to wish our esteemed readers a happy, Nibiru-free new year. With any luck, the impending Nibiru apocalypse will be delayed and allow us a peaceful 2017. Unfortunately, Nibiru isn’t the only calamity threatening to extinguish life on this blue pearl we call Earth. A disgraced Barrack Obama is trying to incite war with Russia. A potential conflict with China looms in the distance. Disputes over geographical hot spots like Syria and Ukraine have edged the world closer to a nuclear war.

We feel we’ve accomplished a lot over the last year, delivering urgent news and information others have chosen to ignore. We’ve published 135 original stories on the dark star and its planets. The Washington Post nominated us “Best Nibiru News Site of 2016.”

Additionally, our investigative team ferreted our credible Nibiru whistle-blowers, people like Dr. Ronald Shimshuck, Dr. Ethan Trowbridge, Professor Schwartzbaum, Russian astronomer  Dyomin Damir Zakharovich, Madame Rosemary, Herbert Allen, and others.

Because we are a website focused on writing and investigative journalism, and because we eschew the so-called lens flare Nibiru photographs that litter other outlets, we are often targeted by disinformation specialists looking to commercially peddle their own versions of Nibiru news.

In our pursuit of truth, we’ve endured countless hacking and denial of service attacks.

Regardless, we remain committed to the cause. We aim to double our efforts in 2017, by providing exclusive stories on Nibiru and other topics of global importance.

We sincerely hope our readers will follow along, taking the journey with us.



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  • InsideScoop

    Keep up the good work

  • AbdielSchwitzer

    So much lies more in 2017