Hillary Clinton Clones Walk The Earth

Last Wednesday, within a four-hour timespan, disgraced presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was spotted in three states, thousands of miles apart, fueling speculation that an army of Clinton clones or robots now walks the earth and that the real Hillary Clinton either is dead or hiding in a Deep State underground bunker.

At approximately 1:00 PM UTC, a journalist with the Washington Beacon photographed Clinton and her co-conspirator, Barack Hussein

Obama, dining at a posh Chicago eatery. Less than an hour later, Clinton magically appeared near her Chappaqua, NY mansion, where she signed a fan’s copy of her manifesto What Happened? in which she blamed Donald Trump and working-class Americans for her 2016 presidential defeat. Two hours later, Clinton was in California attending a Democratic fundraiser. She gave an hour-long sermon during which she blamed Trump’s failed environmental policies for causing the California wildfires.

Politicization aside, there is no plausible way—short of teleportation—Clinton could have travelled from Chicago to New York to California in a few hours, not even aboard the fastest military jets. Whether clone or robot, Clinton has an uncanny knack for simultaneously showing up at multiple venues. In fact, a similar occurrence happened on Friday.  At 2:00 PM EST, witnesses at JFK international airport saw Clinton boarding a flight to Heathrow; at the same time, she entertained a troupe of affluent financial backers at a hotel in Sarasota, Florida.

Based on these facts, three distinct possibilities exist: robots, clones, or an unfathomable number of body doubles. Speaking exclusively to Nibiru News/Someonesbones.com, Dr. Peter Gaskell, a robotics professor at the University of Michigan, said recent advancements in cybernetic and artificial intelligence technologies are able to produce lifelike robotic variants of human beings.

“The actual person serves as a template. The robots are programmed to near perfection. There are irregularities and imperfections, but essentially the artificial entity speaks, talks, walks, and acts like the host template. At a distance, they are undistinguishable, but when viewed closely robotic characteristics become obvious. It’s still a new field, and sometimes artificial life forms do not behave as intended,” Dr. Gaskell said, alluding to a recent incident in which a Hillary Clinton cyborg short circuited at a music festival in Central Park.

However, Dr. Bograv Vasilievich, a Russian geneticist at Moscow’s Lomonosov University, said that Clinton has been genetically rereproduced and that clones, not robots, account for the majority of Clinton sightings. He argues that contrary to scientific dogma, cloning a human is no more difficult than cloning a fly.

“Russia, China, and the United States perfected cloning technology a long time ago. Each nation has cloning centers. Putin has clones, Trump has clones, and yes even the witch Hillary Clinton has clones walking around. One day the average person might bump into his own clone, but right now the process is reserved for persons of political importance. Therefore, if an assignation attempt comes, they get the clone instead of the genuine article. Though one day the clone will supplant its genetic host. They are perfect carbon copies and can be molded to any purpose,” Professor Vasilievich said.

The paramount question is why anyone would want more than one Hillary Clinton plaguing God’s green earth. In this reporter’s opinion, one Clinton is one too many. But, the Deep State has its own nefarious agenda. Perhaps they don’t want the Clinton legacy to perish, and intend for her—or one of her Simulacrums—to rule the Earth in the aftermath of whatever disaster befalls our planet.

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