Hillary Clinton: “I’ll Lock Trump Up When I’m President.”

Disgraced presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said on Sunday that she would prosecute Donald Trump for treason if she wins the 2020 election; bolstering insider claims that her growing hatred of the sitting president has strengthened her unquenchable thirst for power. In an interview with Recode’s Kara Swisher, however, Clinton said “I’d like to be president” but intended to wait on midterm results before announcing another bid for the presidency.

Her confliction is no surprise. In 2016 Clinton told a consortium of Wall Street Bankers that she was two-faced and had a public and a private position on nearly every imaginable topic. Her public words and actions are drastically different then her private discourse when in the company of trusted aids and allies. Although she often uses crafted scripts and teleprompter messages to fulminate against Trump’s policies, her confidential rhetoric is vile enough to make a seasoned porn star blush.

A former Clinton aid speaking anonymously said the following:

“At her Chappaqua home she has a dartboard with a picture of Trump over the bulls eye, and she and Chelsea throw darts at it, aiming for the face or groin. She is obsessed by Trump. She drops so many F-bombs you’d think it’s the only word in her vocabulary. She wants rematch, and is convinced she can defeat him  if they square off again. She hates all things Trump, including his family,” our source said.

According to our source, Clinton has called Ivanka “a manipulative little daddy’s girl” and Tiffini Trump “a dirty slut.” She said Melania was a gold-digger and that Donald paid for her American citizenship, a perplexing statement from someone who platformed in favor of open borders. What’s more, Clinton suggested Trump’s twelve year-old son, Barron, be imprisoned with his father to prevent the child from attaining future prestige or political prominence.  “Like father, like son,” Hillary purportedly quipped.

At a Sunday luncheon with financial backers, Clinton said she would fulfill a pledge to incarcerate Trump if she wins the Oval Office, referencing the “Lock her up!” chant that followed Trump’s campaign trail after the second presidential debate. “The difference between him and me is that I will actually do it. He will go to jail for treason and crimes against America,” Clinton said.

A current Clinton aid, Philippe Reines, told Politico “it’s not impossible that the United States gets a rematch election in 2020. Yes, there seems to be a chance President Donald Trump could see a familiar foe come his bid for re-election.”

For now, the midterms remain her focal point. She has embarked on an exhaustive fundraising campaign, hoping Democrats can seize control of the House and the Senate. Should that transpire, the nation would see much more of Clinton, our source said.

“Clinton will probably play a gambit, meaning that even if the Democrats win either or both houses, she will wait until the very last moment to throw her hat in the ring. She’ll wait until Trump expends his resources preparing to defeat another candidate, and then, at the deadline, she’ll try to catch him off guard by announcing her candidacy,” our source explained.

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