Nibiru At Our Doortstep, says Dr. Trowbridge

Frozen iguanas in Florida, blankets of snow covering North Carolina beaches, super storms brewing in atypical geographical locations, and powerful earthquakes rocking Mexico and Great Britain all reinforce scientific assertions that a brown dwarf star with multiple orbiting planets is slowly but surely nearing our planet, says Nibiru whistle-blower and former USGS climatologist Dr. Ethan trowbridge.

Dr. Trowbridge says mounting evidence points to the existence of Nibiru, which for the last 1600 years, give or take, has been on the inbound leg of its long journey through the solar system. Earth, he insists, is at Nibiru’s mercy.

“Just look around you, and look at the evidence right before your eyes,” said Dr. Trowbridge. “Seven-point-two Earthquake rocking Mexico, more showing up all over the place. The severity and frequency of earthquakes are reaching unprecedented levels, and Nibiru is at least partly responsible for the escalation of super storms and atmospheric aberrations across the globe. Time is growing short.”

Nibiru, he adds, has fully emerged from behind the dark side of the sun and is now gaining velocity as it escapes the sun’s gradational pull and reenters a highly elliptical course, with an orbital eccentricity of approximately 0.97 relative to Earth’s southern hemisphere. What this means, he says, is that even at a distance of over 130,000,000 miles, Nibiru is powerful enough to latch onto Earth and cause both geomagnetic and geophysical transformations.

“Like I’ve said before, right now we’re experiencing a see-saw effect, where Nibiru pulls on the Earth and then the Earth attempts to right it. All planets have this ability—this is why after previous flybys planets have recovered from Nibiru’s influence. Otherwise, all planets in the solar system would have been flung out of orbit permanently.”

A principal called orbital elasticity, he said, allows planets to bounce back from potentially devastating pole shifts. Once Nibiru sweeps past Earth it will take many decades, or longer, for the planet to fully self-correct, depending on the intensity of the shifts, which Dr. Trowbridge estimates at thirty to sixty degrees—sufficient to plunge one part of Earth into a protracted ice age and another part into a blistering inferno of relentless heat. He does not, however, anticipate an extinction level event, saying humankind will endure the coming flyby as it has endured previous encounters with Nibiru.

Admittedly not an astronomer, Dr. Trowbridge learned this information when NASA and the USGS conspired to manufacture cover stories—such as human-created climate change—to hide the existence of Nibiru. He maintains that Nibiru will reach its closest point to earth, 0.3 astronomical units, in late 2020 or early 2021.

When asked for damage predictions, he refused to give specifics but said current climatological deviations will increase tenfold when Nibiru reaches perigee.

“There is no scale that can actually measure the damage Nibiru can cause here. If such scales existed, we’d be seeing magnitude eleven and twelve earthquakes along the fault lines and within the ring of fire, and magnitude seven to ten quakes in locations that have not an experienced an earthquake since Nibiru last came through the solar system. Dormant volcanoes will awaken. Active volcanoes will spew lava and toss billions of tons of ash miles into the sky, creating a blanket of darkness the sun will be powerless to penetrate. It won’t be good, for anyone, anywhere. Many ex-colleagues say I’m insane for stating the obvious. They are the crazy ones, they are the lunatics, not me.”

In closing, Dr. Trowbridge urges calm, and says fear of the unknown benefits no one. Humanity has a history of adapting to and surviving climatological disasters.

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