Interview with Anunnaki Whistle-Blower, Part II

The following is a transcript of Part II of my interview with former KGB/FSB agent Strelnikov Isaac Stepanovich. The video is located on our YT channel.

Michael: Hello, Strelnikov, it’s a pleasure to speak with you again.

Strelnikov: My pleasure, Mike. I am happy to have this opportunity to share information with your listening audience.

Michael: Very good.  Before we get started, I want to do a brief recap of our last conversation. If anyone listening did not hear my first interview with Strelnikov, the link is in the description box below. Strelnikov, when last we spoke you provided some truly shocking information on the Anunnaki.  You said Russia has known of them for many years, that Russian forces have had several skirmishes with them, and after sometime Russia developed weapons that can kill or wound Anunnaki. At the closing of our last conversation, you said an Anunnaki emissary approached President Putin with an ultimatum. Could we start right there.

Strelnikov: Yes, Mike, sure. Like I said, this villonious race has ability to instantaneously transport from one location to another via nexus of portals that only they can see. Anunnaki appeared near the MoD and demanded to speak with President Putin. I am foggy on some details but what I know is this: arrangements were made between Putin and the Anunnaki to meet at Putin’s mansion on the Black Sea coast near the village of Praskoveevka

Strelnikov: At this meeting the Anunnaki delivered the ultimatum. Leave us alone, we’ll leave you alone, or else perish with the rest of the world…

Mike: I’m confused. Are you saying the Anunnaki essentially offered Putin peace in exchange for, shall we say, agreeing to participate in a non-intervention agreement?

Strelnikov: Something like that, but it’s much more shocking. The Anunnaki told him that in exchange for not interfering with their plans, they would leave Russia alone and not even set foot on Russian soil without explicit permission. The Anunnaki also said they would tell Putin how to survive Nibiru passing through the solar system. On the other hand, if Putin refused the offer, the Anunnaki said Russia would be the first to fall and its people would be enslaved, taken as food, or be outright killed by Nibiru.

Mike: Holy smokes. Assuming that to be true, it’s hard to imagine why Putin declined.

Strelnikov: Because, Mike, Putin does not trust them. He may be an optimist but he is not stupid. He figured the Anunnaki would dishonor any agreement. These creatures are devilish and manipulative. So Putin told them no, go away, we do want you here. He told leave the planet and never come back. You know what the Anunnaki told him?

Mike: I’m hoping you’ll tell me.

Strelnikov: The Anunnaki told Putin Earth is their planet, not ours, that they seeded Earth with strands of life and grew us in a giant petri dish. Humans, the Anunnaki said, belong to them. And they every 3600 years, give or take, they return to harvest.

Mike: Harvest what?

Strelnikov: Us. We are little more than food and slave labor to them.

Mike: Theological repercussions aside, that is a frightening thought to comprehend. How did the Anunnaki respond to Putin’s answer?

Strelnikov: The Anunnaki said “you’ve been warned” and left.

Mike: And yet no massive Anunnaki force has invaded Russia.

Strelnikov: At least not yet.

Mike: One thing I really don’t understand—if the Anunnaki have the ability to instantly travel anywhere they want, why haven’t they sent a brigade of soldiers into Moscow. If the Anunnaki who wanted to speak to Putin materialized near the MoD, obviously the have these portals in Russia already.

Strelnikov: For every answer we know, there are two we do not. It is possible the gates can accommodate only a certain number of Anunnaki before needing a recharge. We just don’t have all the answers. But keep in mind the Anunnaki do not just attack militarily…they work behind the scenes, evil machinations with human beings corrupted by Anunnaki’s sinister agendas. If they can infilitrate government positions and influence laws, they need not show up with gun’s blazing.

Mike: Does Putin believe the Anunnaki have infiltrated the Russian government.

Strelnikov: No. But he believes other nations have been compromised.

Mike: For instance?

Strelnikov: Yours.

Mike: Putin believes the Anunnaki have insinuated themselves in the White House?

Strelnikov: Not sure about now. But under Obama administration many Anunnaki roamed the White House corridors. I really don’t have more information on that.

Mike: Ok..let’s take a step in a different direction. According to you, Russian forces have clashed at least six times with Anunnaki, resulting in many deaths on both sides. Where is the photographic or video evidence of the engagements? People like me, and others, who report on this topic take big hits to our credibility because we don’t have that hard evidence. I’m sure it must exist in an era where soldiers have body cams. So there should be footage or pictures of Anunnaki corpses.

Strelnikov: Yes, Mike, I realize this is big problem. Any footage is classified at the most secret level. Even I have not seen it. Does it exist? Probably yes. Keep in mind the lack thereof also affects my credibility yet I share what I can. As to corpses of Anunnaki—there are none. The Anunnaki biology is most strange. They’re insides contain a corrosive bile that, at the time of death, literally dissolves both endo and exoskeleton. Only skulls have been known to survive this process, and photographs of Anunnaki head bones are on internet.

Mike: I’ve known you now for, what, fifteen years? And I absolutely believe you are giving the possible information to which you have been exposed. However, as a journalist  I must question nearly everything. You’ve mentioned Anunnaki use plasma based weapons and energy spears, and that their bodies liquefy at time of death. These are conventions of two popular American science fiction franchises, specifically Predator and Alien series. It seems a bit convenient for the Anunnaki to mimic these fictional inventions.

Strelnikov: Michael, the margin, or level of separation, between fiction and reality is very narrow. I have never seen these movies. I do not like movies. But the technologies used by the Anunnaki are real and are deadly. Ministry of defense worked tirelessly to understand their technology and find a way to counter it.

Mike: You previously said, to your knowledge, other nations do not take the Anunnaki threat seriously. It’s been suggested that Trump and Putin are in a secret alliance to defeat them. And that all the current rabid anti-Russian sentiment circulating among the west is all a dog and pony show to distract people. What say you?

Strelnikov: Michael I wish this to be true. I wish your American President would take this threat as seriously as does President Putin. I have seen no evidence showing cooperation between them. If they are working together, Michael, then  the roués is so elaborate that even President Putin doesn’t know he’s working with Trump to fight Anunnaki’s.

Mike: So you’re saying it’s not true.

Strelnikov: That’s what I said.

Mike: do you think Putin stands a chance of winning this war on his own?

Strelnikov: What I think doesn’t matter, Mike.

Mike: Then that’s a no.

Strelnikov: I didn’t say that. Please don’t put words in my mouth.

Mike: Sorry about that. Let’s veer in a different direction. When it comes to the Anuunaki, they’ve been described looking in many different ways. Giants 7-15 feet talk. Tan skin. Transulent skin. Some even say they shimmer in and out of existence. Bipedal. I’ve even heard some reports of quadrapedal Anunnaki. Does your government have idea why reports vary so widely.

Strelnikov: Yes, Mike. The Anunnaki breed with other races, and not just humans. The offspring are hybrid monsters inheriting traits from the male Anunnaki and the female of whatever species it impregnated. This accounts for the discrepancies. Make no mistake, the Anunnaki genes are the dominant ones and even half breeds are deadly and dangerous and as much a threat to Earth as a full-blooded Anunnaki.

Mike: Wow. I assume the females are not willing participants.

Strelnikov: Correct. They are victims of the Anunnaki genetic experimentation process.

Mike: Any idea how many races they’ve mingled with?

Strelnikov: This I do not know. But more than just humans. I have to go now Mike. I have emergency. We talk soon.

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