Nibiru Cataclysm Imminent: Interview with Dr. Ronald Shimschuck

[UPDATE 06/01/2016] Please follow this link for the latest possible information on Dr. Ronald Shimschuck:

Clickable Link: Nibiru Photographed in UK? Possible Connection to Dr. Ronald Shimschuck?

Last week, Dr. Ronald Shimschuck provided exclusive information on the impending Nibiru crisis, a situation worldwide governments are desperate to conceal while discrediting–and in some cases disappearing–all credible whistle blowers. Naturally, those with genuine scientific knowledge have been reluctant to speak on the recordnibiruplanetx about Nibiru, also referred to as Planet X.  Lately, however, several professional astronomers have risen from the shadows to voice their concerns regarding Nibiru and its potential effects on planet earth. One can only speculate as to why, now, after all these years, prolific members of the scientific community are choosing to disclose “highly classified” information at great risk to their safety, and in doing so also place their loved ones in a perilous position. Please take the time to read our previous article, Nibiru Is Near, says Astrophysicist Ronald Shimschuck, published on 8 May 2016, and also reprinted with our permission at

In the below transcript excerpt, Dr. Ronald Shimschuck, a former NASA employee who holds a double Doctorate in Aeronautical Engineering and Astronomical Sciences, confronts his own demons in a sincere and heartfelt disclosure that even the most craven human being can ill afford to ignore.

Someonesbones: Dr. Shimschuck, thank you once again for taking the time to speak to us about this very important subject.

Dr. Shimschuck: You’re welcome. I’m always a bit nervous about this but it’s the right thing to do.

SB: Let’s start with same basics. Why have you gone public?

DS: I still wrestle with that decision every day. And, to be frank, I’m by no means certain going public, as you say, has any benefit. It may, it may not. As a scientist, I spent much of my life seeking simple answers to difficult questions. Going public is the most difficult question I’ve faced. I’m dedicated to the truth, and for a long time I helped conceal a truth that could cost millions or billions of lives. Like many of my colleagues, I feared for my life, for that of my beloved Darlene, God rest her soul–she passed away a year ago. Now I have no living relatives. And my conscious could no long bear the burden of guilt. I had to go public, for humanity.”

SB: Are you saying “they” threatened your family if you exposed information on Nibiru?

DS: They didn’t have to explicitly say it; the threat was implied. This reason, as I believe a previous interviewee pointed out, is why people with knowledge don’t make deathbed confessions: for fear some harm will come to loved ones. There was no doubt in my mind that had I talked a year or two ago, that they would have got to her first, to make me suffer, then taken care of me. They can’t take her from me now.

SB: How do you explain the sudden surge of astronomers now willing to talk about Nibiru. Many do have living families. Aren’t they jeopardizing their families’ safety?

DS: Although I can speak only definitively for myself, I can speculate: In a row of dominoes, when one falls, they all fall. Here we have the opposite, one man standing up after another, essentially reinforcing its companion. Safety in numbers, that sort of thing. I doubt I would have come forward if others, like Dr. Eugene Ricks, hadn’t taken that first, bold step. More importantly, we have reached a precipice; five, ten, thirty years ago, world governments had a “safety net,” the mistaken belief they could conceal the truth almost indefinitely. Well, that time has elapsed, and though they hate to admit it, I believe they realize the truth about the interloper cannot be hidden much longer.”

SB: That makes sense. How long has the government(s) known about Nibiru? And have they all worked together to keep it secret?

DS: First, I believe they’ve known since the 50s, but I’m positive since the early 80s. And, yes, major world governments, each preparing in its their own ways, conspired against the world’s population to keep this the most carefully kept secret in the history of so-called secrets. The big three–US, Russia, China–have been in “Secondary Protocol” for some time, meaning their underground living quarters are prepared, secondary and provisional governments stand ready, and I could talk for hours on that alone.

SB: Perhaps if we have the chance for another interview. In our previous discussion, you said that chem-trails are one method via which the powers that be try to hide Nibiru. To play Devil’s advocate, you previously stated Nibiru is still far enough away that it’s visible only at high altitudes in the southern hemisphere, with powerful optics. So why would they need to currently employ chemicles? And how do you respond to detractors who say that chem-trailing has a different purpose, like, say, to poison the population?

DS: I’ll answer the second part of the question first: It’s entirely possible that atmospheric aerosol spraying serves multiple purposes. I really don’t know. But nothing surprises me anymore. I know as fact one reason is to impede, obscure, and delay visibility of the Nibiru system. This I know because I saw documentation on the subject. They are spraying now–have been for years–because the chemicals, and I wasn’t privy to the precise chemical composition, translucent, reflective nano fibers act energetically with aluminum oxide, another ingredient,  to create a barrier, screen, or “haze” to limit visibility of both natural and artificial optics. There is marginal degradation over time, but the compound persists in the atmosphere and continues to build upon itself.

SB: As simply as possibly, what is “Nibiru?”

DS: It is a generic or catch-all term for what I and others refer to as “the Nibiru System,” essentially a solar system of its own which will intersect with ours. At its heart is a brown dwarf star approximately one-eighth the size of our sun. The brown dwarf is orbited by seven planets or moons, some smaller than our moon, some larger than earth. Of greatest concern is the third planet of this system–several times earth’s mass with a nickel-iron core. It is predicted this planet will pass within 0.3 AU of earth.

SB: How far is that in layman’s terms?

DS: 27886742 miles, or one-third the distance from earth-to-sun

SB: So no direct impact. We know your time is limited so I’ll finish up quick here. Worst and best case scenarios?

DS: Worst: Extinction Level Event. Nothing on the planet will survive. Not even bacteria. Best: Pole Shift accompanied by rising sea levels across all major bodies of water, volcanic eruptions, Tsunamis washing hundreds of miles inland. Magnitude 10 earthquakes along all major fault lines; six-to-eight in many other areas. Basically, all the worst parts of the Bible.

SB: When will it be here?

DS: Views differ. Some colleagues and I agree that events will unfold between September and December of 2016.

SB: As always, thank you for your time, Dr. Shimschuck. I hope we can chat with you again at least once more.

DS: Me too.

–End Transcript–

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  • Shangrila611

    Unfortunately most people won’t accept the truth until Nibiru is as big as the moon in the sky. I’ve been learning about Nibiru since 1996 and although I’m no scientist i do consider myself an expert citizen authority on the subject. I keep up to date with everything that goes on about nibiru. Anyone who doesn’t is a fool because it is going to be the most important event of our lives. Most of us will die. That’s just a fact. Government leaders think they can survive in underground shelters? laughable. If the planet flips over and is stricken by mag 8-11 (yes, they will have to create a new catagroy) earthquakes then no place on earth is save, anywhere. too bad they don’t have space ships to get leave the planet or they would. if it’s gonna be as bad as i think it will be might at well get a lawn chair sit on your roof with a cold drink and enjoy the fireworks. go out with a bang.

    • Shangrila611

      oh and thanks for taking chances/making effort to get good info out to the few who listen.

    • WhoIsThere

      So where in your opinion is good solid information/news on Nibiru/Planet X. I don’t mean the info that tells a story of a guy sitting at Starbucks in the northern hemisphere at sunset and KAPOW it was there.
      Cheers and Thanks…..

      • Shangrila611

        So you didn’t even bother to read the interview.

        • WhoIsThere

          Of course I did several times. My question to you as you say you have kept up on this for some time is, where can one access reliable updates on the subject.
          No worries….

          • Lindsay Pruitt

            Shangrila611 obviously doesn’t know much. If he did, he would realize that Nibiru is already in our sky and it is huge. It is being covered up by Chem trails and other technology.

          • Hivetyrant36

            Take a weather balloon into plane altitude and look across the sky you will se a white mist. Yet on the ground its invisible… No clouds, just white mist where the planes fly. Yes, aluminum reflects light.

          • Freempg

            Check out Rex Bear and and Steve Olson’s WSO (Wormwood System Observer) on youtube.

          • chris

            see Aussie Prep on utube as well. Niburi has been seen in several locations in Australia. I’ve seen it myself – was shocked.

          • WhoIsThere

            Thanks for info…


        • WhoIsThere

          Thank you for the info….

        • WhoIsThere

          Do you know of or someone who knows of any hard copy work of Carlos Munoz Ferrada’s Work On Hercolubus. Seems at first hand a very credible source and reliable astronomer. However he kept to himself re the subject. He did that good interview late in his life late 90s. Said a few things while at the same time was stand offish about revealing too many details. But short of that interview hard to find any details on his work.

      • michael stafford

        A very well written book with understanding from a scientific and biblical background. One of the best books I’ve read.

      • StandUpAndPissLikeAMan Best source you’ll find for the TRUTH about Nibiru and it’s real purpose. 99.9999% of what you’ll find on the Internet, from ANY source, is garbage and disinformation. The man who wrote the referenced book (Dr. Scott McQuate) brings forth ancient, hidden secrets about Nibiru that no one is talking about. It’s good stuff and he’s written a ton of books on related issues that you can find online. Try I think most of them are there. The hair on the back of your neck will stand up when you read what he exposes. Excellent information.

    • snoopyone

      You are not the only one who has been on the search. I am sixty now,but first read about it when i was 12,. from a seer named Edgar Cayce. Been watching it for the past 2 years from various internet sources. been telling people it will be arrive. I will be brief in telling them again. The verdict is in.

      • ConcernedMom

        Ironically I just watched a documentary on Cayce! Good man!

      • Wayne Kerr

        Edgar Cayce should be renamed Head Cayce. He’s full of it!

  • SolarWanderer

    Enough evidence is out there that I was persuaded a long time ago into accepting the truth about Nibiru being a real threat to our lives. Maybe it’s just that the planet needs periodic cleansing and that Nibiru is one way it happens. For all we know Nibiru ended the reign of the dinosaurs, sunk Atlantis, was the reason for the deluge and the 10 plagues of Egypt. ,

    • Grace

      It is exactly what can, and no doubt will, bring about the events of Revelation.

      • Hivetyrant36

        And Daniel Ch7 and 13. North king is Putin (theoretically) and south king is Obama (theoretically) and they fight, but if obama isn’t president anymore then no northvssouth, but… IDK who knows what it could mean.

        • Grace

          Yes indeed. Though I was thinking more inline of the celestial events the LORD has warned us about. But yes, this war is soon in coming as well. I’m definitely looking forward to and praying to being with the LORD at that time.

          • chris

            Yes Wormwood is in Revelations 8. Time to get right with God and be ready for Jesus return.

  • JoshJacksonKY

    Anyone who believes in Nibiru is an idiot, no exceptions. Period. Case Closed.

    • SolarWanderer

      Ignorance is typical for the uninformed.

    • Hivetyrant36

      How is the case closed if there is no judge and jury?

  • AbdielSchwitzer

    What these stupidness?

    • Shangrila611

      A mirror can be very telling.

    • Sipowicz Yevgeny

      “Immobility, immobility, immobility.”

    • chris

      nothing stupid about this at all. Ive seen Niburi myself as have countless others.


  • Leenah Starship

    …Even when Niburu is not true, it would be a perfect way forcing the people to commit to the New World Order… And as I believe there are those people out here, already owning more than half of the Worlds wealth, being after this world hegemony, even being open about it risking a WW3… why then hiding about an approaching Niburu ?

    • chris

      Leenah Starship – Niburi is very real, many of us have seen it and it has nothing whatsoever to do with the New World Order. I’ve seen it myself and its very very real I can assure you. Time to get right with God and be ready for Jesus return. prepare phsyically – food water medical supplies etc. The govts don’t want us to know because they have prepared underground bunkers for the elite and nothing for the people. They have known about Niburi for a very long time. Its described in Revelations 8- 9 and 12 in the Bible and known as Wormwood.

      • Leenah Starship

        I sincerely thank you for answering Chris. Of course I understand that there is no relation between the NWO and Niburu. Here my question was actually questioning the covering of Niburu because such a threat would mobilize the people more for a NWO…. Apart from this, seeing the huge tension surrounding the financial and economic system, even building up of troops as not seen before, or it would ve been during the peek of the Cold War, …the tensions in the Middle East, as part of the despair of the Fall of the (petro-)dollar, ..I fail to understand all those geopolitical, financial, military concerns, activities, threats meanwhile being aware something way more threatening is coming. ….With threats of a pole shift in mind, I can hardly see underground bunkers would be the best places as shelters. Earth quakes with unseen magnitude, volcanic activities even in less prone areas… If one cannot rely on God, then going underground is about the same as locking oneself inside the Abyss
        May God bless you… Leenah

        • chris

          Leenah Starship – the respective govts have known about Niburi (Wormwood in Revelations 8 in Bible) for many years. They have placed lots of different types of seeds into a vault for the future and think they will be saved by the elite, govt etc going into already constructed underground bunkers and already have plenty food water, heating, tv etc etc aircon, etc in their underground bunkers. Russia and China have as well but they are looking after their people and Russia has already had practice run for their to go under into said bunkers etc. I’m not aware of any in my country at all. Check out John Moore update 2017 on utube – he is ex navy seal and still contacts with intelligence in navy and gives lots info – what to expect, preparedness etc. Hope this helps. He says the govts don’t want us to know because economy would collapse. He talks of poleshift, what to expect whether wise etc. God bless you and yours Leenah.

  • Mari Balch

    I could easily create a fake persona, say I am an Astrophysicist & the smartest woman on the planet and sensationalize things to a targeted community to give away my free ebook with $5 donation… Anyone can post fake news articles anonymously and watch them spread like wild fire. I am ready to start back ground checking these people seriously… wow what a bunch of crock pots.

    • Alex backman

      You are absolutely right I have already exposed many of these pundits people that are just rolling in and making up false stories so we have to vet this PhD or double PhD ex-nasa whatever because if he’s not the real deal and people are just being manipulated maybe to bring the real people in the know out into the public stream and get them eliminated before this thing hits so yeah thank you for your comment

      • Alex backman

        Guy does not exist. Total fraud!

        • LAaPatriot

          Words common among dis-informtion agents and paid shills.

          • chris

            LAaPPatriot. Its real, very real.

        • chris

          Its no fraud Alex Backman – Niburi has been seen globally. I’ve seen it myself and was totally shocked. see Ausse Prep on utube – few videos there from different locations Australia.

        • Len Hummel

          How do you know. Any solid proof or evidence ?

    • matt janovic

      They have another offensive story here, “Marine Corps Loses 250 Hummers”–and a
      reader is already running an investigation in that regard. I would be glad to join him, were it not for my advanced age.

      I recommend that you and other concerned citizens get in touch with him and form an investigative body, to put a stop to all this abusive rumor-mongering.

  • Helena Jordan

    Nibiru is a mothership commanded by Mother Sekhmet! Mother Sekhmet has come to collect those of her, what she calls, wayward children. For those of us who raise our consciousness and concentrate on mastering our emotions to feel only Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, we will transform into what has been casually called earth angels, but that is what we were before the false gods arrived and gave us what we now call the Illuminati or cabal, and religions which were deliberately intended to divide and separate peoples and nations. Gaia has ascended and the people of earth who choose to do so are moving out of and away from the 3D matrix of illusion, delusion, poverty, greed, hunger, warmongering, hatred, all the negatives belonging to the false gods and their cabal followers. Time to rejoice and dance in the streets. Freedom!!!

    • Hivetyrant36

      sooooo…. hippie worship?

    • Ding Bat

      Being in the presence of Our Creator is like a thousand orgasms.
      You feel your earthly body is a prison.
      There is much more the universe has to offer compared to the table scraps humans are fighting for on planet Earth.
      Clutching on to a material life on earth is a fool’s paradise.
      Earth is a processing and testing facility to choose the correct ones.
      Only the chosen ones will be entrusted to receive the GIFT.

      • Helena Jordan

        If you follow, for example, Project Incension you may decide differently and find the chosen ones (or Lightworkers) are volunteers to help all humanity move out of the 3D matrix and rise in Unity Consciousness back to Our Creator and our Gaia is now on track to take her rightful place as the Heart of our Galaxy. There’s a battle going on against the dark and the Light shines brightly.

    • chris

      niburi is no mothership – its a planet and also known as wormwood.

    • Scott Simpson

      an astaroid is going to hit you on the head and bring you back to reality lol

    • 13ひNagaひ13

      They don’t know about the Anunnaki and Nibiru. I pray they raise they’re vibration through meditation so they can become enlightened super brings too once the high vibrational frequency breaks the atmosphere during the convergence aka sky rolling up like a scroll aka the destruction of the aluminum Chem trail veil.

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  • Linda Briggs

    God’s Word is the only truth. You only have to read it to see what is happening. Revelation 6 tells us there will be a great earthquake…the stars of heaven fall to earth…the kings, great men, rich men, captains, mighty men, etc hide themselves in their dens and in the rocks of the mountains. All of these things can be confirmed by current events. Revelation 8 tells us a star will fall burning as a lamp, the name of the star is Wormwood. Best not to guess about what might happen, instead to read what God says WILL happen.

    • YES THE BIBLE IS WHERE THE TRUTH IS ON NIBIRU! It all make so much sense now and our wait is almost most done!

      • chris

        yes its called Wormwood in the Bible – Revelations 8

    • Janell dinvaut

      Amen sister

    • chris

      Revelations 8-9 and 12, particularly 8 describes what will occur.

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  • Cheyenne Seller

    So this Nibiru solar system is going to pass within 28 million miles of our solar system. 20 million miles is quite a ways away from our planet. So what’s the problem. Let it pass.

    • Hivetyrant36

      Let it paaaaass, let it paaaaas…

    • Grace

      It’s a solar s y s t e m which means it has other planets orbiting the dwarf sun. Those planets have moons orbiting them too. So this expands the path of the real estate

  • Cheyenne Seller

    So if Nabiru is going to pass 28 million miles from the edge of our solar system, is there a chance that one of the dwarf star’s orbiting planets or planet’s moons might threaten earth with a collision? Is this what may have possibly happened to the dinosaurs?

    • Alex backman

      Yes. The orbitals ARE the problem. One with a corkscrew_type orbit. All else is COSMIC TOP ULTRA. Too dangerous. Has anyone vetted This double PHD?

    • Hivetyrant36

      No, and… personally… I don’t think dinosaurs are a real thing. I think they fabricated them. Not hard to replicate bone carbon.

      • chris

        the dinosaurs were very real. Their bones have been found. Niburi/wormwood is very real too

        • matt janovic

          All dinosaurs bones I have seen were cardboard bones, all hollow inside.

        • Hivetyrant36

          They very well could be, but nothin is concrete in this world. For all we know they could have forged the report, pre buried the bones, or any number of things. That chances of that is low, but it’s still possible.

    • Scott Simpson

      were apparently going to be caught in its trillion miles tail full of junk and astroids that will reign down and do us. well something peppered all the planets before, most likely around 2,500 years ago and smashed a planet out there into the astroid belt and opr clouds..looks very concievable and believable

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  • Hivetyrant36

    Hmmm. fake or not, most of the stuff this guy said is very close to my own calculations. But usualy truth is injected with 20% lie and that seems to spoil the whole thing for people. No, not everything will die. It will suck, but there will still be life. Don’t buy into the fear mongering. I’ve seen the death card played all over the place and not one ounce of accompanying data to make it realistic. “A” planet is incoming, but whether it is this one or not, it won’t hurt much.

    • LAaPatriot

      I have arrived at similar calculations also.

    • chris

      oh really, I’ve seen it myself and its very real Hivetyrant36. Time to prepare spiritually and physically

      • Hivetyrant36

        NASA published that they found the planet in 1983 but now don’t say anything about it soooooo…. They know it’s gunna come close.

  • BWPR

    billy bob thornton said the exact same thing in the movie Armageddon when he was asked how bad it could get.

    DS: Worst: Extinction Level Event. Nothing on the
    planet will survive. Not even bacteria. Best: Pole Shift accompanied by
    rising sea levels across all major bodies of water, volcanic eruptions,
    Tsunamis washing hundreds of miles inland. Magnitude 10 earthquakes
    along all major fault lines; six-to-eight in many other areas.
    Basically, all the worst parts of the Bible.

    • Scott Simpson

      well i know it is fakery.

  • Ding Bat

    If there is no solution for survival, then why talk about it?
    Is it to spread fear….fear mongering. What’s the point?
    Another red flag created by USA, shrouding it in a fake mystery, to make people curious, to divert attention.
    This is man made deception of a immense level, created by a certain people.
    I know who you are. I met God and niburu is a cover up hoax of another event.
    Only some of us will live by God’s grace and we have already been tested and chosen.
    All the other scum will be terminated.

    • chris

      Its is not a hoax at all Ding Bat. Its very real – have seen it myself and it is has been globally.

    • Sipowicz Yevgeny

      delighted to hear you’ve been chosen and I’ve been left out in a howling wilderness

  • GanyMede88

    Wow is all I can say, pretty speechless. I have been doing my homework for quite a few years now, but still have done nothing about survival!!

    • GanyMede88

      Revelations says it all a must read.

    • chris

      Its time to get right with God and be ready for Jesus return. Then ensure you tell your family you love them and that know that God loves them and hopefully will accept and receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior as you should if y;ou haven’t already. Then prepare physically – food water medical supplies etc and have somewhere safe to stay – hopefully with like minded others and family, friends.

  • Skip Mun

    you’ll need to be on the side of the planet that doesn’t get hit by the electrical discharge from Planet X to the earth. The Bible says you need to be in Jerusalem. So be there by Christmas/2016 and stay until after Passover/2017. That’s when it really will passover. It’s moving at 2 million miles an hour. Should pass then within a day.

  • Somebones

    Thank you all for participating in the discussion. We realize this is an important story that has drawn much attention since Scott Olson broadcast it on his YouTube Chanel. We realize many people have questions, that nibiru has its believers and detractors. We are presenting information and everyone can arrive at his own conclusion. I am hoping Dr. Shimschuck will provide additional information soon.

  • Yogi Sukh

    I like the pole itself
    I hesitate to label anything though
    I do beleive that there are/is a celestial bodie/bodies
    Present in or around our own solar system

  • Len Hummel

    All this needs some serious technical VERIFICATION. It is interesting, … and (perhaps) fearmongering, … but it needs to be seriously vetted. Just saying.

    • SolarWanderer

      Don’t you understand why it’s so damn near impossible to properly vet these brave men and women who put their lives on the line to get this info public. Cause the government is screwing with them, erasing their entire life history, work history, school history, employment records…So people quickly rushing and claiming bullshit when work history can’t be validated…Yet people are damn earger to accept a photograph of a street lamp or lens flare as proof of nibiru. I have no doubt whatsoever that people like shimschuck, harrington, Caldwell, Greaves, etc…are all legit…and they all pay a very heavy price for trying to help us. And we are a very ungrateful bunch

  • horse man ….

    Sorry folks, but there is NO meat on these bones. This guy has said basically nothing that couldn’t find in a comic book on this subject. Do give this more credence that it deserves, i.e. NONE until this guy can back up who he is, where he was educated and worked. I’m smelling smoke from here …

    • SolarWanderer

      Don’t you understand why it’s so damn near impossible to properly vet these brave men and women who put their lives on the line to get this info public. Cause the government is screwing with them, erasing their entire life history, work history, school history, employment records…So people quickly rushing and claiming bullshit when work history can’t be validated…Yet people are damn earger to accept a photograph of a street lamp or lens flare as proof of nibiru. I have no doubt whatsoever that people like shimschuck, harrington, Caldwell, Greaves, etc…are all legit…and they all pay a very heavy price for trying to help us. And we are a very ungrateful bunch. What’s wrong with all of you?

  • Xltima.

    Avayakt Bapdada… :Death to the Prey victory to the hunter……The Death of Deaths has come to take us home.
    Sweet children consider yourself a soul and remember the Father.

  • matt janovic

    There are different possible good reasons why a few hundred men of science would deny anthropogenic climate disruption:

    a. they have political-economic connections with important people who have profitable businesses; they count on making lots of money, until the entire system collapses in 20 years–very practical motives;

    b. they do not want to make waves because arguing with the boss makes them nervous;

    c. they reject unpleasant thoughts that would require severe lifestyle changes;

    d. Dad told them, “Don’t get involved;”

    e. their self-preservation instinct has weakened;

    f. they are insane.

    What I have not figured out yet is, why would all men of science, to the exception of Dr. Shimschuck, deny the imminent arrival of Nibiru.

  • matt janovic

    A few hundred men of science are still denying anthropogenic climate disruption; here are a few possible explanations:

    a. they have political-economic connections with important people and profitable businesses; they count on making lots of money before the entire system collapses in 20 years;
    b. they do not want to make waves because arguing with the boss makes them nervous;
    c. they repress unpleasant thoughts that would require severe lifestyle changes;
    d. Dad told them, “Don’t get involved;”
    e. their self-preservation instinct has weakened;
    f. they are insane.

    What I have not figured out yet is this: why would men of science, all of them to the exception of Dr. Shimschuck, why would they claim that Nibiru is a popular piece of science fiction..

  • regis E rexleo

    “For what concerns the date, no one knows the day or the hour, neither angels in heaven nor even the Son , but the Father only “….PEACE out my friends …truth will be a relief and must help everyone to upgrade in the right dimension . WE are one in Oneness of unconditional love ; i do persist in trusting our infinite potential to enhance global awareness about collective consciousness and planetary shield itself …Vibrate higher without CERN cover-up , if They can’t stop spoiling sciences , human species and more so , life itself , while contributing to eradicate the vast majority of them more than protect anything in particular …WE better do the job by ourselves and keep survive or disappear as One … God is ETERNAL .love .

  • Blair Dame

    Went to a Climate Change convention where there were lots of expert speakers. One of the subjects was mass human extinction. We had a speaker from NASA come in and basically told us the world could end at any minute. He allowed questions. I asked about Planet X. He pretended like he didn’t what I was talking about at first and then denied it exists. It was all very odd. Greenie conventions are WEIRD. Just wanted to share my experience.

  • Andy Liz

    I hope you are not being serious about this…. dying, suffering don’t excite me at all…

  • slave1zero

    Was interesting until I got to the worst and best case scenario’s point
    and basically a quote from the movie “Armageddon”…………

  • Here is the most recent show I did to make sense of what Harrington disclosed, his blink data if we were paying attention.

  • Jerry V Trafny

    I was given a book from a Quaker pal…Genesis Revisted, by Zac aria Stitchen, in 2002. I’ve been trying to debunk the Sumarian texts since, but have only been able to find more evidence. Now I too see it in the sky.

  • Anuar Ismail

    In holy quran had said..
    One day there will be 3 days of darkness,
    And on the 4th day the sun will rise from west.
    that is the end of ower world.
    So the only way is islam. Peace.

  • Anuar Ismail

    This is my experience on late 2012 in Malaysia,

    The sun had set at south in 4 days.
    Never seen this event before or after that.

    Anyone can explain this?

  • Adaline

    I found Dr. Schimschuck’s blog through a search engine, have been
    following it, which was up for two to three months, by a writer claiming
    to be Dr. Schimschuck. The writer seemed to be knowledgeable and
    genuine. I first heard of this Planet X aware astro-scientist blogger
    through here at someone’s bones dot com.
    Dr. Schimschuck’s blog is
    suddenly down. It was at drshumschuck dot com. If this blog was truly
    who they claimed to be, I fear the worst for this man.
    Wondering if anyone knows anything about it.
    Also posted this message at the forum at but have not gotten any replies.

    • Somebones


      Thanks for your comment. It is my belief that is a disinformation website run by the government. It magically appeared online three days after his disappearance. The information on that blog is a collection of information taken from our interviews with him, mixed together with some nonsensical stuff, obviously meant to discredit the real dr. Shimschuck. I can not testify 100% that is is disinformation, but that is my belief. I didn’t know it had been taken down.

      • Adaline

        Thanks, Somebones.
        Ok if I quote you back at the forum?

        • Somebones

          Not sure which forum you’re talking about, but sure, I don’t mind. But again, I am stating my personal opinion on this. I cannot say it matter-of-factly.

  • Wayne Kerr

    More like Dr Shmuck!

  • Martius Yamamoto de Oliveira

    See for yourlself. That’s in Sao Paulo, Brazil, South America – april 2016. Nibiru is recorded on several consecutive days.

  • Watchman for Truth

    Many good brave scientists have died, being mysteriously killed trying to expose this need to know information to the world. God Almighty the divine heavenly Creator knows this sinful out of control evil possessed world is in serious need of a major cleansing. The world is spinning totally out of control. Crony capitalism, mass murders, endless wars, Zionist putrid Israel murdering true Palestinian Semites daily claiming to be Jews and descendants of the true bloodline Israelites when they are of the Synagogue of Satan. Bring on the world’s inevitable utter destruction. The planet and the ET’s will survive humanity’s endless stupidities. We’re way over due.