Mattis Sold Trump Out

On December 20, Secretary of Defense Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis submitted to President Trump a letter of resignation, stating that February 28 would mark his last day in a highly coveted position that had essentially solidified him as Trump’s right-hand man, even more so than Vice President Pence. From the moment he assumed office, Mattis was instrumental in Trump’s decision-making process; the president relied on the Marine veteran’s expertise across a broad spectrum of defense initiatives, from Trump’s April 2017 cruise missile strike on an abandoned Syrian airfield to seeking advice on how best to reinforce the nation’s southern border. They dined together and attended diplomatic functions together, and Mattis was a frequent guest at the president’s Mar-a-Lago estate. By all accounts, they should have been best friends. Yet, there were plenty of rifts in their relationship.

In his resignation letter, Mattis clearly expressed ambiguous feelings toward his boss. He lauded Trump’s accomplishments while politely lambasting his decision to make amends with North Korea, play nice with China and Russia, and refuse a suggestion to launch a full-scale military strike against Tehran.

The administration made it seem as though Mattis resigned of his volition, sans Oval Office pressure. Our source, a White House insider with intricate knowledge of the president’s day-to-day operations, claims President Trump demanded Mattis’s resignation after discovering that he had authored a scathing anti-Trump Op-Ed that appeared in the New York Times on September 5. The anonymously published hit piece criticized every aspect of Trump’s presidency—calling Trump a “man child”—and intoned that a cadre of West Wing insiders was diligently working to save America from Trump’s whimsical, capricious, and often dangerous decisions.

On September 6, Nibiru News/ published an article in which White House moles and Russian intelligence operatives named three potential high-ranking officials that Trump already suspected of writing the unflattering article: Vice President Pence, Mike Pompeo, and Jim Mattis. Almost immediately, Trump clandestinely initiated what became an intense witch-hunt to ferret out the traitor.

Rather than rely on FBI or NSA assistance, Trump interviewed non-government private investigators and security experts because he believed the alphabet agencies were in league with the very person he wanted to incriminate.

“Trump played it smart. He knows there’s too much corruption in the intelligence community and that a large portion of it has and always will be Deep State. You’ll never hear about it in the MSM, but Trump demanded every person in his administration be polygraphed regarding the Times piece. Mattis delayed taking it for as long as he could. Everyone else was exonerated. Trump, in fact, took a polygraph himself just to prove he wasn’t the one who wrote the piece against himself. He demanded Mattis take one, too.”

Although Mattis’s initial polygraph proved inconclusive, two follow-ups demonstrably highlighted his treasonous behavior. When asked if he authored, co-authored, or contributed to the Times article, Mattis replied he did not. And the polygraph examiner deemed the answers deceptive. Trump, our source said, was convinced Mattis sold him out, and offered the Secretary of Defense two choices: resign gracefully or face charges of treason.

Seventy-two hours later, Mattis penned his resignation letter.

To avoid tarnishing the record of a life-long combat veteran, Trump promised him a conditional meritorious departure; if Mattis bit his tongue and stopped repudiating Trump’s decisions, he’d go down in history as a hero. If, however, he further impinged Trump’s presidency, he’d wind up in GITMO with the same people he helped incarcerate.

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