Hot Musket Leaker Arrested

Last week we exclusively reported that the Department of Defense sought the arrest of three enlisted soldiers believed to be responsible for leaking information on a covert government plan to militarize the southern border. Now, we have learned that one soldier has been arrested, and the DoD has intensified its manhunt for the two remaining suspects.

Although the incarcerated soldier’s name has not been released,  a high-ranking White House source provided incendiary details on his capture and on charges he will likely face for violating a sworn oath to the United States Armed Forces.

He said the soldier was an E-4 assigned to the 25th Infantry Division, stationed Schofield Barracks in Hawaii. On November 4 he received deployment orders instructing him to depart immediately for Fort Hood, Texas. On arriving at his destination, he was told he would be stationed at the border and tasked with guarding classified equipment against attacks from potential enemy combatants. The base’s commanding officer issued an edict: tell neither friends nor family the nature of the operation. Despite orders to surrender cell phones, the soldier somehow smuggled one to his station and contacted his father, a retired Marine Corp gunnery sergeant, telling him that the U.S. Army had amassed enough troops, tanks, and artillery to repel an invading army.

“He also told his father he was guarding top-secret microwave weapons. His father is the one who turned him in, apparently feeling it was patriotic duty. He notified the Army Criminal Investigation Division (CID) and told them his son had shared info on Hot Musket,” our source said.

Moreover, the soldier purportedly transmitted photographs of sensitive hardware to both his father and his wife in Hawaii.

On November 22, Thanksgiving Day, two CID agents remanded him into custody and read his Article 31 right as per UCMJ guidelines.  They transported him in shackles to Ft. Leavenworth, where  he is purportedly being held in solitary confinement while the military finishes drawing up an extensive list of crimes with which to charge him.

“They’re will make an example of him. He’s essentially been found guilty already, and any trial is merely a formality. They’ve already charged him with Articles 90, 92, 98 and, oddly, 104—aiding and abetting the enemy. They’re even thinking about indicting him under the Patriot Act. This kid’ll never again see the light of day. But as they say, let the punishment fit the crime,” our source said.

He feels it’s only a matter of time before the two remaining suspects are identified and caught. The DoD and the CID have devoted substantial resources toward unmasking any military personal who unlawfully babbled about Hot Musket.

“It’s not a matter of if they’re caught. It is a matter of when. To some these guys are heroes; to others—criminals. I guess history will decide,” our source said.

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