Mark of the Beast: Biochip RFID Implants Coming Soon

Every human on Earth will have an RFID chip Implanted beneath his skin if Sweden’s Biohax Corporation fulfills its vision of “making human life simpler” across the globe, says an employee who claims the company’s leadership has been dishonest as to how the chip functions, the number of current successful implants, and the long-term physical danger of having a foreign object embedded in the body.

Biohax claims 4,000 volunteers—all Swedes—have been micro chipped since the company began marketing the pill-sized implant in 2016. Biohax touts the benefits: it can open secure doors, shop online, link a person’s digital identity to the physical identity, and save lives, because a person’s medical history follows him wherever he goes. The procedure costs $180 and is no more painful than penicillin shot, a Biohax spokesperson said.

Our source, however, said two recipients got more pain than they bargained for when implants malfunctioned, causing severe injuries, facts Biohax conveniently ensconced thanks to an intricate indemnification agreement that “holds the company harmless” if a recipient’s body rejects the implant or it causes an allergic reaction.  The two aforementioned recipients had one hell of an allergic reaction, our source said.

In July 2017, Swedish work-hub Epicenter—that represents 100 companies and 2,000 workers—encouraged its workforce to accept the controversial microchip. Halvar Karlsson, a 45 year-old assembly line worker with 20 years on the job, had the chip implanted in his left shoulder. One week later the chip inexplicably malfunctioned, and his shoulder burst into flames; he suffered third-degree burns and was fired from his job, as he could no longer perform his duties.

In December 2017, Vidda Johansson, also an Epicenter employee, has a chip implanted in her right thumb. Three months later, the chip exploded, and her hand  amputated above the wrist.

“The victims received little restitution. They had to settle out of course because of paperwork they signed prior to the chipping. It indemnifies Biohax and its partners from litigation or third-party arbitration. They were compelled to sign NDAs instructing them never to discuss what had happened. And this is just the tip of the iceberg,” our source said.

He said Biohax has quietly exported over 250,000 units to foreign nations, including France, Germany, and the United States.

“Anyone with a RFID tag can be monitored in real-time, wherever they are. Just like GPS on your cell phone. Except now it follows you everywhere. You can’t switch it off. There is a global initiative to chip as many people as possible,” our source said.

Several companies in the United States have mulled over enacting mandatory chipping of their employees. Amazon honcho Jeff Bezos is a microchip proponent and has lobbied in favor of having Amazon’s workforce chipped, claiming the technology would allow managers to better understand a subordinate’s work habits.  Apple CEO Tim Cook and Google Vice President David Drummond have made similar arguments.

Even some physicians in the United States are encouraging patients to accept the chips. On a patient questionnaire, Dr. William Harden of Redding, CA Medical Group asks new patients they will voluntarily take an RFID injection. A prospective patient of his asking not to be named said the following:

“When I said no, the staff tried to bully me into getting the chip. They said eventually everyone was gonna have it and that we needed it for our own safety and protection. They pretty much said I was gonna get it if I wanted it or not. This went on for about fifteen minutes. When it became perfectly clear to me that the doctor wouldn’t even see me until I consented, I walked right out of that office,” she said.

Fortunately every cloud has a silver lining; a few states—California and Missouri—have implemented legislation that forbids compulsory implants. But that statute is being challenged by nefarious parties that claim microchips do not violate privacy laws and will ultimately improve quality of life on Earth.


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