NASA suicides Cassini probe to destroy Nibiru Data

NASA suicides Cassini probe to destroy Nibiru Data

NASA intentionally destroyed its Cassini space probe to prevent classified astronomical data from falling into public hands, says a former space agency engineer, speaking under anonymity for fear of government reprisal. Despite a NASA official mission statement claiming the unmanned space probe was merely gathering scientific data on Saturn—such as determining the structure of Saturn’s rings, for example—our source insists Cassini’s true mission included photographing and collecting astronomical data of a brown dwarf with several orbiting planets said to be hurtling toward Earth.

He claims Cassini was designed and developed specifically to monitor Nibiru’s movement through the solar system, overcoming limitations imposed by earth-based viewing telescopes like the South Pole Telescope or cumbersome orbiting platforms like Hubble. Although NASA had hoped to gather all pertinent information in four years’ time, Cassini’s mission was thrice extended, and the probe spent eighteen years in space, most of that surveying the Nibiru system, before incinerating upon entering Saturn’s atmosphere.

“NASA completely underestimated Nibiru,” our source said. “Unlike other traditional heavy mass objects like asteroids or comets, Nibiru does not move through the solar speed at a constant speed or trajectory. It’s plot shifts intermittently, and this deviation, which defies conventional orbital mechanics, has left NASA perplexed and scratching their collective heads. NASA is hoping Cassini fills in the blanks left by IRAS and other previously dedicated Nibiru study instruments. Actually ,NASA had hoped to leave Cassini in space for another six months, but something happened, prompting them to prematurely destroy it.”

Furthermore, he said NASA decided to destroy the probe following multiple intrusion attempts by either private persons or governments, some of which may have succeeded.  For nearly two decades Cassini had been routinely transmitting images and information to both NASA and the European Space Union, and in that time, he argued, ingenious persons with a thirst for truth had compromised the probe’s security failsafes and tried to download classified data the government has killed to protect.

“NASA doesn’t know who or how did this, and nor do I, but after a a massive intrusion attempted opted to destroy it rather than risk having information about Nibiru fall into the public domain. They are desperate to protect their own secrets with no regard for human life. They are evil, truly evil.”

He said technological advancements have enabled NASA to use low-earth-orbit unmanned vehicles—like the X37B—to supplement, and possibly replace, data obtained via antiquated deep space platforms. Regardless, he believes NASA covets its precious information, sharing it with only approved governments and elitists who expect to survive the coming storm in deep underground military bunkers or elaborate, privately owned apocalypse-proof shelters. In the end, our source said, NASA’s arrogance will be its downfall.

“Never believe anything NASA says. They’ve known about Nibiru since at least 1983 and have done everything can to shield that information from the public sector. Ironically, they’ve failed miserably, but still they try. Maybe hackers obtained info from Cassini, maybe not. I suspect we’ll all find out in short order.”

Asked if knew Nibiru’s expected date of arrival, our refused to speculate on a specific date, saying only, “Time is growing short. Very short. And NASA knows this.”

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