Migrant Caravan Armed With RPGs and Kalashnikovs

One hundred miles south of Mexico City yet another migrant caravan is advancing on our southern border. This group of alleged asylum seekers, however, is not armed with sticks, stones, or Molotov Cocktails; rather, these well-organized, well-funded insurgents are carrying Kalashnikov rifles and, according to eyewitnesses, rocket-propelled grenades.

Residents of Apango, a rural farming community with a population of 3,000 souls, said fifty heavily armed militants travelling alongside an equal number of women and children passed through the village Saturday morning. Maria Alvarado, 41, and her daughter claimed they were cooking dinner when four men in battle fatigues banged on her door and demanded to know whether she owned a vehicle, ostensibly to steal it. She said they had AK-47s slung across their shoulders, and one guerilla held a cylindrical tube with a rocket attached to the front end.  The description matched an RPG-7, a Soviet Cold War era anti-tank weapon.

“When I told them I had no car, they became irate, very upset. They wanted me to point out people in town who have cars. I didn’t answer and then they started interrogating my daughter, who is only 15. I told them we are a poor community, that only a few have automobiles. I looked over their shoulders and saw fifty more armed men surrounded by women and children. I got very afraid. They left without harming us. They did have one vehicle, a jeep with a gun,” Mrs. Alvarado said.

That description matches a Technical, military parlance  for a light improvised fighting vehicle, typically an open-backed civilian pickup truck or four-wheel drive vehicle mounting a machine gun, anti-aircraft gun, rotary cannon, anti-tank weapon, anti-tank gun, ATGM, mortar, howitzer, multiple rocket launcher, recoilless rifle or other support weapon.

Mrs. Alvarado said the combatants went door-to-door, harassing nearly every resident in an attempt to acquire more vehicles to expedite their transit toward the U.S.-Mexico border.

A second witness backs up her statement. Seventy-six year old sugarcane farmer Miguel Gaos said six commandos, one of whom spoke a language he did not recognize, brutally beat him for refusing to surrender his 1970 GMC Sierra.

“I said no, the truck barely moves anymore, but they didn’t care. One man jabbed my in the gut with a rifle barrel, and another hit me in the face with the butt stock. I collapsed to the floor, and they kicked me, saying, “we take the truck or you die here old man” while I cried in pain. The leader shouted at me in a foreign language—an Asian language I think. But definitely not Spanish. I eventually gave in and gave my keys because I do not want to die,” Mr. Gaos said.

He, too, confirmed the invasion force was equipped with RPGs, Kalashnikovs, and an assortment of other military-grade hardware.

“At first I thought they might be cartel members, but then it hit me: these are Gutamalans heading for the United States,” Mr. Gaos added.

In the United States, President Donald Trump on Friday renewed a threat to close the Mexican border, and gave troops and border patrol agents the green light to use lethal force if necessary to repel hostile migrants. All told, eight caravans numbering from 50 to 4000 persons are marching undeterred in our direction.

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