Nibiru Anunnaki Stealing Peoples’ Sleep

A malevolent race of extraterrestrials known as the Anunnaki has been invading the nocturnal slumber of people across the globe, says Dr. Leon Bronstein, a neurologist formerly employed at Cleveland Clinic’s Sleep Deprivation Center. Based on observation, clinical analysis, and sworn depositions, he believes that Anunnaki either have an innate ability to influence sleep cycles or have developed technology allowing them to insidiously compromise the deep sleep humans require to help restore immune, nervous, skeletal, and muscular systems.

These sinister aliens, he says, intentionally disrupt circadian cycles to weaken human beings in advance of a massive Anunnaki invasion scheduled to occur sometime before Nibiru reaches 0.3 astronomical units of Earth, at which time legions of Anunnaki warriors will descend upon the Earth and plunder its natural resources. By sabotaging our sleep, they weaken our resolve, he says, and are less likely to face resistance when they decide to enslave humanity.

“During sleep, most of our bodies are in an anabolic state,” Dr. Bronstein said. “Sleep is needed to maintain mood, memory, and cognitive functions. The Anunnaki are causing sleep disorders preventing people from getting a good night’s rest. This has caused people to  have violent nightmares, mood swings, suffer from heightened states of agitation and paranoia, and a host of other problems not healthy to the human body.”

Based on his research, and the testimony of over fifty patients, Dr. Bronstein says the Anunnaki employ several methods of distressing the human sleep cycle. Seven patients reported having recurring dreams of nightmarish giants, some of whom stood fifteen feet tall; other patients tossed and turned all night, hearing a methodical hum resonating from the inner ear. Since Nibiru emerged from the back side of the sun, he says, cases of sudden-onset tinnitus have increased by thirty-five percent. He attributes these debilitating ailments to Anunnaki interference.

“They use telepathy and technology to screw with us,” Dr. Bronstein said. “Being telepathic, they can probe our subconscious, and seed our minds with whatever visions fit their agenda. We go to sleep, and the Anunnaki plague our dreams. They also have the technology—some alien form of advanced microwave transmissions—to cause the human brain to go haywire. One way or the other, they are getting to us. People used to get seven or eight hours sleep a night; now, many people are lucky to catch three or four hours tops and even those are restless hours. People awake feeling groggier than ever, in a hazy fog, unable to function.”

During a recent sleep deprivation study, he noticed lack of rapid eye movement—a sign of deep, sound sleep—in six of ten patients, many of whom awoke in cold sweats, complaining about alien intruders in their sleep. He predicts that as Nibiru gets closer to Earth, a greater number of people will suddenly start finding themselves unable to sleep at night. He also associates a recent rise in sleep deprivation prescription to Anunnaki prevision.

If all information is accurate, the Anunnaki are not the benign extraterrestrials many claim them to be; instead, they are a parasitical plague eager to subvert humankind for their own nefarious needs.

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