Khashoggi Murdered over Potential Nibiru Disclosure

On October 2 Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi was abducted from the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey and subsequently murdered in what the Saudi Arabian government has called an “interrogation gone wrong.” He was brutally tortured and assassinated, and his assailants, a 15-man Saudi hit squad, dismembered his body and allegedly delivered his severed fingers to Mohammad bin Salman as evidence that the mission was successful.

The most posited theory behind the crime is that Khashoggi, who fled Saudi Arabia in 2017, publically criticized King Salmon’s overly enthusiastic relationship with President Trump. Khashoggi also published scathing articles sharply criticizing the Saudi government, King Salman, and Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman. While these facts unreasonably explain why the Saudis wanted him dead, they do not tell the whole story and fail to address the paramount reason Khashoggi had to be eliminated: he had uncovered a conspiracy so damning that revelation would have ripped the fabric of civilization.

Either by accident or by intent, Khashoggi leaned that some of Saudi Arabia’s wealthiest individuals had paid western contractors in the United States and Europe hundreds of millions of dollars and euros to construct deep underground survival shelters capable of withstanding a nuclear onslaught or, more interesting, a meteor, an asteroid, or a planetoid strike upon the Earth.

In April, Khashoggi was working articles that probed financial misconduct among Saudi Arabia’s most affluent personalities. He obtained financial records of Saudi businessman Saleh Abdullah Kamel, whose net worth exceeds two billion United States Dollars. On July 7, 2013, Kamel made a $43,000,000 down payment to Alpine Bau Deutschland, a prominent German construction firm, to build a 15,000 square-foot “facility” on the outskirts of Wildflecken, a remote German village in northern Bavaria. Alpine Bau quoted a final estimate of $216,000,000, eclipsing the value of the Playboy Mansion in Beverley Hills. Khashoggi must have known something was amiss, as the German wilderness seemed an implausible retirement locale for a Saudi billionaire.

We spoke to a Post reporter and former Khashoggi colleague who shed light on the deceased’s investigation.

“Kemel’s banking records were a stepping stone for him. Khashoggi suspected a handful of billionaires were spending money even faster than a billionaire should, and he initially believed the money was being laundered to fund radical Islamic terrorist groups. The survival bunker thing caught him off guard. He did contact Alpine Bau. The first two times they refused to talk to him, citing a non-disclosure agreement. The third time he called, an Alpine Bau employee apparently unaware of the NDA blabbed that Kemel’s contract called for construction of a subterranean complex that was completed in June 2016. Armed with this info, he wanted to know where other billionaires were dumping their money. He thought there might be a connection; boy was right,” our source said.

In May, Khashoggi discovered that in 2015 Saudi real estate mogul Fawaz Alhokeir had wired $165,000,000 from an offshore Cayman Islands trading account to Balfour Beatty, a London contractor that operates in eighty countries and employs 40,000 workers. Additional payments of $16,000,000 each were deposited at regular intervals for eighteen months following the initial transaction.

Posing as an Alhokeir family member, Khashoggi milked confidential details from a Balfour Beatty engineer. Alhokeir had paid for a self-contained, Nibiru-proof facility able to house comfortably eighteen persons for five years, constructed of titanium-reinforced ferrocement and steel, located in Brazil.

In August Khashoggi hit pay dirt. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salmon had discretely invested a small fortune in preparation for a coming apocalypse. Rather than simply hire contractors, Prince Salmon went a step further by spending 5.3 billion dollars for controlling interest in Saudi Amana Contracting, a Saudi construction firm with experience in subterranean excavation, and a minority interest in Los Angeles-based Bechtel Corp., arguably the world’s largest, wealthiest engineering firm.

“Khashoggi purportedly unearthed documents proving that from 2013-2017 Salmon leveraged these firms into building underground shelters in at least three different locations across Eastern Europe. I believe he had the geographical coordinates to at least some of these places and intended to visit them with his own eyes. The implication is clear: he figured out these people are aware of forthcoming disaster and took steps to protect themselves. I believe he was in the last stages of gathering evidence before going public. They did not allow that to happen,” our source said.

What’s more, in 2018 Prince Salmon sold his stock in both companies, at considerable profit.

Weather Nibiru or another future calamity, Khashoggi’s murder illustrates the ongoing danger to whistle-blowers in possession of factual Planet X data, whereas persons spreading disinformation are aiding and abetting the government’s obfuscation program.

Incidentally, Khashoggi’s life could have been saved; ten days prior to his disappearance, the CIA intercepted chatter outlining the Saudi’s plan to nab-and-grab Khashoggi. However, neither Washington nor Riyadh could permit a dissident journalist to spoil their decades-long conspiracy, no matter what the cost.

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