Navy Admiral Killed in UFO Cover-up

A top naval official in charge of operations in the Middle East was found dead in Bahrain Saturday, according to a Navy spokesperson. Although the navy officially ruled out foul play, calling his death an apparent suicide, our White House source claims Vice Adm. Scott A. Stearney, 58, was murdered because he intended to speak to the press about a brazen and ongoing UFO cover-up that for years had plagued his nerves.

He wanted to come forward, our source said, because a growing number of sailors under his command, varying from lowly seamen to commanding officers, had reported seeing unidentified flying objects rising from the waters in the Straits of Hormuz and the Arabian Sea. These craft ranged in size from a few meters in diameter to twice the length of a football field. In some cases, they arose from the sea and vanished into space in the blink of an eye; other times they surfaced and hovered directly abeam of U.S. warships.

Our source said that in 2018 Admiral Stearney submitted fifty-seven unidentified flying object reports to United States Central Command (CENTCOM) at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, FL.

“When a solider or sailor encounters a UFO and reports it to his commanding officer, he’s usually told to shut the fuck up. He’s told he had a hallucination, was dealing with sea sickness, or what he saw was a figment of his imagination. But still every report is filed up the Chain of Command. It was Adm. Stearney’s responsibility to forward every report, regardless of credibility, to CENTCOM. The frequency of reports became so numerous that he must been overwhelmed. A few days prior to his death, he wrote CENTCOM a letter saying he believed the reports and that the information contained ought to be publically known and not buried in the bowls of the Pentagon,” our source said.

Two days later, a fellow officer discovered Stearney’s corpse in his Bahrain apartment. Without an investigation, the Naval Criminal Investigation Services (NCIS) excluded homicide in favor of suicide. The investigating agents allegedly found an empty bottle of Ambien sleeping pills and two empty bottles of wine on a nightstand.

Our source claims the autopsy report was doctored to fit an agenda.

“The truth is this was clear homicide. There’s a lot not being told. He had a contusion and a huge dent in his skull, as if struck with a blunt object. He had ligature marks on his wrists and around his neck. He was subdued, tied up, and strangled to death. That’s the bottom line. I believe the alcohol and pills were planted to make his death look like a suicide,” our source said.

His statement may be accurate. Stearney’s wife and children said he had no history of drug use—even the prescription variety—and rarely drank. He was a Top Gun pilot who had accumulated more than 4,500 mishap-free flight hours and made more than 1,000 landings on aircraft carriers. The nature of his work required a cognitive focus few people ever achieve.

“His death proves UFO whistleblowers in possession of factual data are still in grave danger,” our source said. “The average person can talk about it all they want and nothing will ever happen to them, as they’re just guessing and speculating on possibilities. Stearney knew, and he might have talked, and that is why he was killed.”

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