Kim Jung-un Asks Trump for DEW Technology; Trump Walks Out

Nuclear disarmament talks between President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jung-un disintegrated Wednesday when the two leaders failed to reach a compromise on denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.  A White House spokesperson said Wednesday night that Trump walked out of the meeting because Jung-on wanted to dismantle only a small percentage of his nuclear arsenal in exchange for an outright, immediate lift on all economic sanctions imposed on his country.

Our Washington source, however, says the White House is telling half-truths and that President Trump abandoned talks only after Jung-un made what Trump felt were unreasonable and reckless demands. 

“From what we’re learning, Kim Jung-un never intended to surrender his nuclear assets for sanction relief.  That was a red herring. He allegedly gave Trump a counter-proposal: He said he’d destroy his full complement of nukes and cease his uranium enrichment program if Trump gave him access to American Direct Energy Weapon (D.E.W.) technology,” our source said.

“Like what was used in California,” Jung-un purportedly quipped.

His referencing the recent California blaze suggests he is aware of or suspects that Direct Energy Weapons ignited the inferno, as has been alleged by researchers and survivors whose homes were instantly incinerated.

Trump denied knowledge of such technology, our source added, and told Jung-un neither he nor the United States would be blackmailed by an overly ambitious child with a distorted sense of reality.

:”I could have already crushed you if I’d wanted to. My deal is non-negotiable. You can’t out deal me. I wrote Art of the Deal,” Trump allegedly said, to which Jung-un replied, “If you won’t give it to me, someone else is,” obviously alluding to China.

But our source believes Jung-un would have approached China long before asking the United States for DEW technology.

After the summit, Washington and the President downplayed signs of tension. Trump signaled he intended to spend more time with the North Korean Leader and a White House said Trump was disheartened at the lack of an agreement but would resume negotiations under the right circumstances.

“It’s a lot of spin,” our source said. “Sure they took photos and shook hands—public face stuff. But what was said in private directly contradicts any notion of friendliness between them. And if they released an official transcript, it would mean admitting that DEW technology is real and actively used,” our source said. That any nation employs DEW technology, an umbrella term for lasers, plasma-based weapons, molecular disruption technology, acoustic weapons, and frequency-based delivery mechanisms, is a frightening thought to comprehend.

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