Martial Law before Nibiru

The government will announce Martial Law and route unruly citizens into established FEMA camps in advance of Nibiru’s arrival, says our Washington source, a former Secret Service agent who served three different presidential administrations. The Deep State, he says, has devised a plan to silence unrest, disarm potential threats, and exterminate with extreme prejudice any civilian or dissident military foes that might compromise its plans for guaranteeing continuity of government once Nibiru becomes undeniably visible in the skies.

FEMA camps, he says, have been created specifically to incarcerate and imprison rebellious persons seeking to overthrow or subvert the government once it is no longer able to deny Nibiru is real and will likely eradicate most life on the planet. The authorities, he asserts, enacted this plan more than three decades ago, improving on it over time, planning for the day Nibiru would ravage the Earth.

“This idea has been a long time in the making,” our source said, “and there is little you or I can do about it. They have prepared for every possible contingency; the machinations have been working overtime to ensure that no one or nothing will compromise their ability to survive the Nibiru disaster. They don’t care about you are me—they care about protecting themselves at all costs, all our priorities are secondary. There is nothing Trump can do to stop this—they prepared for this long ago.”

The Deep State, he insists, has taken measures to ensure no president can resist its will; despite President Trump’s good intentions, elements of the shadow government have devised a plot to deal with him should he resist capitulating its demands. Trump, who has expressed a desire to warn the world about the Nibiru realities, will be deposed, captured, or killed if he comprises plans to enslave society. Most intelligence agencies, our source says, are still loyal to former president Barrack Hussein Obama, one of the most diabolical conspirators involved in perpetuating the Nibiru cover-up.

“If Trump doesn’t go along with the plan, he will be removed from office, his presidency will be invalidated, and Obama will be named the de facto president,” our source said. “Obama has planned this all along. He just purchased for eight point one million dollars the mansion he had been renting in Washington. Even now, a doomsday bunker is being built beneath its foundation, to protect him and his family.

Obama, he says, personally approved the construction of two hundred FEMA camps across the country, each one capable of housing, in extremely crowded and inhumane conditions, over five thousand law-abiding American citizens. He even signed a secret executive order authorizing federal authorities to detain and imprison persons refusing to surrender their firearms, homes, assets, gold, and other valuables in times of peril.

But Obama’s overconfidence, our source says, might be his undoing; the military sides with Trump and is unlikely to wage war against a population seeking to survive a cosmic crisis.

“Obama, Clinton, and their people—and by their people I mean the Illuminait—want to ride out Nibiru and emerge from it unscathed, and then enslave whatever remains of humankind. By throwing many of us in FEMA camps, they know we will be killed by Nibiru, making it easier for them to form their idea of the future once Nibiru spins away from us, so they can build the world anew according to their liking.”

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