Is America Great?

I’m writing this brief essay in response to a caller who a few nights ago dialed into Nibiru News. One listener, Alex from the Netherlands, suggested that Americans proactively take steps to thwart government encroachment on civil liberties, citing the recent “yellow vest movement” that has swelled across parts of Europe. In response to Alex’s call, a commenter wrote—and I’m paraphrasing—“America is the greatest country in the world, and anyone who doesn’t appreciate the nation ought to get the blank out.”

This begs the question: Is America truly great. In the global stew pot in which we live, there are certainly far worse environments than the United States. I certainly would not wish to live under Venezuela’s oppressive regime or in a fourth-world nation where people fight and claw at one another to obtain fresh drinking water or a few slices of bread; where speaking negatively on one’s government is ground for imprisonment. For most Americans, this scenario has yet to unfold, and looms in the distance.

I’d argue America is not great, not in the way our forefathers or the Framers of the constitution expected our nation to evolve. The erosion of the Constitution and  the Bill of Rights have for decades chipped away at civil liberties and compromised, among other things, our right to privacy. Free speech is constantly attacked, as evidenced by an unrelenting assault on alternative media outlets that challenge mainstream narrative. The moral majority, partly due to ignorance, is jawboned, cajoled, and wheedled into believing only what is said on CNN, while alternative broadcasters are financially crippled, demonized, and discredited. Despite the president’s war on the MSM—an act for which I commend him—most Americans still blindly adhere to fictitious mainstream news.

We live in a society in which every aspect of our existence is catalogued and chronicled by alphabet letter agencies hell-bent on knowing who we’re talking to, where we are, where we are going, what we’re spending money on, and what we might be saying that threatens an agenda to eradicate or enslave law-abiding persons. We cannot leave our homes without being spied upon by a forest of menacingly Orwellian cameras that track not only our facial features but also our gait. Our homes are no longer sanctuary, as tools we use to communicate—webcams, phones, home improvement technology—are turned against us.

We dwell in a nation with abysmal healthcare—only the filthy rich and the impoverished have access to reliable medical treatment. The wealthy have illustrious insurance plans or can afford to pay out-of-pocket expenses. The financially destitute receive free care through Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act, a.k.a. “Obamacare”. The working poor, the so-called middle class, is burdened with egregious deductibles and restrictions on what treatments they can receive. The pharmaceutical companies and insurance carriers have conspired to keep drug costs so high that many people are forced to choose between purchasing needed medications or putting food on their tables.

We reside in a nation too eager to fill prisons. The United States has a higher incarceration rate than does any other nation in the world. Currently, over 2 million people sit in jail or prison, many over benign drug charges, or simply unreliable legal counsel. Prison is a booming business, with eight federal prisons currently under construction, at the taxpayers’ expense. Make no mistake, I am not advocating turning violent felons loose on America’s streets, but everyday citizens are jailed for non-violent, victimless crimes, such as smoking a joint or being caught with a dime bag in your pocket. A truly progressive and great nation would end this madness, nationally.

We live in a nation beholden and in debt to other countries. Rather than govern itself, Washington receives instructions from the United Kingdom and Israel. China has insidiously been allowed to purchase large swaths of the country. Chinese interests will soon own the Chrysler Building, an iconic New York City structure. Our government has permitted, and even encouraged, foreign powers to bid on entire towns, cities, and, yes, states. Our nation’s gold is gone, and the national deficit hovers at $984 billion dollars. We’re lied to about the state of the economy, told that income is on the rise and that more people are in the workforce now than at any other point in decades. The government perpetuates this lie to lull people into false sense of security, so they’ll spend money they think they have—but really don’t.

This being said, I’ve only scratched the surface of problems that prevent this nation from being truly great. We’re still poisoned from above, lied to about anything and everything—transparency is a figment of the imagination. The state of public education is horrendous, designed to confuse rather than teach.  Our president is pushing a 5G global initiative, perhaps unaware of the disastrous side effects on human physiology. The list goes on.

I do not lay full blame on the president, Trump or his predecessors. A president’s power has eternally been overestimated. As I’ve said before, when a president first sits in the Oval Office he receives a visit from three strangers in black suits—the deep state—who explain what the president will be allowed and not allowed to accomplish during his term. I believe this is why the criminals Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama still walk among us, contrary to wild rumors surfacing every few months claiming they’ve been shuttled off to GITMO.

Regardless of the cause, the question remains “is America great?” I say not in the way it should be. I’d still rather live here than in a faraway land, but the greatness of America—or any nation, for that matter—should always be objectively scrutinized.

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