Idlib Province in Syria Infested with Anunnaki

A Monday Ministry of Defense Report addressed to Vladimir Putin claims Russian Special Services have identified six new pockets of Anunnaki dwelling within a one hundred kilometer radius of Aleppo. The alien invaders, the report stated, entrenched themselves in a network of cavernous chambers deep beneath the earth that were apparently freshly drilled using some type of direct energy boring technology. The MoD is convinced the intruders are Anunnaki because the villainous creatures match previously established descriptions of the hideous creatures: three-to-six meter tall beasts, lanky with translucent skin and elongated skulls filled with razor-sharp teeth.

On 10 February, a Russian Special Forces detachment hunting ISIS freedom fighters stumbled upon a thirty-foot dimeter tunnel that descended over 250 feet underground. The Spetznas used seismic sensors and ultraviolet detection gear—since the Anunnaki can mask infrared signatures—to determine the depth of the tunnel and the number of inhabitants occupying a vermin nest three miles south of Mansoura.  They identified seventy-five life signs in just one pocket.

Although that team made no attempt to engage the Anunnaki, a second Special Services squad patrolling the perimeter of Aleppo encountered a hostile group of Anunnaki insurgents that, according to the MoD memo, immediately attacked them with plasma-type weapons and energy spears. Three Russian soldiers were vaporized, and another two were skewered like shish kabob by the barbed energy lances.  The serving forces said they believed a battalion of Anunnaki had taken up residence in the area.

“These encounters are nothing new; the Anunnaki have always favored inhabiting war-torn regions of perpetual conflict. But they have been dormant for a while, and now they are resurfacing and seem to be very angry at anyone who approaches what they think is their domain. Contrary to some fake news reports, President Putin still wages war on them and will not rest until every Anunnaki is killed or leaves the planet. But the battle does not go well,” our source said.

His comment references a recent report suggesting Putin had surrendered and promised to give the Anunnaki not only Russia’s gold reserves but also hard currency he had pilfered from other nations. Putin vehemently denied such accusations and said he would expend his last living breath fighting the Anunnaki, wherever and whenever they surfaced on the globe. He has purportedly diverted sixty-five percent of Russia’s annual defense budget toward eliminating the Anunnaki plague.

If true, Putin’s efforts may be for naught, as Russian intelligence indicates the Anunnaki are multiplying exponentially. Where there were eight, there are now sixty four. Where there were sixty four, there are now 256. And so on.

“Like others before me have said, you slay one Anunnaki and more return. Why the’ve regrouped in Syria we are not sure, but this area has always been a hotbed of alien activity. All we can do it try to keep them at bay and maybe stop them from spreading outward, but with their teleportation technology that would be impossibly, too,” our source said.

On a grim note, the Russian memo posits that specialists from the Metzgoya extraterrestrial research outpost have calculated only a seven percent chance of defeating the Anunnaki unless earthly governments cease fighting each other and unite to destroy the extraterrestrial species that threaten our planet.

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