Metal Mosquito Virus Kills Texas Woman

The media, the Centers for Disease Control, and Parkland Memorial Hospital have colluded to conceal a potentially lethal mosquito-borne pathogen that has killed a Plano, Texas woman, says a PMH emergency room nurse speaking under condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal. On September 15, thirty-six year old Nancy Musgrave arrived at the ER with an infected mosquito bite that had blackened a third of her forearm with necrosis. Two days prior, she had been walking her dog when a mosquito landed on her arm—a common occurrence in Texas—and bit her. Like most people would, she swatted at the insect expecting to kill it, but instead of seeing a bloodstained dead bug on her arm, she noticed a razor-like gash on the palm she used to strike the mosquito.

According to our source, Ms. Musgrave said the quarter-sized mosquito did not die and merely flew off in search of another victim to bite. She arrived at the ER complaining of chills, fever, headaches, convulsions, and other symptoms; at triage, she was diagnosed with a 104.4-degree temperature, and a blood test affirmed that her white blood cell count was markedly low. How many white blood cells a person has varies, but the normal range is between 4,000-11,000 per microliter of blood. Ms. Musgrave’s count hovered at 2500, meaning her immune system was severely compromised in its ability to fight infections.

“She was admitted almost immediately. I honestly don’t know how she was able to walk in on her own. The doctors determined she had pancreatitis and appendicitis and an aminotransferases test showed her liver failing. She had no previous history of illness, nor any genetic predispositions to acute organ failure.  She said it was all the result of a metal mosquito biting her. Within an hour, she was in ICU,” our source said.

Immunologists examined her and declared she had “idiosyncratic cascading bio systems failure,” which, our source said, meant the physicians had no rational medical explanation as to what caused Ms. Musgrave’s rapid deterioration. Every organ in her body was literally shutting down, she said.

“She was tested for all known mosquito viruses—West Nile, Malaria, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, encephalitis, and everything else. All tests for those came back negative. She had not travelled to foreign countries. The doctors were stumped. Over the evening, her condition worsened,” our source said.

When Ms. Musgrave’s fever spiked to 106.6 and she began frothing at the mouth the doctors relocated her to the isolation ward, administered a morphine drip for pain, kept her on an IV solution, and ultimately tried blood transfusions—but nothing worked. She grew sicker by the moment.

Shortly after midnight, she was pronounced dead and the hospital notified the Centers for Disease Control. An hour later, two CDC agents arrived at Parkland to speak with the immunologists and Dr. Kyle Molberg, President of the Medical Staff. The physicians expressed concern that whatever afflicted Ms. Musgrave might spread to other patients, but the CDC agents—obviously in possession of more information than they were willing to share—assured them that the pathogen was not airborne, nor could it be transmitted by close contact. Our source was not privy to the rest of the conversation but said the CDC agents took possession of Ms. Musgrave’s corpse and medical records, and cautioned hospital staff not to discuss publicly any knowledge of Ms. Musgrave’s existence.

“Whatever killed her is still out there and could be affecting others at this time. Idiosyncratic cascading bio systems failure is not a diagnosis, it’s an excuse. If there is a new breed of mosquito or a news strain, the public has the right to know,” our source said.

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